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The success of Russian hybrid war is predicated on its espionage, technical intelligence collection, influence operations, and intelligence activities.

This reading list is comprised of recommendations from members of the INTELST forum, a group of almost 4000 current and former Military Intelligence professionals.

In his book, "Chinese Intelligence Operations", Nicholas Eftimiades states that the “lucrative field of espionage…is highly suited to the People’s Republic of China".

The paper evaluates the magnitude of threat posed by Violent Non-State Actors as opposed to hostile states actors with a national intelligence apparatus.

As intelligence professionals, we must provide timely intelligence support to maneuver commanders if we are to remain relevant.

TRADOC Mad Scientist Project: The integration of computational analytic tools is a necessity to visualize and understand complexity.

Intelligence drives operations.  This is an age old axiom that is no less true in modern military operations than it was during the Mongol reign of Central Asia.

The Executive Order does nothing to address threats that emanate from countries which view their entire diaspora as composed of free-range intelligence collectors.

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Secrets are the knowable unknowns and mysteries are the secrets that might never be known, or at least not until disaster strikes.

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Counterinsurgency is often a small-unit battle, with company-sized elements requiring organic intelligence capabilities to leverage information into tactical success.

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A national standard from which to identify individuals who have left these footprints and are on the path to becoming violent would be invaluable to law enforcement, especially at the local level.

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The difference between intelligence and information is analysis.

A new perspective on alternative analysis and the intelligence process

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The trajectory of developments holds value as a guide to the challenges of the next decade and the education and training needed to meet them.

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Making IPB an “entire staff” process is critically important to achieve shared understanding of the various mission variables. 

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West German law enforcement used combinations of intelligence analysis and HUMINT collection while simultaneously engaging and disrupting the Red Army Faction.

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Garbology: As our soldiers gain insights, more and more talking trash with the locals will provide a whole new body of intelligence.

The most frustrating moment for the J2 occurs when the operations summary contains more useful intelligence-producing data than the official intelligence reporting.

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Forward-leaning, informed speculation on the future operating environment can make the difference between being able to respond to unexpected events or failing to adequately address these challenges

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Intelligence shortcomings lie in how we share and utilize the information and data we have at our disposal.

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Log in, tune in, don’t drop out.

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When the balloon goes up... A new look from an old tool.

From the outset, the U.S. treated Al Qaeda as a military objective instead of an organization to be understood, penetrated, and permanently dismantled. 

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The uniformed analytic community largely lacks institutional expertise and struggles to provide commanders with meaningful intelligence products.

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Observing how the Afghans develop intelligence and seek creative means to support their operations is vital to Afghans owning the security.