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21 February SWJ Roundup

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Panetta Lands in Brussels for Afghan-Focused NATO Meetings - AFPS

NATO May Hold Mid-2013 Summit to Mark Afghan Handover - Reuters

NATO and Afghan Forces Kill 25 Insurgents - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Government Airstrike Destroys Damascus City Block - VOA

Jihadists and Islamists Clash in Syria - VOA

Russia, Arab League Push for Syria Conflict Talks - AP

Russia Proposes Direct Syria Talks - BBC

Russia Calls for End to Syrian Crisis - VOA

Armenia Struggles to Absorb Christian Refugees from Syria - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Diplomats: Iran Starts Upgrade of Nuclear Site - AP

UN Report May Show Slower Growth in Iran Nuclear Stockpile - Reuters

Major Powers to Make 'Substantial and Serious Offer' to Iran - Reuters

Iran 'Set Up Bahrain Militant Cell' - BBC

Germany Charges 2 With Selling Iran Drone Motors - AP

Bomb Targets Fuel Oil Pipeline in Northern Iraq - AP

Lebanese Ex-Minister and Syrian Official Accused of Death Plot - NYT

Lebanese, Syrian Officials Indicted in Bomb Plot - AP

Women Sworn In On Saudi Council - BBC

To Block Gaza Tunnels, Egypt Lets Sewage Flow - NYT

Egyptians in Port City Reject President’s Effort to Mollify Them - NYT

Egypt's Military Signals Impatience With President - AP

Egypt Rights Groups Allege Rising Police Brutality - AP

Libya Debates Banning Gadhafi Associates from Public Life - VOA

Reforming Egypt - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Services Cite Sweeping State-by-State Spending Cuts - USAT

Secretary Notifies Congress DOD Preparing for Furloughs - AFPS

Pentagon Issues Furlough Notice as ‘Sequester’ Budget Cuts Approach - WP

Pentagon Braces for Automatic Cuts - VOA

If Sequestration Triggers, Furloughs Begin in Late April - AFPS

Panetta Issues Message to DOD Workforce on Sequestration - AFPS

DOD Civilian Furloughs Planned; What it Means For You - S&S

Mabus: Automatic Defense Cuts Could Break Ship, Aircraft Contracts - S&S

US Reviewing Whether SEAL Divulged Secret Raid Details - Bloomberg

Gen. Allen Retiring from Military; Cites Family Health Issues - S&S

President Accepts Allen’s Request for Retirement - AFPS

Panetta Salutes General Allen’s Service, Leadership - AFPS

Pentagon Revamps Approach to Industrial Base, Official Says - AFPS

New Medal to Retain Place in Order of Precedence - AFPS

Fine Print: A Way Out for Defense - WP opinion


United States

Kerry: Mandatory Budget Cuts Would Hurt US Foreign Policy - VOA

Kerry Makes Case for Foreign Aid - WP

White House Tactic for CIA Bid Holds Back Drone Memos - NYT

US Works to Head Off Cyber Threat - VOA

White House Promises to Step Up Action in Trade-Secret Cases - WP

FAA Seeks Public Input in Shaping of Drone Test Site Policy - SNS

Majority Say Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported - Reuters

Jesse Jackson Jr Guilty of Fraud - BBC

How Not to Weed Out Spies - WP opinion

Who Will Mind the Drones? - NYT opinion


The Vatican

Pope May Call for Early Conclave - VOA

Pope Considers Speeding Up Succession Process - NYT



French General Urges EU to Equip 'Impoverished' Mali Army - Reuters

Nigeria Government Ordered to Pay for Human Rights Violations - VOA

Bomb Kills Three in Nigerian Islamist Stronghold - Reuters

Nigerian Pirates Demand $1.3 Million for Kidnapped Sailors - Reuters

South Sudan Holds Opposition Figures Without Charge - Reuters

France Urges Cameroon Evacuation - BBC

Zambia Seizes Chinese-Owned Mine - BBC

9 Suspected Pirates Detained by Dutch, EU Forces Off Somalia - S&S

Kenya's Muslim Youths Hope for Peaceful Elections - VOA

Kenya's Chief Justice 'Threatened' - BBC

S. Sudan Bishop's Humanitarian Efforts Awarded by UN - VOA



Human Rights Watch Faults Mexico Over Disappearances - NYT

HRW: Mexican Authorities Participated in Civilian Disappearances - WP

HRW: Mexico 'Colluded in Disappearances' - BBC

Mexico Vigilante Group Says It Kills 1 in Clash - AP

Brazil, Russia Move Closer to Arms, Technology Deals - Reuters

US Lawmakers Meet With Jailed American in Cuba - AP

Venezuela: Chávez Family ‘Encouraged,’ Bolivia Leader Says - NYT

Bolivia's Morales Says Was Unable to See Chavez in Venezuela - Reuters

Grenada Opposition Sweeps Into Power - BBC

Ecuador Follows the Chavez Model - WP editorial


Asia / Pacific

Experts: Chinese Have Hacked Most of Washington - WP

Chinese Army Rejects US Report on Cyber Hacking - VOA

China Says Army Is Not Behind Attacks in Report - NYT

Japan’s PM Says China’s Need for Territory is ‘Deeply Ingrained’ - WP

Chinese Plan to Kill Drug Lord With Drone Highlights Military Advances - NYT

Protesting China: 2 Dead in Latest Tibetan Self-Immolation - VOA

Spy Agencies Scrounge for Details on North Korean Nuclear Test - Reuters

South Korea Faces Quandary Over Potential Probe of Abuses in North - WP

South Korea Brushes Off North's 'Final Destruction' Threat - VOA

Japan Posts Worst-Ever Monthly Trade Deficit - VOA

Japan’s Pragmatic Turn - WP opinion



Trial Offers Rare Look at Work of Hezbollah in Europe - NYT

Lawyer: Cyprus Suspect Says He's in Hezbollah - AP

Britain's PM Suggests Using Foreign Aid Cash for Military - Reuters

Russian Lawmaker Resigns Over Property Scandal - VOA

Russian Official Quits Over US Condos - WP

Ukraine Prosecutor Accuses Ex-President in Journalist Death - VOA

Ukraine Ex-Leader Accused Over Death - BBC

Thousands of Greeks Rally in Anti-Austerity Strike - VOA

Greek Workers Walk Out in Fresh Austerity Protest - NYT

Bulgaria's Cabinet Quits Amid Protests - VOA

Wooing Russia - WP opinion


South Asia

UK’s Cameron Calls Colonial-Era Massacre in India ‘Shameful’ - NYT

In India, UK’s Cameron Offers Near-Apology for Massacre - WP

Pakistan's Shi'ite Protesters Bury their Dead - VOA