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Iran and Saudi Arabia are both exporters of extremism that fuels kinetic terrorist attacks. These countries are uniquely dangerous.

Editors and foreign policy pundits Joseph Humire and Ilan Berman contend that Iran is leveraging the anti-U.S. sentiment of several leftist countries in the region.

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The death of Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rafsanjani on January 8 will dramatically change Iranian politics.  He was one of the handful of the architects of the fundamentalist system in Iran.

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Part One of this series covered conflicts in Asia that the U.S. military must consider as it turns its focus toward the future. Part Two will investigate two conflicts in the Middle East.

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Chavista strategists have decided its best course of action is to run Chavez for president for a fifth time, only this time by proxy.

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One consistently wrong—but always convenient—prediction has been the improbability of ground wars and the declining utility of ground forces.

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What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in the Middle East and South Asia spreads to the world.

Israel’s defenses against rockets and ballistic missiles provide important strategic benefits to the state, and they may change the face of Middle Eastern warfare in the future.

Expect no major changes other than possibly some moderation in positions.

Dr. Kevin Woods and his colleague Williamson Murray have brought to life the Iraqi perspective on various conflicts, ranging from Operation Desert Storm to their latest work on the Iran-Iraq War.

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There are some issues that are too important to remain unsolved.

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Iran’s endeavours are concentrated on projects which make little sense for purely civilian usage.

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In the final part of this series, Iraq expert Kirk Sowell shines a light on the country's murky foreign policy.

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Regional proxy wars between Iran and the Arab Gulf are using Lebanon as their figurative prostitute.

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The subject of Israel’s relations with Iraq does not make for headline news. If Israel attacks Iran, that could quickly change...

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As some try to connect the dots of recent events, is there an Iranian role in what appears to be Stage 2 of the Arab Spring?

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 “We’ve won the war,” General Dan Halutz boasted.

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What began as an Israeli air campaign rapidly evolved into an extensive ground war of bloody house-to-house battles that the Israelis were ill prepared to wage. 

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Iranian inroads in Africa present a potential new front in the Iranian-US cold war.

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An autocratic Iraq will probably be happier doing more business with China and Russia. But the idea of a Sino-Russian strategy in the Middle East is far from simple.

Are the Iranians nearing an Israeli red line?

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The authors lay out the “courses of action” available to Iran at sea, air, ground, in other countries and by conducting terrorism around the globe.

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Hezbollah can maneuver through the minefields of Middle Eastern politics and emerge victorious.

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The current US/EU two-track policy on Iran, which includes the imposition of an oil embargo, is not sufficient to break the current nuclear stalemate.

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A history and discussion of the Lebanese Shi'a Party of Allah