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17 January SWJ Roundup


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US Military Stops Sending Detainees to Some Prisons on Rights Fears - NYT

Army Veteran Credits Medal of Honor to Platoon's Valor - AP

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 2,043 - AP

Afghan Massacre Suspect to be Arraigned - VOA

US Military to Arraign Soldier Accused of Afghan Massacre - Reuters

Marine Pleads Guilty to Urinating on Afghan Corpses - LAT

Afghanistan’s Improving Ways - WP opinion



France Begins Ground Operations in Mali - VOA

French Troops Surround Village in Mali - WP

French 'Fighting in Mali Town' - BBC

French Strikes Hit Key Mali Town Held by Islamists - AP

Panetta ‘Confident’ US Will Clear Legal Hurdles to Help France in Mali - WP

US Policy in Mali Being Questioned - S&S

In Mali, Fear a Backlash May Be Worse Than Original Threat - NYT

Mali Insurgency Followed 10 Years of US CT Programs - WP

Europe Mulls Options in Mali - VOA

EU States Agree on Military Training Mission to Mali - Reuters

African Union Works with Partners On Mali Crisis - VOA

First Nigerian Troops Due in Mali - BBC

Malians in France Hold Hope, Keep Eye on Mail - VOA

9 Questions About Mali You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask - WP



Algerian Militants Kidnap Foreigners in Retaliation for Mali Intervention - VOA

Americans Among Hostages Taken in Attack by al-Qaida-Linked Militants - LAT

Americans Among Hostages Held in Algeria as Mali Conflict Spills Over - WP

Americans Held Hostage in Algeria Gas-Field Raid - NYT

Algeria Troops Besiege Kidnappers - BBC

34 Hostages Killed in Air Strike by Algerian Forces - Reuters

Seven Foreign Hostages Alive After Strike on Algeria Siege - Reuters

Algeria: 20 Hostages Escape, Including Americans - AP

Panetta Vows ‘All Necessary Steps’ for US Hostages Taken in Algeria - AFPS

Panetta Vows 'Proper' Response to Algeria Hostage-Taking - VOA

Panetta: US Hostages Taken in Algeria Attack a 'Terrorist Act' - S&S

Algeria Hostage Crisis: Hague Condemns Briton's Killing - BBC

Spain's Cepsa Evacuates Staff in Algeria After Attacks - Reuters



Syrian Army Intensifies Offensive Against Rebels - AP

Coordinated Blasts Kill 24 in Syria - VOA

Multiple Blasts Kill 20 in Syria - BBC

Syrian Activists Say Dozens Killed in Village - AP

Syria to Receive More International Food Aid - VOA

Jordan Fears Refugee Exodus if Syrian Regime Falls - AP

Chemical Weapons Used in Syria, Diplomatic Cable Concludes - FP

HRW, US Reject Report that Syria Used Chemical Weapons - McClatchy


Middle East / North Africa

Iran, World Powers to Resume Nuclear Talks - VOA

UN Experts, Iran Open Talks on Nuclear Probe - AP

Iranian Silence Underscores Doubts on Possible Nuclear Deal - WP

Obama, Netanyahu Seem Headed for US-Israel Clash - AP

As Israeli Vote Nears, Arab Apathy Is a Concern - NYT

Israel Court Okays Removal of Palestinian Protest Tents - VOA

Israeli Company: Anti-missile System Passes Tests - AP

Suicide Bombing Kills 10 in Iraq - BBC

Bombs in Iraq Kill 22, Mostly Shiite Pilgrims - AP

Egypt: Morsi Says Speech Against Jews Taken Out of Context - VOA

Egypt: Morsi Says Slurs of Jews Taken Out of Context - NYT

McCain ‘Disapproves’ of Morsi Comments But Says Will Push Aid to Egypt - WP

Libya, Egypt Make Democratic Gains in 2012: US-Based Watchdog - Reuters

Gaddafi's Son Appears in Libyan Court for First Time - Reuters


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Being Bin Laden - NYT opinion

Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President? - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Leaders Warn Congress of 'Hollow' Force if Budget Isn't Passed - AP

Fiscal Uncertainty Worries Service Members - AFPS

Dempsey Attends NATO Chiefs of Defense Meeting - AFPS

Manning Judge: Prosecutors Must Show He Knew He Was Aiding Enemy - WP

DOD Health Official Updates Status of PTSD, TBI Care - AFPS

NCOs Crucial to Suicide Prevention, Battaglia Say - AFPS

Now Open: First Uniform Store for Wounded Troops - S&S

Former Naval Academy Instructor Faces Sexual Assault Charges - BS


United States

Obama on Gun Violence: 'This Time Must Be Different' - VOA

Obama Calls for Broad Action to Toughen Gun Laws - NYT

Obama Unveils $500 Million Gun Violence Package - AP

Obama’s Gun Agenda Faces Uphill Struggle - WP

Panetta Defends Obama's Gun Control Package - AP

Flexing Muscle in States, the NRA Serves Notice - WP

US Orders All Boeing 787s Grounded - VOA

A Big Agenda on Gun Violence - WP editorial


United Kingdom

PM Ready to Stake Britain’s European Role on a Referendum - NYT

Fears for Immigration 'Consequences' - BBC



Native Canadians' 'Day of Action' - BBC



World Economy Remains Fragile - VOA

Report: Freedoms in Libya, Egypt Improving, But Declining in Russia, Mali - VOA

Which Countries are Most Free, and Which are Most Oppressive? - WP



US to Recognize Somali Government - BBC

Land Disputes Threaten Liberia's Post-War Peace - VOA

Liberia: Jailed Taylor 'Demands Pension' - BBC

South Africa’s President Visits Angola to Bolster Ties - VOA

Kenya Study: Big Jump in Elephant Poaching Deaths - AP



Girls' Murders Shock Guatemalans - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China's PLA to Troops: Prepare for War - VOA

Freedom House: Burma Now More Free than China - FP

Next Made-in-China Boom: College Graduates - NYT

History vs. History as China Plans to Rebuild Past - AP

US Presses for Sanctions Against North Korea - VOA

US, Japan Review Defense Guidelines Amid Tension With China - Reuters

Japan's Abe in Thailand to Talk Economic Ties, Security - Reuters

Possible Air Force Osprey Deployment Rekindles Japan Ire - S&S

US Navy Ship Stuck on Coral Reef in Philippines - AP

China’s Media Clear the Air - WP editorial


Central Asia

Kyrgystan: US Seeking Extension of Manas Air Base Lease - S&S



Panetta Reassures Portugal on Azores Islands After US Downsizes Base - WP

Russian Gangster Fatally Shot on Downtown Moscow Street - NYT

Russian Crime Boss Gunned Down - WP

Russia Angry Over US Fining It $50,000 a Day - AP

Russia: Court Refuses Petition of Pussy Riot Member - VOA

Austrian Count Cleared of Arms Deal Money Laundering - Reuters


South Asia

Pakistan in Kashmir Talks Offer with India - BBC

Pakistan Protest Leader Demands Electoral Reforms - VOA

Pakistan Holds Talks With Anti-Government Cleric - Reuters

Firebrand Cleric Raises Fear of 'Soft Coup' in Pakistan - Reuters

Pakistan Says Preacher and Crowd at Risk - NYT

Pakistan Seeks End to Protest - BBC

Official Refuses Court Order to Arrest Pakistan Prime Minister - AP

Judge Sends India Rape Case to Fast-Track Court - AP

Another Face-Off for Nuclear-Armed Rivals - NYT editorial

India’s Awakening - WP opinion