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10/24/23National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 10/24/2023 - 9:06am

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National Security News Content:

1. United Nations Day 24 October
2. The Army wants to see more ‘creativity’ from special operations forces
3. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 23, 2023
4. Iran Update, October 23, 2023
5. After Hamas Attacks, Terror Threats Are on the Rise
6. IntelBrief: Iran’s Role in Mideast Crisis Widens Rift with the West
7. Ukrainian spies with deep ties to CIA wage shadow war against Russia
8. Pentagon rushes defenses and advisers to Middle East as Israel's ground assault in Gaza looms
9. Is Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system ironclad?
10. Joseph Nye says China, U.S. need to "power with" rather than "power over" other countries
11. Michael Pillsbury defends One China Policy in Beijing, slams Pompeo's proposal to formally recognize Taiwan
12. SOF & Irregular Warfare Symposium (Nov 2023) | SOF News
13. Freed Israeli hostage says Hamas treated her well after initial violence
14. IntelBrief: What Follows Hamas in Gaza?
15. America Must Find a Way to Ensure Israel Crushes Hamas without Destroying Gaza
16. U.S. Strategic Posture ‘Insufficient’ for Future Threat, Report Finds
17. With Their Soldiers Poised to Attack, Israelis Try to Decipher the Delay
18. Pentagon outlines multiple Chinese attack plans for Taiwan
19.  US defense department to send delegation to Xiangshan forum
20. Army may add electronic warfare training as early as boot camp
21. Not all in China’s military view Taiwan, the West as primary threat
22. China Dismisses Defense Minister Amid Swirl of Speculation
23. China’s top diplomat to visit D.C. amid tensions over South China Sea, Israel
24. Elite Universities Face Donor Revolt Over Mideast Conflict
25. How China Could Turn Crisis to Catastrophe
26. Beijing Stages Charm Offensive to Pave Way for Xi Trip
27. The Enemies of Freedom Are Deadlier Than Ever
28. Understanding Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Through the Lens of Civil War

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s Covert Alliance With Iran Aligned Militias in the Middle East
2. Putin Launches ‘New Evil Empire’ With North Korea and Hamas
3. How Putin, Xi and Kim could use Israel crisis as 'invitation' to unleash hell
4. US-Japan-South Korea Drill a ‘New Era’ for Defense Ties
5. New Film “Beyond Utopia” Offers Glimpse Into Life As A North Korean
6. US, South Korea conduct anti-submarine warfare exercise near Guam
7. 4 N. Koreans cross eastern sea border in apparent defection bid
8. Defense chief, U.S. envoy discuss joint efforts to deter N. Korean threats
9. Marine chief says suspended live-fire drills on border islands need to be resumed
10. <Inside N. Korea> A recent report on conditions at farms (3) Thieves from the cities lead to strict monitoring of farming areas…farmers face tough times trying to earn cash
11. S Korea detains boat carrying suspected N Korean escapees
12. Number of N. Korean defectors entering S. Korea more than triples on-year in Jan.-Sept. period
13. Pyongsan Political Prison Camp inmates forced to work in uranium mines
14. Trade between Russia and N. Korea spikes after Kim Jong Un’s state visit last month