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2 February SWJ Roundup

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Pentagon Doesn't Know if it's Buying Iranian Oil in Afghanistan - FP

In-Flight Transfusions Saving Lives on the Battlefield - S&S

Deployed Troops Resist ‘Groundhog Day’ Mindset - AFPS



Side Meetings on Syria Hold Promise at Munich Conference - S&S

UN Delivers Aid to Northern Syria - VOA

Aid Reaches Syria Rebel-Held Area - BBC

Iran 'Steps Up Syria Support', Hillary Clinton Warns - BBC

Syrians Seize on Turkish Military Gear - WP

A Rebel Commander in Syria Holds the Reins of War - NYT profile

Kerry's First Task - WP opinion



Defiant Iran Plans to Speed Nuclear Fuel Work - VOA

Biden Warns Iran: Diplomacy Won't Last Forever - VOA



Egyptian Protesters, Police Clash in Cairo - VOA

Egyptian Protesters Clash With Police Outside Presidential Palace - WP

Egypt’s Divisions Deepen as Protests Rage Outside Presidential Palace - NYT

Clashes at Morsi's Cairo Palace - BBC                         

Egypt's $1.5 Billion in Aid from US Questioned Amid Crackdown - Bloomberg

Egypt 'Bodyguards' Take Stand Against Sex Assault - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Can New US Secretary of State Bring Peace to Israel and Palestinians? - VOA

Iraq Sunnis Protest; al-Qaida Front Calls to Arms - AP

Lebanese Troops Clash with Gunmen; 3 Killed - AP

In Nurturing Warlord, Algeria Sowed Seeds of Hostage Crisis - NYT


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Turkey: Deadly Blast at US Embassy in Ankara Kills 2 - VOA

Turkish Embassy Attack ‘Act of Terror’ - WP

Suicide Blast Kills US Embassy Guard in Turkey - NYT

Suicide Bomber Kills Guard at US Embassy in Turkey - AP

Turkey’s Erdogan: Embassy Bomber from Banned Marxist Group - Bloomberg

Turkey Bombing: What is the DHKP/C Terrorist Group? - WP

Europe Alarmed Over Threat of New Conflict in Africa - VOA

Former Military Prosecutor Criticizes US Use of Torture - FO

Italian Court Convicts 3 Americans in CIA Kidnapping - AP

Secret Monitoring Clouds 9/11 Proceedings - VOA


US Department of Defense

Hagel Emerges With Solid Dem Support for Pentagon - AP

Hagel: Accountability Key Factor to Defense Management - AFPS

Stavridis Links Security Capability, Economic Progress - AFPS

Soldiers Try to Regain Sleep Patterns After Return from Combat Zones - NT

First Pull-Ups for Women, Then Combat, Marines Say - NYT

Survey: 17 Percent of Marines Would Leave With Women in Combat - AP

Army Special Ops Helicopters Opening for Women - AP

Midshipmen Get Choice of Ships at Naval Academy Ceremony - TC

Problem-Solvers in World War II - WP book review


United States

Clinton Out, Kerry in at US State Department - VOA

Clinton Formally Resigns as Secretary of State - AP

Clinton Says World a Safer Place - BBC

Weighing Clinton’s Legacy and Future - WP

Secret Service Chief to Step Down this Month - AP

State Senator Sees Drones in Idaho's Future - LT

Ending Vet Homelessness, One Donut and Handshake at a Time - S&S

Number of Unemployed Veterans Up 150,000 in Four Months - S&S

Doolittle Raiders to Meet for Final Reunion: 'Close this Mission' - NFDN

Will Games Follow Pentagon's Lead on Women in Combat? - AP

An America Cramped by Defensiveness - WP opinion



French-Backed Malian Forces Secure Former Rebel Stronghold - VOA

UN Alarm at Mali Army Abuse Claim - BBC

Mali: Timbuktu Endured Terror Under Harsh Shariah Law - NYT

France’s Hollande to Visit Mali as Military Operation Winds Down - VOA

Mali’s Arabs and Tuaregs Face Hostility - AP

Europe Alarmed Over Threat of New Conflict in Africa - VOA

CJTF-HOA: Africa Mission Changes to Meet Threats, Build Capabilities - AFPS

Nigeria Raids 'Kill' 17 Militants - BBC

Sudan: Tribal Battles Displace Thousands in Darfur - NYT

Sudan: Thousands Flee Darfur Gold Battle - BBC



Mexico’s Drug War Quieter, But No Less Deadly - WP

Mexico Blast Hunt for Survivors at 'Dangerous' Phase - BBC

Colombia: FARC Ambush Kills Policemen and Escalates Tensions - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Asian Space Race Reflects Sharpened US-China Rivalry - LAT

Chinese Hackers Suspected in Attack on Washington Post’s Computers - WP

Washington Post Joins List of News Media Hacked by the Chinese - NYT

US Weighs Tougher Action Over China Cyberattacks - AP

Japan PM Vows to Defend Islands from China - AP

S. Korea - Japan: N. Korean Nuke and Missile Tests Undermine Stability - AFPS

North Korea Threatens US Over Rockets Launches - AP

USPACOM Chief Warns N. Korea Over Nuclear Threats - VOA



Another Reset With Russia in Obama’s Second Term - NYT

The Kremlin's New Anti-Americanism - TE

Russia Marks Stalingrad Anniversary - BBC

France: Paris Visit Honors Important Relationship, Carter Says - AFPS

Turkey Readies Incentives to Halt Falling Birth Rate - VOA


South Asia

China Poised to Control Strategic Pakistani Port - AP

Taliban Assault in Pakistan Results in Deaths of 35 - NYT

Suicide Attack on Pakistan Shia - BBC

Pakistan: Toll From Army Post Attack Rises to 8 - AP