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2 April SWJ Roundup

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UK General Warns of Cutting Afghanistan Troops Too Quickly - BBC

Russia Ponders Return to Afghanistan - FP

More Afghans Seek Asylum as Troops Prepare to Withdraw - VOA

Afghan Teenager Fatally Stabs US Soldier - AP

First Lieutenant Attends Handover of Base Named After Brother - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

From Afghanistan to the Pitcher's Mound - NJ opinion



Kurds Flee Aleppo Neighborhood Under Syrian Government Attack - LAT

6000 Died in Syria in March, Deadliest Month Yet - AP

Makeshift Camps Growing in Lebanon for Syrian Refugees - VOA

Syrian Newspapers Emerge to Fill Out War Reporting - NYT


North Korea

White House: No Sign of Large-Scale North Korean Mobilizations - VOA

N. Korea Taps Reformist Premier Amid Nuclear Tension - AP

White House: No Military \Moves Seen in N. Korea - AP

North Korea Threatens to Restart Nuclear Reactor - NYT

North Korea 'to Restart Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor' - BBC

North Korea to Restart Nuclear Complex - AP

Chinese Editor Suspended for Article on North Korea - NYT

Little: US Seeks ‘Peace and Stability’ on Korean Peninsula - AFPS

S. Korea President Vows Strong Retaliation Against North - VOA

S. Korean President Taking North Threats 'Very Seriously' - VOA

North Korea: Time for a Rethink - Guardian editorial

Has North Korea Gone Crazy? - FT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Double-Digit Inflation Worsens in Iran - NYT

At Least 9 Killed in Suicide Blast in Iraq - VOA

Palestinians: Hamas Re-elects Meshaal as Leader - BBC

Hamas Law Promotes Gender Segregation in Gaza Schools - VOA

Hamas Adds Restrictions on Schools and Israelis - NYT

Demand for Saudi Oil to Grow in Coming Months - VOA

Yemenis Demand Release of Guantanamo Detainees - AP

Egyptian Satirist Released After Questioning - VOA

Libyan PM's Aide 'Kidnapped' - BBC

Saving Egypt’s Democratic Institutions - WP editorial

Fewer Drones Over Yemen - WP opinion

Who Will Shape Iraq's Future? - FPRI opinion


US Department of Defense

Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Bay Spreads - WP

US Says Guantanamo Strike Grows; Extent in Dispute - AP

GAO Reports Big Drop In Pentagon Weapons Costs - LI

New Complex to SuppoRrt Stratcom’s 21st-century Missions - AFPS

General Says his Firing Related to Lawsuit - AP


United States

European Industries Flock to the US - WP

VA Promises Results of Probe into $42 Million in Awards - Bloomberg

Federal Overtime Cuts Taking Toll on Workers, Services - WP

George Washington's Wartime 'Oval Office' Getting Remade - AP



EU Begins Mali Army Training Mission - BBC

Mali: Al-Qaida Takes Responsibility for Timbuktu Attack - AP

African Union Rejects New Central African Republic Leader - VOA

CAR Central Bank to Reopen After Coup - VOA

ANC Denies CAR Business Links Claim - BBC

Bashir Orders Sudan Prisoner Release - BBC

Peace Restored in Stronghold of Kenya's Election Loser Odinga - VOA

Suspected Ivory Smuggler Arrested in Nairobi, Kenya - VOA

South Africa: Mandela Continues to Improve - VOA



Indigenous Colombians Free Soldiers - BBC

Brazil Police Arrested After Murders - BBC

Third Arrest Over Brazil Bus Rape - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Japan Shifting Further Away From Pacifism - NYT

Caroline Kennedy 'Next US Japan Envoy' - BBC

Chinese Editor Suspended for Article on North Korea - NYT

China Says 2 Pilots Killed in Su-27 Fighter Crash - AP

Air Pollution Linked to 1.2 Million Premature Deaths in China -NYT

Burma Urged to Prosecute Perpetrators of Sectarian Unrest - VOA



Russia Won't Help Cyprus Depositors, Says Minister - VOA

Serbs in Divided North Anxious Over Brussels Talks - AP

Turkey-PKK Peace Deal Gains Momentum - VOA

Cyprus Was Not an Exception - NYT editorial


South Asia

Pakistan Attack: Deadly Raid on Peshawar Power Plant - BBC

Indian States Fight Over River Usage - WP

Swiss Company Loses Drug Patent Case in India - VOA