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10/26/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 10/26/2021 - 8:59am

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National Security News Content:

1. Taiwan Emerges as a ‘Pre-eminent Issue’ For CIA’s New China Directorate
2. Does Taiwan’s Military Stand a Chance Against China? Few Think So
3.  The West Must Act to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program
4. Marine Corps announces career-ending consequences for Marines refusing to get COVID vaccine
5. Learning All the Wrong Lessons: Why an Over-the-Horizon Approach to Counterterrorism Won’t Work
6. What the Military Can Learn From 'Dune'
7. 30 Afghan orphans are Colorado bound after traumatic escape
8. A Pentagon definition for extremism is imminent
9. U.S. National Security Advisor met representatives of Myanmar's shadow government
10. Isis-K insurgency jeopardises Taliban’s grip on Afghanistan
11. State Department to Form New Cyber Office to Face Proliferating Global Challenges
12. The Pentagon’s Office Culture Is Stuck in 1968
13. Opinion | Even Colin Powell Ignored the Powell Doctrine. Now, America Is Starting to Listen.
14. Moving more TRICARE patients to civilian care would cause ‘significant harm,’ study finds
15. U.S. MC-130J Lands On Highway In Sweden To Unload HIMARS Artillery System During Special Ops Exercise
16. US Green Berets who've trained Taiwanese troops explain how they could fight China and why the US keeps their mission secret
17. Biden, Taiwan, and Strategic Ambiguity
18. A Fitting 2021 Sequel to James Fallows’ 1981 “National Defense”
19. China has long upheld spirit, principles of UN Charter
20. FDD | Time To Wedge The E-7A Wedgetail Into The US Air Force Fleet
21. The Taiwan issue will fade away – literally
22. Which Greeks in the Western Way of War?
23. Why America Lost the War in Afghanistan - A Requiem Essay

Korean News Content:

1. Former President Roh Tae-woo dies at 88
2.  Why South Korea Shouldn’t Build Its Own Nuclear Bombs
3. Turkey, South Korea sign deal for Turkish Altay tank
4. Moon administration stays quiet about most North Korean provocations
5. Meeting held for trade-related officials in Yanggang Province
6. Three soldiers caught mimicking S. Korean dance moves sent to political prison camp
7. Chinese perspective on Moon Jae-in: THAAD and inconsistent messaging
8. Korea to provide another $5M to Asean Response Fund for Covid-19
9. Time for a Peace Declaration for the Korean Peninsula
10. Is Kim Jong Un angling for nuclear talks on his terms?
11. Should S.Korea Build Its Own Nukes?
12. A Coup in North Korea? Kim Jong-un Dead? Don't Believe the Rumors
13. Moon to meet with Pope Francis at G20 summit