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29 January SWJ Roundup

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Karzai: Afghan Government Should Lead Peace Talks - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Timbuktu Retaken, France Signals Plans to Pull Back in Mali - NYT

In Mali Conflict, Jihadists Play Star Role - WP

US Official: Mali Intervention 'Could Take Years' - AP

French Forces Seize Control Outside Timbuktu - VOA

French-Led Troops Enter Timbuktu - BBC

France: Mali Military Enters Town of Timbuktu - AP

Italy Backs Off on Military Assistance in Mali - AP

Modern France At War - Flickr slideshow



Israel Warns of Possible Pre-emptive Chemical Weapons Strike in Syria - AP

UN Envoy to Syria Expected to Deliver Bleak Assessment of Situation - WP

Russia 'Never Supported' Syrian Government - VOA

France Urges Syrian Opposition to Stop Extremists - AP

Syrian Troops Battle Rebels in Oil-Rich East - AP

Consequences of US Inaction in Syria are Clear - WP editorial



Protests Grow on Fifth Day of Unrest in Egypt - NYT

More Clashes in Egypt Despite State of Emergency - VOA

Egypt in Show of Defiance Against Islamist Leader - AP

Egypt Protests Defy Night Curfew - BBC

Egypt Army Chief Warns State Could Collapse - AP

Army Says Political Tussle Taking Egypt to Brink - Reuters

For Morsi, Soccer Ruling Turns Old Supporters Into Angry Opponents - WP

Egypt's Opposition Spurns Talks With Islamist Leader - Reuters

Masked 'Black Bloc' a Mystery in Egypt Unrest - AP

White House Condemns Violence in Egypt - Reuters

Is Morsi a Two-Faced Manipulator? - DS opinion

Why Is Obama Bragging About Egypt? - Commentary opinion



Kissinger Says Iran Nuclear Crisis Close - BBC

Yemen Seizes Boat Filled With Arms Possibly From Iran - NYT

Large Arms Shipment Intercepted Off Yemen, Iran Eyed as Source - Reuters

EU's Ashton Tells Iran to Stop Execution of Activists - Reuters

Iran Jails Journalists for Foreign Cooperation - VOA

Iran Arrests 14 Reporters Over 'Foreign Contacts' - AP

Iran Says It Sent a Monkey Into Space - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli Finance Chief Expects Cuts to Defense Spending - Reuters

Fatal Shootings of Unarmed Palestinians Raise Concerns - WP

Israel Approves Plan to Transfer Some Bedouin - AP

Israel: Sharon Brain Scan Shows Response to Stimuli - NYT

11 Yemen Soldiers Killed in Car Bombing - AP

Libya: British Embassy in Tripoli Aware of Potential Threat - BBC

Libya: Reports of Threat Against UK’s Tripoli Embassy - AP

Libya Denies Quick Trial and Execution for Qaddafi Spy Chief - NYT

Algeria Pipeline Attack Kills Two - BBC

The Arab World's Useful Idiots - JP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Plans to Establish Spy Drone Base in North Africa - NYT

US Plans to Add Drone Base in West Africa - WP

Office Working to Close Guantánamo Is Shuttered - NYT

At Guantanamo, Minor Mystery as Audio, Video Feeds Cut at Hearing - WP

Military Court to Resume 9/11 Pre-Trial Hearings - DPA

Calls from Islamists Grow for US to Free ‘Blind Sheik’ from Prison - WP

Lawyer Fired in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo - AP

The Morality of Torture - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Okinawans Petition Tokyo to Remove all Ospreys and Close Futenma - S&S

Sailors Back Home as Minesweeper Remains Stuck on Reef - S&S

DOD to Begin Review of Family, Military Community Programs - AFPS

Women in Ground Combat - TAI opinion


United States

Obama to Call for Sweeping Changes to Immigration Laws - WP

Senators Call Their Immigration Plan a ‘Breakthrough’ - NYT

Hope on Immigration - WP editorial

Does Obama Want a Deal on Immigration? - WP opinion

Plugging ObamaLeaks - WP opinion


United Kingdom

British Queen Not Likely to Follow Dutch Example - AP

Once More Unto the Breach for Britain - NYT opinion

Should the EU Stick Together? - NYT opinion



Governments Fall Short in Fighting Defense Corruption - Reuters



Nigeria Condemns New MEND Threat - VOA

Suicide Bomber Kills Two Near Somali Presidential Palace - Reuters

Zambia Will Maintain Country’s Stability, Says Official - VOA



Mexico Missing Band: Bodies Found in Nuevo Leon Well - BBC

Mexico: Surviving Band Member Leads Police to Bodies - AP

Mexican Church Sparks Debate on Forgiving Killers - AP

A Frantic Struggle for Victims of Fire in Brazil - NYT

No Alarm, Only 1 Exit in Brazil Nightclub Fire - AP

Four Held Over Brazil Club Fire - BBC

Venezuela Oil Company to Free Up More Dollars - AP

Cuba's Castro Assumes CELAC Presidency - AP

Guatemala ex-Ruler to Stand Trial - BBC

Guatemala Ex-Dictator to Stand Trial on Genocide - AP


Asia / Pacific

US Envoy Urges North Korea to Scrap Nuke Test Plan - AP

Google Releases Detailed Map of North Korea, Gulags and All - WP

Japan PM Says Open to Summit With China to Help Economic Ties - Reuters

China Urged to Face Philippines at UN Tribunal - AP

China Denies Weapons Transfers to Burma's Wa Rebels - VOA

China’s ‘Trial of the Century’ Is Just a False Alarm - NYT

Hong Kong Journalists Protest Proposal to Restrict Information - VOA

Pollution Off the Index Again in China's Capital - AP

China Appoints New Tibet Governor, Hardline Policies to Remain - Reuters

Vietnam Subversion Trial Opens in Phu Yen - BBC

Philippine Dictatorship Victims to Be Compensated - AP

Filipino Activist Convicted of Offending Catholics - AP

New Bird Flu Case Raises Fears in Cambodia -VOA



Russian Court Postpones Magnitsky Hearing - VOA

Russia Moves to Prosecute A Lawyer Who Died in Jail - NYT

Greek Minister Eyes 2014 Recovery - BBC

Should the EU Stick Together? - NYT opinion


South Asia

India, Bangladesh Take Steps to Deny Criminals Safe Havens - VOA

India Gang Rape Suspect to Be Tried as Juvenile - VOA

Protesters in India Demand Death for Rapists - AP

Pakistani Chief Justice Presses Military on Detainees - WP

Policeman Escorting Pakistani Polio Team Killed - AP

Bangladesh Police and Protesters Clash Over War Crime Trials - BBC