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10/17/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 10/17/2022 - 12:48pm

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (16.10.22) CDS comments on key events

3. Chinese nationals in Ukraine sign up for evacuation after call from FM

4. Joe Biden's New 'National Security Strategy' Has an Intense Focus on China

5. Russia is making excuses for why it can't stop US-made HIMARS from shredding its military in Ukraine

6. New app lets civilians help shoot down drones and missiles in Ukraine

7.  Rogue States Like North Korea Win if Putin Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

8. Army injustice: Thousands of soldiers, veterans slapped with misleading criminal record

9. ‘Dangerously Depleted’: The US Is Sending So Many Weapons To Ukraine That Experts Are Starting To Worry

10. Special Operations News Update, Oct 17, 2022

11. The Five Reasons Wars Happen

12. The Renaming of Military Bases - What is Past is Not Prologue

13. Tracking Competition in Cyberspace: Announcing the Dyadic Cyber Incident Dataset Version 2.0

14. Ukraine war: Kyiv attacked by 'kamikaze' drones

15. The Civilian and the State: Politics at the Heart of Civil-Military Relations

16. Analysis: Xi's new generals face tough military challenges post-congress

17. An obsession with control is making China weaker but more dangerous

18. Pentagon exploring communications options for Ukrainian military as Starlink service threatens pullout

19. The Sources of Russian Misconduct

20. The Decline of the City Upon a Hill

21. Kerch Bridge, Nord Stream the handiwork of top-tier saboteurs

22. Chip war policy hurting US firms more than China

23. American technology boosts China’s hypersonic missile program

Korean News Content:

1. Six years on and Korean companies are still facing fallout from Thaad

2.  North's provocations include planes, missile, artillery barrages

3. Korea grapples with U.S. push against 'made in China'

4. Saudi crown prince unlikely to visit S. Korea this year

5. S. Korea considering reveal of Hyunmoo-5 as ‘warning to N. Korea’

6. Unification minister to meet families of S. Korean detainees in N. Korea

7. South Korea: South Korea kicks off military drills amid talk of North Korean nuclear test

8. South Korea’s military is on high alert for North’s first nuclear test since 2017

9. UN expert group links four Hong Kong firms to reports of illegal oil shipments to North Korea

10. North Korea’s Lazarus behind years of crypto hacks in Japan: Police

11. Denuclearizing North Korea Must Include Uranium

12. ‘Don’t forget the North Korean defectors stuck in China’: Enduring exploitation, they long for freedom

13. Moment terrified North Korean is hugged by Kim Jong Un in school visit

14. South Korea to boost US, Japan defense ties after missiles

15.  BTS members to go to military starting with oldest member Jin

16. Why did BTS decide to fulfill military service?


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