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10/1/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 10/01/2023 - 10:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 30, 2023
2. Ukraine’s jet ski raiders strike at the heart of Crimea
3. In U.S. Fights Over Ukraine Aid, Allies Fear Deeper Global Harm
4. Opinion: To the Last Ukrainian — What We’ve Learned from Kyiv’s Counter-Offensive
5. China says US is the true 'empire of lies'
6. Ukraine’s War of Drones Runs Into an Obstacle: China
7. US warns of Chinese disinformation. China says that's disinformation
8. Four Seconds to Impact: On the Front Line With Ukraine’s Snipers
9. Japan’s plans have Taiwan focus
10. Why Can’t We Stop Unauthorized Immigration? Because It Works.
11. How to Hamstring U.S. Intelligence on Section 702
12. 9/11 suspect ‘admitted White House was fourth target’
13. Why Consumers Are Mad About Inflation Even Though It Has Fallen
14. A U.S. Army hospital has quietly started admitting troops wounded in Ukraine.
15. Introduction of New China Coordinator and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for China and Taiwan Mark Lambert
16. Privacy watchdog recommends court approval for FBI searches of spy data
17. Soldiers worry that ROTC admin error could upend retirement plans

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea says relations with Russia are 'powerful fortress' for preserving peace
2. S. Korea says N. Korea will never be recognized as nuclear-weapon state
3. The Untold Truth Of 'The Most Dangerous Woman In The World'
4. [INTERVIEW] ROK-US alliance is win-win partnership: KUSAF chief
5. [INTERVIEW] South Korean veterans minister hails ROK-US alliance as pivotal pillar in nation's history
6. NK leader sends congratulatory message to Xi on Chinese founding anniversary
7. [Lee Kyong-hee] Kishida’s summit overture to Pyongyang
8. [Kim Seong-kon] “The Big Country” and “A City upon a Hill”
9. North Korea blames US for 'grave terrorist' act against Cuban embassy
10. Ask a North Korean: What is it like to serve in North Korea’s army reserves?
11. S. Korea, US, Japan Urge N. Korea's Denuclearization at IAEA Conference