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27 February SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Sign of Progress Turns Out to Be Error - NYT

NATO Admits Taliban Figures 'Error' - BBC

Reported Drop in Taliban Attacks Incorrect - AP

Outlook on Afghan Progress Remains Positive, Press Secretary Says - AFPS

Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghan Army Bus; 10 Wounded - AP

Afghans Hold Anti-US Rally Following Abuse Claims - Reuters

Afghanistan Partition May Be Inevitable - JT opinion



Strikes Signal Fierce Escalation in Syria - WP

US Considers Non-Lethal Aid to Syrian Rebels - WP

US 'Considers Sending Armor and Vehicles to Syria Rebels' - TT

How Entrenched in Syria is Iran? - Time

Fierce Fighting Near Historic Aleppo Mosque - VOA

New Report on Syrian Missiles Shows Extent of Death and Damage - NYT

Kerry, Russia’s Lavrov Seek Common Ground on Syria - VOA

As Atrocities Pile Up, Syrians Collect Evidence - AP

Was Syria Really All That Secular? - TT opinion



Iran's 'Plan B' for a Nuclear Bomb - TT

World Powers Make Updated Nuclear Offer to Iran - VOA

Iran and Six Nations Agree to Two More Rounds of Nuclear Talks - NYT

4th Round of Talks Start Over Iran Nuclear Program - AP

Negotiations Over Iran Nuclear Program Conclude - AP

World Powers Wait to Hear Iran Response to Nuclear Offer - Reuters

Even if Iran Gets the Bomb, it Won’t be Worth Going to War - TT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Officials: Cyprus Plot Exposes Hezbollah’s Plans for Attacks - WP

Israel Struck by Rocket From Gaza After a Death - NYT

UK’s Blair: Life in Iraq Not as I Hoped - BBC

Shiite Militant Threatens Iranian Exiles in Iraq - AP

Egypt's Opposition Coalition Vows to Boycott Elections - VOA

Opposition Will Boycott Egypt’s Vote for Assembly - NYT

Egypt Opposition to Boycott Polls - BBC

Egypt Opposition Group to Boycott Vote - WP

19 Dead in Egypt Hot-Air Balloon Crash - WP

US Officials Propose Sharing Drone Surveillance Data With Algerians - NYT

Four Held for Tunisia Belaid Killing - BBC

Deepening Divides Stop Libyan Families from Returning Home - VOA

Overthrowing Saddam Was Still Right Move - Guardian opinion

How Israel Solved the Problem of Drought - TOI opinion


US Department of Defense

Chiefs to Congress: Fiscal Crisis Threatens U.S. Military Edge - AFPS

Sequestration: Sure Thing is Big Changes Will Occur For Military - S&S

New US Defense Secretary Confirmed - VOA

Senate Confirms Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary - WP

Hagel Prevails in Senate After Bruising Bout With GOP - NYT

Hagel Confirmed as Defense Secretary - BBC

Senate Confirms Hagel for Defense Secretary - S&S

Bruised Hagel Takes Reins at DOD in Time of Fiscal Turmoil - S&S

USS Warrior to Replace Grounded Guardian - S&S

Lawmaker Asks for Review of Distinguished Warfare Medal - S&S

WikiLeaks Soldier's Request to Dismiss Case Rejected - Reuters

Sailors Plead Guilty in Rape Case that Sparked Japan Curfew - S&S


United States

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Surveillance Law - NYT

Obama Ups Ante as Budget Axe Hovers - BBC

Bracing for Sequester, US Frees Illegal Immigrants - VOA

Looming Cuts Spur Mass Release of Illegal Immigrants - NYT

GOP: Illegal Immigrant Release a Ploy - USAT

Furlough Pay Calculator Released for Federal Workers - S&S

VA Protected From Sequester, But Veterans Will Feel Pain - S&S

VA Backlog Continues to Mount; No Clear Solutions in Sight - S&S

Unbridled Secrecy - NYT editorial

An Eerie Silence on Cybersecurity - NYT editorial

A Sequester Intervention - WP opinion

Sequestration Stupidity - WP opinion

20 Years On, Jihadists Still Winning - NR opinion



France: Fierce Fighting in Northern Mali Mountains - VOA

French in Tough Fight in Northern Mali - AP

UN Official Sees Desperation, Hunger and Fear on Visit to Mali - NYT

Mali: US Designates Ansar Dine Chief as Terrorist - VOA

US Sets Sanctions on Rebel Leader in Northern Mali - AP

Mali Islamists Warned on Sharia - BBC

ICC Prosecutor Agrees to Delay Kenyans' Trial - VOA

Amnesty: Ivory Coast Soldiers Killing Rivals, Attacked Camp - Reuters

Cameroon: France Rules Out Talks with Hostage Takers - VOA

Djibouti Police Clash With Opposition Protesters for Second Day - VOA

Ghana Opposition Legislators to Continue Boycott - VOA

Guinea Replaces Military Chief Killed in Plane Crash - VOA



Mexico Enacts Major Education Reform - BBC

Powerful Leader of Mexican Teachers’ Union Arrested - NYT

Mexico's Arrested Union Leader Started Humble - AP


Asia / Pacific

Reports: China Aircraft Carrier Permanent Base Is Qingdao - AP

China Launches New Stealth Frigate - BBC

Another Tibetan Monk Sets Himself on Fire in China - VOA

Chinese Intellectuals Urge Ratifying Rights Treaty - NYT

Rights Group Urges Probe Into Thai Activist Death - AP

Vietnam Journalist Critical of Party Boss Fired - AP

China Has to Take the Lead on North Korea - AT opinion



N. Ireland: Rocket Launcher and Warhead Seized - BBC

Talks With Russia in Spotlight as Kerry Visits Berlin - VOA

Kurdish Rebel Leader Issues Dire Warning for Turkey - VOA

Italy Left in 'Dramatic Situation' - BBC

Italy Parties Seek Way Out of Election Stalemate - Reuters

Italy Votes for Chaos and Euro Crisis Is Back - Bloomberg opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Policeman Killed While Protecting Health Workers - VOA

Sri Lanka Tamils 'Raped in Custody' - BBC

Sri Lanka Security Rape, Torture Tamil Detainees - Reuters

The Threat to Pakistan's Shiites - Atlantic opinion