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12 January SWJ Roundup

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US to Accelerate Troop Reductions in Afghanistan - WP

Obama Accelerates Transition of Security to Afghans - NYT

Obama, Karzai Agree on Foreign Support Role - VOA

US Troops Take Support Role this Spring Ahead of Schedule - S&S

Early Afghan Combat Handover Agreed - BBC

Afghan Forces Accelerate Taking Security Lead in Country - AFPS

Army Failure to Screen Afghan Workers Found to Risk US Troops - Bloomberg

4th Living Veteran of Afghanistan War to Receive Medal of Honor - S&S

Actions in Afghanistan Earn Medal of Honor for Army Veteran - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Afghan War’s Last Chapter? - NYT editorial



Syria Talks End With No Breakthrough - VOA

Syria Talks End in Geneva Without Solution - AP

Failure of Syria Talks Signal Conflict May Be Long Struggle - VOA

UN Urged to Refer Syria to War Crimes Court - AP

Syrian Rebels Say They Seized Helicopter Base in the North - NYT

Rebels 'Take Control of Key North Syria Airbase' - BBC

Rebels Seize Key Syrian Air Base - WP

Lebanon Wants Help Dealing With Syrian Refugees - VOA

Anarchy in Syria - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Trail of Bullet Casings Leads From Africa's Wars Back to Iran - NYT

Spain Arrests 2 Over Suspected Iran Nuclear Export - AP

Iraq Threatens to Seize Oil Shipments, Sue Dealers - AP

Iraqi Inmates Seize Weapons, Escape From Prison - AP

Palestinian Protest on Land Assigned for E1 Settlement - BBC

Palestinians Set Up Tents Where Israel Plans Homes - NYT

Saudi King Names Women to Council - BBC

Bahrain Activist Risks Arrest - BBC

Silenced in Saudi Arabia - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Terrorism Suspect's Mindset Debated at Oregon Trial - AP

Our Interrogation Legacy - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Air Force Leaders Will Deliver Budget Guidance to Force in Days - AFPS

Air Force Memo Outlines Sweeping Budget Cuts - AP

Air Force Leaders Call for End to ‘Budget Gymnastics’ - AFPS

Smaller Air Force Will Protect Quality, Readiness - AFPS

Army Opens Special Operations Flying Missions to Women - S&S


United States

Senate Dems Tell Obama to Bypass GOP on Debt - WP

Sales of Guns Soar in US as Nation Weighs Tougher Limits - NYT

Violent Video Game Makers Rally to Fend Off Regulation - NYT

Banks Seek NSA Aid Amid Cyberattacks - WP

US Government Tells Computer Users to Disable Java - AP


United Kingdom

Heseltine Attacks PM's EU Strategy - BBC

Belfast Cops Attacked on 40th Day of Flag Protest - AP

Union Flag Protests: Police Attacked and Traffic Disrupted - BBC



Bushfires Rage 'Helped' by Climate Change - BBC



Pledge of New Canada Native Talks - BBC



Trail of Bullet Casings Leads From Africa's Wars Back to Iran - NYT

France Launches Airstrikes in Mali to Support Government - VOA

France Battling Islamists in Mali - NYT

French Decision to Send Troops to Mali Follows Gains by Islamists - WP

Mali War Escalates with French Intervention - AP

Mali and France 'Push Back Islamists' - BBC

French Forces Acting in Mali Against Rebels - Bloomberg

French Commandos 'Attack Militant Base in Somalia' - BBC

CAR Rebels Agree to Ceasefire During Peace Talks - VOA

Rebels in Central African Republic Agrees to Short Cease-Fire - NYT

CAR Rebels Sign Formal Ceasefire - BBC

UNHCR: No Access to CAR Refugees - VOA

Peace Talks Restart in Congolese Dispute - VOA

Kenyan MPs Vote Themselves $100,000 Retirement Bonus - BBC

Kenyans Outraged Over MP Pay Package - VOA

Saving Mali - WP editorial



Venezuelan VP Visits Chavez in Havana - WP

Bolivia Achieves Coca-Chewing Victory at United Nations - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China Said to Crack Down on Censorship Protests - NYT

China Sends Troops to Burmese Border - VOA

Burma: Helicopter Crashes in Northern Battle Zone - AP

US to Search for World War II Missing in Burma - AP

Vietnam Admits Deploying Bloggers to Support Government - BBC



Will 'Reset' in US-Russia Relations Continue? - VOA

Trouble in Russia Over Ban of Adoptions by Americans - NYT

Czechs Vote in First Direct Presidential Elections - VOA

Kurds, Turks Trade Blame in Activists' Slayings - VOA

Turkey: Slaying Puts Spotlight on Kurdish Female Warriors - AP

Bosnian Court: 20 Years for Srebrenica Killer - AP

Greek MPs Approve Fresh Tax Rises - BBC

Murder in Paris - NYT opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Mourns Hundreds Killed in Multiple Bomb Blasts - VOA

Pakistanis Protest the Killing of 86 Shiites - NYT

Pakistani Shiites Protest After Attack Kills 86 - AP

Pakistan Blasts: Shia Refuse to Bury Quetta Bomb Dead - BBC

Pakistan Protests Attacks Along Indian Border - VOA

India Replaces Subsidies for the Poor with Cash Transfers - VOA

For India Rape Victim’s Family, Many Layers of Loss - NYT

Top Sri Lankan Judge Impeached - BBC

Sri Lankan Parliament Impeaches Chief Justice - NYT