Small Wars Journal

Grounded Curiosity


Grounded Curiosity aims to start a conversation with junior commanders about our future in warfare. Our military is built on people – these small initiatives aim to help strengthen the intellectual foundation for our profession of arms. We hope the topics spark an interest and we encourage you to continue the discussion and debate with peers, subordinates, commanders, and mentors in units and messes. Junior commanders often talk with mates in the mess about tactic, striving for professional mastery and the optimal solution for their specific operating environment. This culture of professional curiosity from the ground-up underpins our adaptive action, mission command, and critical thinking. We hope Grounded Curiosity plants a thought in the mind of one or the minds of many junior commanders as they train to serve the nation on future operations, and grow into tomorrow’s senior leadership. We owe it to our junior commanders to robustly prepare them now for future conflict, while at the same time, hoping their future is free from war.

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