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16 March SWJ Roundup


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Afghan Intelligence: Massive Truck Bomb Seized - AP

Huge Bomb Defused in Afghan Capital Kabul - BBC

Afghan Witnesses Visit JBLM to Prepare for Bales’ Court-Martial - TNT

Marine Faces Pre-Trial Hearing in Afghan Urination Incident - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



CIA Begins Sizing Up Islamic Extremists in Syria for Drone Strikes - LAT

EU Delays Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels - VOA

France’s Hollande Defends Syria Weapons Plan - BBC

Alawite Coast Loyal to Assad Regime - WP

Syria Regime Expands Use of Cluster Bombs - AP

Few Protests on 2nd Anniversary of Syrian Uprising - AP

The Coming Atrocity in Syria - WP opinion



Pentagon: Iranian Warplane Moves Against US Drone in Gulf - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Obama to Prod Israelis, Palestinians on Peace Efforts - VOA

Israel Sees Obama Visit as Chance to Show Best Side - LAT

Americans Expect Little from Obama’s Middle East Trip - McClatchy

Obama in Mideast - Substance and Symbolism - VOA

Israel PM Netanyahu Signs Coalition Deal - BBC

Sunnis Who Backed Saddam Chafe Under Shiite Rule - McClatchy

Born in War and Poverty, Youth Don't Abandon Iraq - AP

Gunmen Kill 8 Iraqi Police Recruits - Reuters

Christians Say They Were Tortured in Libya - AP

Tunisia's Assembly Announces Elections for Fall - AP

Can Obama, Netanyahu Work it Out? - WP opinion

Five Myths About Iraq - WP opinion

Why Iraq's Reconstruction Failed - Atlantic opinion


US Department of Defense

Stavridis Spotlights Top National Security Issues - AFPS

General Discusses Parameters of Quadrennial Defense Review - AFPS

Expensive F-35 Fighter at Risk of Budget 'Death Spiral' - Reuters

USS Miami Arsonist Gets More than 17 Years in Prison - BDN


United States

Appeals Court Rejects CIA’s Argument Over Drone Operations - WP

Court Orders the CIA to Disclose Drone Data - NYT

NC Legislators Want Rules on Drone Use - N&R

Arizona Border Quiets After Gains in Security - NYT

Court Opposes FBI Surveillance Tool - WP

Fake War Hero Sentenced to Year in Prison - TT


United Kingdom

Study: Young Soldiers More Likely to Commit Violent Crimes - DPA


United Nations

Optimism Ahead of UN Arms Trade Conference - VOA

Kerry Says US Will be Cautious on Arms Trade Treaty - LAT

US Says It's Committed to Strong Arms Trade Treaty - AP

UN Takes on Violence Against Women - WP

UN Adopts Plan to Combat Violence Against Women - AP

UN's Ban to Name Ireland's Robinson as Key Africa Envoy - Reuters



Head of US Africa Command Warns of Islamic Threat - AP

Africom Helps Partner Nations Grow Capability, Ham Says - AFPS

UN: Civilians at Risk as CAR Rebels Advance - VOA

Development Improves in Ethiopia, But Just Slightly - VOA

Kenya PM Filing Election Challenge Saturday - VOA

Kenya Police Fire Teargas to Disperse Odinga Supporters - Reuters

Zimbabwe Votes in Key Referendum - BBC

Zimbabweans Start Voting to Adopt New Constitution - Reuters

Zimbabwe MDC Politician Attacked - BBC

South Africa Moves to Strengthen its Economic Standing - VOA

Malawi Treason Charge Minister Quits - BBC

Ugandan Marriage Bill Pits Women’s Rights Against Tradition - VOA



Vatican Rejects Claims of Pope’s Ties to Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ - NYT

Vatican Defends Pope Against Argentina ‘Dirty War’ Accusations - WP

Vatican Denies Argentina Dirty War Allegations - BBC

Mexican Police Seize 9 Tons of Marijuana, Weapons - AP

Mexico: Police Probe Cancun Taxi Drivers' Link to Drugs - AP

Venezuelans Debate How to Preserve Chavez’s Legacy, and Body - WP

Venezuelans Flood Streets for Another Chavez Coffin Parade - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

US to Bolster Missile Defense to Deter Attack by N. Korea - NYT

US to Expand Missile Defense to Deter N. Korea - WP

US to Increase Missile Defense in Response to North Korea - S&S

US to Boost Nuclear Missile Defense to Counter N. Korea - BBC

Former US Diplomat Warns Of Intractable US-China Tensions - VOA

New Premier in China Faces Test on Economy - NYT

As Hong Kong Presses for More Democracy, Friction With Beijing - NYT

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Heckled at Mine Protest - VOA



Stavridis Defends US Presence in Europe - S&S

Stavridis: Europe Remains Strategically Vital to US - AFPS

Despite Setbacks, EU Leaders Upbeat on Economic Turnaround - VOA

Russian Legislator Accused of Treason After US Visit - NYT

German Officials Call for Limits to US Exercises after Damage - S&S

Italy's Parliament Convenes, Faces Stalemate - AP


South Asia

UN: US Drone Strikes Undermine Pakistan's Sovereignty - WP

UN Official Says US Drones Breach Pakistan’s Sovereignty - NYT

UN: Pakistan 'Does Not Sanction' US Drone Strikes - BBC

In Pakistan Most Civilian Drone Deaths 'From Faulty Information' - VOA

Pakistan: Concern Over Violence Grows in Karachi - NYT

24 Soldiers Killed in Road Accident in Pakistan - AP

India Airports on Alert Over Italy Ambassador Mancini - BBC

Rebels Kill Indian Border Guard, Wound 3 Others - AP

We're Blowing the War in Waziristan - FP opinion