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10/26/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 10/26/2022 - 9:11am

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National Security News Content:

1. Inside the Beltway: OSS Society reunion brings America’s most notable toast


3. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (25.10.22) CDS comments on key events

4. FM 3-0 Operations | SOF News

5. Preventive War: Explaining Russia's Ukraine War and China's Taiwan Future?

6. Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter dies of heart attack at age 68

7. US launches airstrike to assist Somali forces under attack

8.  $115,000,000,000: How Much Aid America Could Give Ukraine

9. Why are NATO and Russia Both Now Training for Nuclear War?

10. China's Xi deals knockout blow to once-powerful Youth League faction

11. Abandoned Russian base holds secrets of retreat in Ukraine

12. House progressives retract Russia-diplomacy letter amid Dem firestorm

13.  Russia’s chaotic draft leaves some out in cold, without gear

14. Iran Using Minors to Suppress Protests in Iran

15. Same Type Of Rotax Engines Used In Iranian Drones Targeted In Bizarre Theft Wave

16. General Winter Knocks at the Door

17. Outrage over NFL brain injuries; silence over military brain injuries

18. Russia’s Recruiting Afghan Commandos

19. Commander Bans Army-Issued Warm, Comfy Fleece Jacket as Winter Approaches

20. The ‘Anti-Navy’ the U.S. Needs Against the Chinese Military

Korean News Content:

1. Why isn’t Biden denouncing North Korea’s human rights record?

2. The Korean Peninsula still poses major risks

3. North Korea sets new record for ballistic missile launches in 2022

4. North Korea tensions: Why is Kim Jong-un upping the pressure?

5. U.S., Japan, S. Korea warn of 'unparalleled' response if N. Korea holds nuclear test

6. North Korea would capitalize on a fight over Taiwan, South Korean diplomat says

7. US vows full military defense of allies against North Korea

8. US very much focused on human rights conditions in N. Korea: State Dept.

9. US midterm election results could complicate denuclearization of North Korea: expert

10. Korea-US alliance affects all countries: envoys

11. Korea, US work as a team to thwart North Korean threats: Yoon

12. Deputy NIS director resigns for 'personal' reasons

13. U.S. has no plan to change defense posture in Indo-Pacific: Pentagon spokesperson