While many rejoice the arrival of spring, Afghans know that this season ushers in a considerable increase in fighting. Or at least it used to.

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This article conducts COG analysis on the Taliban sub-system and Pashtun tribal system using revised joint doctrine and non-linear dynamical systems analysis.

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As President Trump inherits the war in Afghanistan, the best piece of advice anyone can give him is that this is about as good as it is going to get.

The Eid statements demonstrate an increasing sophistication in strategic messaging and understanding of international politics.

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Some of the major “lessons learned” by ISAF while conducting Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations in Afghanistan

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The issue of the reach of the state needs to be put into a wider focus by including women and gender issues as part of the narrative.

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The study demonstrates the naivety of a superpower that allows an alleged ally to receive billions of dollars with which Pakistan financed groups that kill American soldiers almost on a daily basis.

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M. Shands Pickett suggests that we aim for greater stability in Afghanistan by co-opting the Afghan Taleban and breaking down the walls between GIRoA and Afghan Taleban shadow governance.

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In response to e-mails referencing the fighting cited in my Afghanistan trip report at SWJ and Westwrite, here is a video of three firefights. They illustrate why adding more US troops is separate...