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10/21/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 10/21/2022 - 8:42am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (20.10.22) CDS comments on key events

3. Russian threats revive old nuclear fears in central Europe

4. Putin’s War in Ukraine May Destroy Russia

5. The greatest risk to China's Xi Jinping? Himself

6. Iranian drone trainers in Crimea to help Russians, White House says

7. Army Focused on Countering ‘Kamikaze Drones'

8. China’s Military Is Catching Up to the U.S. Is It Ready for Battle?

9. China May Never Become a Superpower

10. Xi’s CCP congress speech indicates a major push towards military intelligentisation

11. China, 'factory of the world,' is losing more of its manufacturing and export dominance, latest data shows

12. Transfer of Green Berets, SEALs to Army base in Germany questioned in House funding bill

13. Poland buying Korean made MLRS, continuing Seoul spending spree

14. ‘It Was Horror’: Ukrainians Share Grim Tales of Russian Occupation

15. US busts network providing technology to Russian military

16. Watch Estonia's foreign minister — whose country just voted to declare Russia a terrorist state— bluntly say he wants to see Putin go 'to hell'

17. China's Nightmare: What If the U.S. Military Sent Troops to Taiwan?

18. The impending loss of Kherson: How will Putin spin it?

19. Russia appears to be signaling a retreat from key Ukrainian port city of Kherson

20. US general on rare visit to nuclear-armed sub in Arabian Sea

21. Biden Takes on Grand Strategy

22. ‘US thumbing its nose’ at Russia with missile drills on Hokkaido, security expert says

23. America and China Don’t Need to Knock Each Other Out to Win

24. FDD | U.S. Offer of Sanctions Relief Remains Active Despite Iran Protests

25. FDD | China, Russia Deepen Partnership on Satellite Navigation

26. Turkey’s Opposition Is Paving Erdogan’s Path to Victory

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea urges N. Korea to honor 2018 accord on reducing military tensions

2. U.S. remains committed to denuclearization of 'entire' Korean Peninsula: Pentagon spokesman

3. Kim Jong Un’s Batshit Threats Just Got a Lot Scarier

4. General who led Syrian bombing is new face of Russian war

5. S. Korean envoy raises issue of female N.K. defectors' human rights at U.N. meeting

6. Gov't to make every effort to seek release of S. Korean detainees in N. Korea: minister

7. Navy eyes creation of unmanned command in 2040s

8. ‘Priceless collection’: Army museum reopens in South Korea after $2.1 million renovation

9. Korean and American businessmen issue joint statement against IRA

10. Punggye-ri Update: Waiting for Kim

11. S. Korea's Army seeks advanced interception system against new N.K. missiles

12. Moon's aide says repatriating fishermen was right move

13. Top commanders of South Korea, U.S., Japan vow close security ties to counter North's threats

14. Top brass commit to extended deterrence in Washington

15. Poland mulls acquiring Redback armored vehicles from Korea

16. S. Korea considering co-sponsoring UN resolution on NK human rights: ministry

17. At UN, S. Korea highlights human rights violations suffered by N. Koreans, defectors

18. North Korean police told to improve security nationwide to protect leader Kim Jong Un