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18 January SWJ Roundup


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US Envoy Says Taliban Peace Process Stuck - AP

US Halts Afghan Prisoner Transfers Over Torture Concerns - S&S

US Paid to Maintain Inoperable Afghan Police Vehicles - WP

NATO Planners Look to Enduring Force in Afghanistan - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Judge Requiring Bales to Undergo Sanity Review in Massacre Case - AP

Lawyer Says US Soldier Charged in Afghan Massacre Had PTSD - Reuters

US Leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban - Bloomberg opinion

Why America Lost in Afghanistan - WPR opinion



Algerian Raid on Gas Facility Results in Hostage Deaths - VOA

After Hostage Standoff in Algeria, Death Toll Unclear - NYT

Algeria’s Mission to Rescue Hostages Turns Deadly - WP

Algeria Says 'Several' Killed in Hostage Crisis - VOA

Algerian Army Rescues Hostages, Death Toll Unclear - AP

Algeria Ends Desert Siege, But Dozens Killed - Reuters

Hostages Missing in Algeria Raid - BBC

Some Foreign Hostages Said Killed in Algeria Assault - Reuters

Lack of Rescue Warning Highlights Limits of Algerian Cooperation - NYT

Bloodshed in Algeria Shows Reach of Terrorists - WT

Well-Known al-Qaida Leader Involved in Algeria Attack - VOA

Man Called Jihad ‘Prince’ Linked to Algeria Kidnapping - NYT

At Algerian Oil and Gas Fields: New Fears and Precautions - NYT

Algeria Army-Backed Oil Security Suffers Biggest Blow - Reuters

Japan PM Cuts Short Asia Trip Due to Hostage Crisis - Reuters

Don't Count on a Happy Ending in Algeria - TI opinion



Regional Leaders to Meet Over Mali Crisis - VOA

France Boosts Mali Troop Numbers - BBC

EU Steps Up Support to Mali Operation - VOA

With No End-Game in Sight US Moves Cautiously on Mali - Reuters

US Expands Limited Support for French Mission in Mali - Reuters

Dempsey: France Requests US Enablers for Forces in Mali - AFPS

West African Troops Arrive in Mali to Aid French Mission - Reuters

Mali Residents Flee Rebel-Held Town - VOA

Mali Islamists Tougher Than France Anticipated - Reuters

Factbox: Military Forces in Mali - Reuters

Are We Walking into Another Afghanistan? - DM editorial

Don't Negotiate with Mali's Terrorists - TN editorial

France Shoots First, Builds Coalition Later - OC opinion

US Clueless Over Mali Jihadists - NYT opinion

The Problem Is Bigger than Mali - WS opinion

Can We Please Calm Down About Mali? - Slate opinion



Activists Accuse Pro-Syrian Forces of Killing Scores in Homs - VOA

Syrian Activists Say More than 100 Killed in Central Village - WP

Syrian Pro-Regime Gunmen Kill More than 100 - AP

Jordan Says It Won’t Accept New Refugees if Syria Falls - NYT

More Than Half Syria Refugees Are Children - Reuters

Jordan Living Dangerously as Syria Burns - Time

Video Game Puts Players in Shoes of Syrian Rebels - AP

Turning Syria Into Somalia - GMF opinion

Aiding Syria Easier Said Than Done - WP opinion

Syria's Growing Refugee Crisis - RCW opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran, IAEA End Talks, Agree to Meet Feb. 12 - AP

No Deal Seen Clinched in UN Nuclear Talks With Iran - Reuters

More Bomb Attacks Reported Across Iraq - VOA

Iraq Bombings Hit Shia Pilgrims - BBC

Israeli Elections: Centrists Pose Little Challenge to Netanyahu - WP

Palestinians Despair Over Likely Netanyahu Win - AP

FBI Director in Libya Over Benghazi Investigation - AP

Libya: Gaddafi Son in Court Appearance - BBC

Still More Reasons to Worry About Egypt - JP editorial

Obama Sows Doubts About Iran - WP opinion

Nine Myths About Israel - JP opinion

It's Time to Dump PA’s Mahmoud Abbas - JP opinion

Obama, Make a Generous Offer to Iran - TA opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Military Judge Rejects Defense Requests at Terror Hearings - NYT

Judge Throws Out Taliban Terror Case Against Margate Imam - MH

Mumbai Attack Group Aid Man Given 14 Years in Prison - BBC

Chicago Man Who Backed Terror Group Gets 14 Years - AP

Why Is Obama's 'Mr. Drone' Not Controversial? - AJ opinion

The Truth About Obama's Drone War - HP opinion



A War in Space? It's Not Sci-Fi - TA opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Leaders See Danger in Congress Not Passing Defense Budget - S&S

Troops Worry About Defense, Job Cuts - AP

Pentagon Revamps Approach to US Army's Next Combat Vehicle - Reuters

After Long Deployment, Leaders Praise Navy-Marine Team - AFPS


United States

Difficult Choices on Debt if the US Hits the Ceiling - NYT

Kerry Cruise to Confirmation Expected with Thursday Hearing - WP

Obama’s ATF Nomination Signals Battle to Strengthen Agency - WP

US Defense Secretary Backs Gun Control - VOA

Keeping the Boats Moving Along Mississippi Dwindled by Drought - NYT

Man Fired After Outsourcing His Own Job to China - FP


United Kingdom

Cameron Delays Talk on New Role in Europe - NYT

Britain to Drift Out of European Union Without Reforms - Reuters

Panetta Arrives in London With Speech, Meetings Scheduled - AFPS


Special Relationship / Two Strong US Allies

Britain and Australia to Boost Defense Ties - Reuters



When Countries Can’t Pay Their Debts - NYT editorial



US Recognizes Somalia, Citing Success of Campaign Against Militants - WP

Somali President: No Notice About French Hostage Raid - VOA

Somali Militants say They Killed French Hostage - VOA

Zimbabwe Parties Agree on Draft Constitution - VOA

Zimbabwe: Mugabe and Tsvangirai in 'Constitution Deal - BBC

Sudan: UN Says More Than 100 Killed in Darfur Tribal Conflict - AP

Nigerian Forces Kill Two Islamists in Kano Battle, Arrest Five - Reuters



US Commandos Boost Numbers to Train Mexican Forces - AP

Venezuela Military to Play Central Power Broker - AP

Venezuela: Critics Question Chávez Signature on Official Decree - NYT

Venezuela Art Exhibit Focuses on Hugo Chavez - AP

At Least 1 Dead in US-Backed Drug Raid in Honduras - AP

Latin America's New Boss: Raul Castro - MH opinion


Asia / Pacific

Chinese Official Calls for Dialogue on Island Dispute - VOA

US Calls for ‘Cooler Heads’ in Dispute Over Asian Islands - NYT

Japan PM Cuts Short Asia Trip Due to Hostage Crisis - Reuters

China Growth Slows to 13-year Low - BBC

China's Growth Rebounds but Still Vulnerable - AP

China Says Income Gap Peaked in '08, Narrowing - AP

Shellfire From Burma Enters China, Drawing a Rebuke - NYT

Burma Renews Red Cross Access to Prisoners - VOA

Movement of Missiles by North Korea Worries US - NYT

Military Curfew in S. Korea Will Continue, USFK Commander Says - S&S

US Navy Ship Stuck on Coral Reef in Philippines - AP

Most Crew Leaves US Navy Ship Stuck in Philippines - AP

Thailand: A Broader Definition of Insulting Royalty - NYT

Torrential Rains Paralyze Indonesian Capital - NYT



Turkey: Tens of Thousands Attend Funeral of Slain Kurdish Activists - VOA

Turkey: Kurds Mass for PKK Women Funerals - BBC

Crowds Gather in Turkey to Honor 3 Kurds Killed in Paris - NYT

Ex-Greek Minister Faces Tax Probe - BBC

Russian Official Defends US Adoption Ban - WP

Russia Warns of Retaliation Over US Ruling on Jewish Collection - NYT

Ovation, Then Apology, for Serbian Song - NYT

UN Apologizes for Serb Nationalist Song Ovation - AP

Why Obama Is Ditching Europe - TS opinion


South Asia

India 'Not to Rush' Kashmir Talks with Pakistan - BBC

India Says Has Jurisdiction to Try Italian Marines for Fishermen Deaths - Reuters

India Rape Case Ignites Awareness of Women’s Issues - VOA

Indians Debate Whether Teen Rape Suspect Should Face Adult Trial - WP

Pakistani Preacher Ends Protest in Government Deal - NYT

Pakistan Averts Two Political Crises as Cleric Calls Off Protest - WP

Pakistan Deal on Cleric Protest - BBC

Pakistan's Military Undermines Democracy - HT editorial

Trying to Make Sense of Pakistan - Commentator opinion

The Cleric and the Cricketer in Pakistan - TH opinion

Good and the Bad of Indian Democracy - FA opinion

The Indian Spring - WP opinion


Should outsourcing your own job (and geting great performance reviews as a result) be considered overly-disruptive thinking? Sounds like he had a great thing going and all benefited.