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10/12/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 12:16pm

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National Security News Content:

1.  Why Afghanistan Fell: An Insider’s Account of What Went Wrong
2. Everything you think you know about the CIA is wrong
3. Why Climate Policy Has Failed
4. Harvard moves Chinese language programme to Taiwan
5. China needs a stronger message to 'tamp down' aggression against Taiwan
6. Chinese 'shock' troops storm beach near Taiwan in training exercise
7. Retired Marine colonel says US should weigh nuclear war with China over Taiwan
8. Taiwan not concerned about war with China, despite sky-high tensions
9. Paratroopers sent to Kabul this summer had a 3-D simulation of the airport
10. Lawmakers Press to Rescue Afghan Relatives of U.S. Service Members
11. Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan Is Inspiring Americans Online, FBI Says
12. ‘A triumph of truth over lies’: joy in the Philippines over Maria Ressa’s Nobel prize win
13. ‘No way around it’: Facing budget cuts, Army braces to fight for modernization
14. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Getting Force Design Right in the Next National Defense Strategy
15. Analysis | Americans aren’t that tired of war, it seems
16. A Harvard study is going viral among anti-vaxxers. The author says they are all wrong.

Korean News Content:

1. Large-scale defense exhibition to open next week (South Korea)
2. N.K. leader calls for boosting military capabilities but says enemy is 'war itself'
3. Top security adviser to discuss end-of-war declaration, other issues with U.S.
4. Kim Jong-un blames U.S. for tensions as Pyongyang showcases weaponry
5. North Korea Displays Large Missile Arsenal Amid Stalled Talks
6. At exhibition showing off nuclear arms, N. Korea displays apparent new weapon
7. North Korea: Kim Jong-un vows to build 'invincible military'
8. ROCKET MAN Kim Jong-un poses near HUGE nuclear missile and warns of war with US and South Korea
9. It's an Allegory: North Korea Website Says 'Squid Game' Reflects South Korea's 'Beastly' Society
10. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Makes Important Speech
11. Kim Jong Un Makes Commemorative Speech at Defence Development Exhibition
12. North Korea’s costly COVID response is pushing Kim Jong-un to play political games
13. North Korea's Kim notes 'grim' economy while marking anniversary of ruling party
14. How to Counter North Korea’s Provocative Missile Threats