While DMARC is a good step to enhance some aspects of email security, it does not solve the phishing problem and adversaries routinely overcome the protections afforded.

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A cyber underground, organized around special operations principles can create a nationwide and global network that will seek out, identify, understand, and expose active measures and propaganda.

The space and cyber domains have changed the traditional notions of what constitutes war by expanding war into a global and continuous enterprise.

There are two competing arguments regarding the gravity of the threat that cyber-attacks pose to the nation’s security.

TRADOC Mad Scientist Project: The cyberspace domain of the future will most forcefully assert itself in urban areas.

Human factors in military operations must become a central consideration in Joint Force campaign planning and execution.

The emergence of gray tactics in cyber operations, their utility as a political instrument, and reasons that twilight zone conflicts are no longer a mere science fiction fantasy.

Can international law meaningfully distinguish between cyberespionage for national security purposes and economic espionage?

The unrelenting tempo of combat operations at the Corps and below level in the Army creates unique challenges for the execution of Offensive Cyber Operations.

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For naval intelligence to effectively support the Chief of Naval Operation’s new strategy, it must first adapt to the realities of the digital information age.

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The potential for this cyber war in the underworld to expand or to spill out into real world violence is high.

Conventional and cyber conflict diffusion diverge on two points:  third-party intervention (escalation) and collateral damage (pathogen).  The findings raise questions regarding state...

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Russia has integrated cyber operations into its military doctrine.

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As cyberspace operations continue to evolve, they raise some unique questions regarding the nature of conflict and how it should be discussed and regulated.

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Our physical world instincts often fail us when thinking about cyberspace.

The evolution of al-Qaeda's media strategy.

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Cyber warfare isn’t hype; it’s real.  

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Considering an active cyber defense.