Are we witnessing a time when the US is regretting bringing the Baltics into the transatlantic community?     

ISAF may provide a new model of counterinsurgency – de facto multilateral – based on classical doctrines and tenets, yet organizationally and operationally different.

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Given a Russian invasion scenario, the Baltic States would have no choice to preserve their independence but to fight a guerrilla war against occupying forces.

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NATO rarely, if ever, exercises the deployment to and operation of the force in an environment that is under “hybrid” attack.

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The success of Russian hybrid war is predicated on its espionage, technical intelligence collection, influence operations, and intelligence activities.

This article presents potential Military Assistance concepts of operations in support of specific security policy objectives, and proposes feasible new concepts in MA operations.

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As small countries with little strategic depth and limited human and economic resources, the Baltic states are increasingly adopting a “total defense” approach to national security.

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Overt Russian aggression and uncertainty in the Middle East has left many questioning the role NATO plays in securing peace and deterring aggression.

NATO member Estonia has become; along with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland; NATO`s eastern bulwark against Putin´s increasing aggressiveness.

Journal Article | July 18, 2017 09:56 AM | Comments(6)

Estonia moved under NATO’s collective protection too quickly by ignoring a quarter of their population who are Russian speakers, most of whom are disenfranchised.

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The principal recommendation for NATO reform here, is to expel Turkey, recognize Kurdistan, and end Ankara’s pipe dream of accession to the European Union.

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Half the world’s population is women - in combination with some cultural aspects that are present in the world - SOF will not be relevant without the the integration of women.

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Despite force protection measures, captivity remains an integrated part of the threat to deployed NATO forces.

Unconventional methodologies coupled with an understanding of near peer competitors might be our only saving grace to meet the inevitable threats of tomorrow.

Journal Article | December 19, 2016 12:10 AM | Comments(2)

Trump's election has already forced the United States’ European allies to contemplate a future where the United States might no longer underwrite Europe’s security.

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The United States and Russia are already at war. At least, that’s what many in Moscow seem to think - and this war is not fought like past conflicts.

Russia’s apparent success in exploiting fissures within the Alliance is the greatest threat the United States and its NATO allies face from Moscow.

NATO is one of the bulwarks of strength to avert war, as long as the commitment of its members to honor Article V is believed by any potential threat.

A diverse set of policies is needed to unify a diverse set of peoples against a diverse set of threats - NATO should reorganize itself.

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Like any other organization, NATO has made mistakes. What is crucial is that the Alliance recognizes what went wrong and why, thus preventing these same mistakes in the future.

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NATO must adopt hybrid models of national defense, coordinate efforts on economic and electronic warfare, and secure its space-based infrastructure.

European Union ambitions for a military force distinct from NATO are absurd. The list of challenges to forming such a force are legion.

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Russia has integrated cyber operations into its military doctrine.

Time now for a return to the basics if the organization is to endure well into the current century.

Ivo Daalder on the NATO Summit and the struggle to succeed Sistani.