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3 February SWJ Roundup

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Britain Hosting Talks with Afghan, Pakistani Leaders - VOA

UK to Host Afghan-Pakistani Talks - BBC

Alleged Terrorism Ties Foil Afghan Interpreters’ US Visa Hopes - WP

Royal Marine Mark Williams Awarded Military Cross - BBC

Amid Afghanistan War, US Aid There For An Injured Child - LAT

Remembering 1960s Afghanistan, Photographs of Bill Podlich - DP



Syrian Opposition Leader Confers With US and Russia - NYT

US, Russia Praise Opposition Leader’s Offer to Negotiate with Assad - WP

Syria Opposition Leader Meets with Russian FM - VOA

Syria Opposition Chief Invited to Moscow - BBC

US VP Biden, in Munich, Holds Syria-related Meetings - AFPS

Syrian Rebels Advance Near Aleppo Airport - AP

Why Israel Fears Syrian Fallout - Time opinion



Panetta: Iran Escalating Regional Tensions - VOA

Biden: US Would Hold Direct Talks if Iran Serious - AP

Biden Raises Possibility of Direct US-Iran Talks - Reuters

Biden Tells Iran to Get Serious about Talks - VOA

Iran Unveils Homemade Jet - VOA

Iran Unveils 'Stealth' Fighter - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Netanyahu Asked to Form New Israeli Government - VOA

Netanyahu Asked to Form Israeli Government - BBC

Iraq Violence: 'Dozens Dead' in Kirkuk Police HQ Attack - BBC

Yemen Military Kills 10 Militants - VOA

Yemen Military: Town Seized From al-Qaida - AP

Bahrain Policeman Jailed for Death of Protester - BBC

Egypt’s Government Apologizes After Beating Televised - NYT

Protesters Confront Egyptian PM - BBC

Video of Police Abuse Stokes Anger in Egypt - AP

Arab Spring Can't Be Crushed by Egypt, Syrian Turmoil - TS editorial

Israel’s Mr. Normal - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Although Splintered, al-Qaeda Finds New Life in Unstable Areas - WP

Militants’ Goal in Algeria Gas Plant Siege: A Giant Fireball - NYT

Turkish Marxist Group Claims Responsibility for US Embassy Blast - VOA

Marxists Claim Bombing of US Embassy in Turkey - NYT

Far-Left Group Says it Bombed US Embassy in Turkey - LAT

US Embassy in Turkey Bomber Had Terror Conviction - AP

Portland Attorney Wins $25 Billion Terrorism Judgment - PH

The Myths of America's Shadow War - Atlantic opinion



Rasmussen: NATO Must be Ready for Any Future Threat - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Cuts Could Make USA a Second-Rate Power, Panetta Warns - USAT

In Munich, Carter Details Sequestration’s Reckless Reality - AFPS

Partners Essential in Strategic Transition, Carter Says - AFPS

Photo of Soldier, Furry Friend Makes a Viral Splash on the Web - S&S

Combat Women and Congress’s Wimps - WP opinion

The Myths of America's Shadow War - Atlantic opinion


United States

Glimpses of Clinton as Dogged Diplomat, Win or Lose - NYT

Super Bowl and Development Spending Compared - WP infographic

Ten Years Later, Still Fighting Over Powell’s WMD Speech - WP opinion

Please, President Obama. Not Another ‘National Conversation.’ - WP opinion



Australian General Gets Key US Army Post - AP



Hollande: France to Remain at Mali’s Side as Fight Continues - VOA

Mali: Timbuktu Gives France’s President an Ecstatic Welcome - NYT

France Vows to Help Rebuild Mali - BBC

In Mali Combat, Both Sides Accused of Rights Violations - VOA

Swaziland Group Calls For Election Boycott - VOA

Four Killed in Senegal's Casamance Region - BBC

Deadly Floods Hit Mozambique - VOA

Mission Accomplished in Mali? - WP editorial



Mexico: A Quieter, But No Less Deadly Drug War - WP

Mexico Blast Bodies Handed Over - BBC

Kidnappings Imperil Talks With Rebels in Colombia - NYT

USSOUTHCOM Speeds Medications to Brazil for Nightclub Victims - AFPS

Mexico's Choice: Fast Growth or Failed State - BR opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan: PM Won’t Take Step in Relocating US Base Before Meeting Obama - NYT

Japan PM Vows to Protect Disputed Islands from China - VOA

Richardson Calls for Dialogue with North Korea - VOA

China: As Self-Immolations Near 100, Tibetans Question the Effect - NYT

Two Philippines Hostages Released - BBC

The Chinese Dragon Is Trembling - Guardian opinion

What We Saw in North Korea - WP opinion



Biden Calls Europe 'Cornerstone' of US Foreign Policy - S&S

Europe Remains Cornerstone of US Engagement, VP Biden Says - AFPS

Russia’s Volunteerism Seen as Threat - WP

Greece: Extreme-Right Supporters Stage Big Athens March - AP

Spanish Protests After PM Speech - BBC

France on Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - FP opinion


South Asia

Britain Hosting Talks with Afghan, Pakistani Leaders - VOA

UK to Host Afghan-Pakistani Talks - BBC

Soldiers Killed as Militants Attack Pakistan Checkpoint - VOA

Pakistan Taliban Attack Kills 23 - BBC

5 Men Plead Not Guilty in India Rape Case - VOA

India Rape Accused Not Guilty Plea - BBC