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10/23/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 10/23/2023 - 9:19am

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National Security News Content:

1. Hearts Beat Strongest in Response to Noble Ideals (remarks from the OSS Society President)

2. The Four Questions The U.S. Military Should Be Asking About Operation Swords of Iron

3. China stealing technology secrets -- from AI to computing and biology, "Five Eyes" intelligence leaders warn

4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 22, 2023

5. Iran Update, October 22, 2023

6. Israel strikes across Gaza after allowing another small aid convoy into the besieged enclave

7. A price cap on Russian oil aims to starve Putin of cash. But it's largely been untested. Until now

8. US renews warning it will defend treaty ally Philippines after Chinese ships rammed Manila vessels

9. Americans Back Israel but Are Wary of Getting Pulled Into Conflict, WSJ-Ipsos Poll Finds

10. Israel-Hamas War Revives Interest in U.S. Production of Iron Dome Missiles

11.  Ike carrier strike group headed to the Middle East

12. We must ditch the ‘stalemate’ metaphor in Ukraine’s war

13. Testing of Navy SEALs May Unveil Scale of Performance-Enhancing Drug Use -- and Unleash Legal Battles

14. China outs yet another national as US ‘spy’, says he was groomed during visiting scholar stint

15.  Shooting for the moon: Army’s 2025 budget to reflect artillery revamp

16. How Will the IDF Handle Urban Combat? by David Kilcullen

17. How the CIA’s top-ranking woman beat the agency’s men at their own game

18. Special Operations News - October 23, 2023 | SOF News

19. House Chaos Imperils Reauthorization of Critical National Security Tool

20. Blinken, Austin Say US Is Ready to Respond if US Personnel Become Targets of Israel-Hamas War

21. A Catastrophic Success for Hamas?

22. Futile military solutions cannot solve political problems

23. America Is a Root Cause of Israel and Palestine’s Latest War

Korean News Content:

1. Rights watchdog urges main opposition party to designate board members for launch of N. Korean Human Rights Foundation

2. Rights groups warn of forced repatriation of N.K. defectors from China to N. Korea

3. Fed Rate Moves Squeeze a Key U.S. Ally

4. Seoul eyes big special ops helicopters; poised to order three tactical transports

5. S. Korea vows to bolster defense system against N. Korean missile threat

6.  N. Korea blames U.S. for instigating Israel-Hamas conflict

7. Naturalized Korean doctor Yohan Ihn appointed as PPP innovation committee chief

8. IMF: ‘S. Korea could be the biggest victim of US-China de-risking’

9. N Korea calls for condemnation of US over Israel conflict

10. Senior diplomats of S. Korea, U.S. discuss supply chains, energy

11. Defense chief reiterates call to suspend 2018 inter-Korean military agreement

12. [INTERVIEW] Ban Ki-moon still devoted to building better future for all

13. [INTERVIEW] Taiwan calls on Korea and like-minded nations to help fight off China's threats

14. S. Korea, Saudi Arabia ‘in final stages’ of agreeing large-scale defense cooperation