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10/18/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 10/18/2023 - 9:25am

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National Security News Content:

1. Putin touts solidarity with China in Xi’s pitch for new world order as crisis grips Middle East
2. War in Ukraine Latest: Russian Airfield Hit in ‘Most Serious Strike’ of the War
3. Ukraine Fires ATACMS Missiles at Russian Forces for the First Time
4. What we know about the deadly blast at a Gaza City hospital
5. Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Guide from War on the Rocks
6. Underground Nightmare: Hamas Tunnels and the Wicked Problem Facing the IDF
7. Inside Biden’s Reversal on Sending Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine
8. Allied Spy Chiefs Warn of Chinese Espionage Targeting Tech Firms
9. Chinese jets ramp up incidents with US aircraft, new videos show
10. Ukraine’s special forces use daring raids and distraction tactics in bid to free Crimea
11. Israel and Hamas at war: Latest news
12. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 17, 2023
13. Iran Update, October 17, 2023
14. How China's Belt and Road Initiative is changing after a decade of big projects and big debts
15. U.S. Ambassador Visits Detained Wall Street Journal Reporter Evan Gershkovich
16. Israel's Strategic Crisis - Sir Lawrence Freedman
17. Marine unit in Japan soon adopting ‘littoral’ name amid force changes
18. Terrorists could be inspired by Hamas, spymasters warn
19. Expert Guidance: Law of Armed Conflict in the Israel-Hamas War
20. What Comes After Hamas?
21. What Israel Can Learn From America’s Counterterrorism Missteps – The Strategic Case for Adhering to the Laws of War
22. How Hamas’s carefully planned Israel attack devolved into a chaotic rampage
23. U.S., Taiwan on front lines in fight against disinformation: Envoy

Korean News Content:

1. Russian FM arrives in N. Korea for talks with counterpart: reports
2. U.S. envoy calls for 'durable solutions' to improve N.K. human rights
3. Access to N. Korean propaganda accounts on X blocked in S. Korea
4. Unification minister urges N. Korea to make 'right' choice of returning to dialogue
5. Stop forcible repatriation of NK refugees
6. INTERVIEW | Tsutomu Nishioka: Emerging on Japan's Front Lines with Korea
7. Israel Ambassador: Hamas Used North Korean Weapons to Attack Israel
8. Biden’s envoy offers dual approach for N Korea human rights uplift
9. <Inside N. Korea> A recent report on conditions at farms (2) The military is given priority over harvested crops because “there are many soldiers suffering from malnutrition”…In a rare move, the military takes crops directly from fields
10. Operators of state-owned shops in Chongjin give more than 60% of profits to government
11. N. Korea mounts harsh crackdown on loan sharks
12. Seoul urges Japan to 'face history' on Japanese leaders' Yasukuni visit
13. S. Korea, US and Japan to conduct joint aerial exercise for 1st time: source
14. Immediate global efforts needed to curb NK’s nuclear ambition: Seoul official
15. [Editorial] Grave security threat (nk-Russia)