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9 January SWJ Roundup

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US Open to Withdraw Afghan Force After 2014 - NYT

A Push for Only 2,500 US Troops in Afghanistan - WP

US Force in Afghanistan to be Slashed, Officials Say - LAT

Officials: US May Leave No Troops in Afghanistan - VOA

US Mulling Afghan 'Zero Troop Option' - BBC

US Does Not Rule Out Removing All Troops From Afghanistan - Reuters

Karzai Visit Comes at Critical Time for US - S&S

In Old Taliban Strongholds, Qualms on What Lies Ahead - NYT

ISAF: Security Transfer to Afghan Forces on Track - VOA

British Soldier Killed by Afghan Soldier on Joint Patrol Base - NYT

UK Soldier Killed in Year’s First Insider Attack - S&S

British Soldier Killed in Afghan 'Insider' Attack - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Could Defend Turkey from Syrian Strikes by Saturday - S&S

UK Meeting Plans for Possible Post-Assad Syria - Reuters

Syria 'Has Chemical Weapons that Could be Used in Two Hours' - TT

UN: 1 Million Syrians Need Emergency Food Aid - VOA

Aid Groups for Syrians See Needs Growing More Dire - NYT

'No Food Aid' for Million Syrians - BBC

Winter Storm Brings More Misery to Syrian Refugees - AP

Syria's Jihadist Group Profiled - BBC

In Syria, War is the New Normal - LAT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Senator: Israel Should Not Worry About Hagel - AP

Israeli Ex-Security Chief Sees Risk of Palestinian Uprising - Reuters

Netanyahu Takes on the World in Israeli Election Campaign - Reuters

Opponents Take Last-Ditch Aim at Israeli Leader - AP

Hagel’s Group Sees Iran as a Future Ally - WT

Israel Presses US for Military Threat Against Iran - AP

Iran Sets Conditions for IAEA to See Military Site - Bloomberg

Briton to be Sentenced in Weapons-to-Iran Plot - AP

Iranian Oil Revenues 'Plunge 45%' - BBC

Iran's Medical Crisis Deepens as Economy Sputters - AP

Report: Iran Seizes 2 Saudi Fishing Boats - AP

Demonstrators Rally to Support Iraqi Government - AP

$5M Paid to Iraqis Over Abu Ghraib Abuse - AP

Qatar Throws Egypt $2.5B Currency Lifeline - VOA

Qatar Helps Ease Egypt Cash Crisis - BBC

Qatar Aiding Egypt With Extra $2.5 Billion - AP

Lone Suspect Held in Benghazi Attack Is Freed in Tunisia - NYT

Libya-Tunisia: Benghazi US Consulate Raid Suspect 'Freed' - BBC

Libya's Liberals Boycott Assembly - BBC

Algerian Convicted in 2003 Tourist Kidnappings - AP

Using Cold War Tactics to Confront Iran - WT opinion

Maliki's Dangerous Sectarian Game in Iraq - TN opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Gets to Work Planning for Severe Cuts - WT

Commanders, Others Can Ask Troops about Privately Owned Guns - S&S

DOD Comptroller: Budget Stability Key to National Security - AFPS

Cyber Officials Weigh Opportunities, Challenges - AFPS

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case Against WikiLeaks Suspect Manning - WP

Wikileaks Suspect Manning to Get Reduced Sentence - BBC

Hagel a Poor Pick for Pentagon Chief - WT opinion

Chuck Hagel, Under Attack Again - NYT opinion

The Hagel Question - LAT opinion

Chuck Hagel's Chances - NYT opinion


United States

Immigration Enforcement Top Crime Priority for US - VOA

Legal Officials Split Over How to Prosecute Terrorism Detainees - NYT

For 2 Nominees, Vietnam Bred Doubts on War - NYT

Graham: No Answers on Benghazi, No Brennan - WT

Obama’s Inner Circle Choices Skewing Toward Men - NYT

A Senate Debate on Mr. Obama's Foreign Policy - WP editorial

CIA: Secret Double Standard - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Protesters Pelt N. Irish Police With Petrol Bombs for 6th Night - Reuters



Searing Temperatures Fan Australia Wildfires - BBC

Australia So Hot New Colors Added to Weather Map - WP


United Nations

UN Wants to Use Surveillance Drones for Peacekeeping Missions - WP

UN Wants to Use Surveillance Drones in Congo - AP

Rwanda Opposes Use of Drones by the UN in E. Congo - Reuters



DR Congo Rebels Declare Ceasefire - BBC

CAR President Says He Will Not Step Down - VOA

AU Head Seeks Global Coalition to Intervene on Mali - Reuters

Mali Says Army Has Repelled Islamist Attack - Reuters

Mali Soldiers Fire Warning Shots at Rebels - VOA

900,000 Needy Blocked From Aid in Sudan's South - AP

Residents in Sudan Border States Survive on Roots, Leaves - Reuters

Zimbabwe Elections Unlikely by March - VOA

Kenya Vows to Crack Down on Fake Police Officers - Reuters

Massive Fire Rips Through Slum in Nigeria Megacity - AP

Lack of Civility Hampers S. Africa's Sanitation Efforts - VOA

Senegal Man Dies in Fire Protest - BBC

Burundi Reporter Life Sentence Cut - BBC



Chávez, Too Ill to Return to Venezuela, Will Be Sworn In Later - NYT

Venezuela: Chavez to Miss Swearing-In - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez to Miss Inauguration - TT

Venezuela: Chavez Won’t Return to Take Oath - WP

Venezuelan Govt Says Chavez Won't Attend Swearing-in - AP

Probe into Colombia's Uribe for Allegedly Sponsoring Far-Right Militia - AP

Will Castros Run Venezuela After Chavez? - FP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan Protests to China Over 4 Ships Near Islands - AP

Japan Summons China’s Envoy in Latest Escalation of Tension - NYT

China Free Speech Protests Spread Online - VOA

Face-Off Continues Over Censorship of Newspaper in China - NYT

Citing Protests, Chinese Censors Call Media Control ‘Unshakable’ - WP

Google's North Korea Visit Could Harm US Sanction Plans - USAT

North Korea Gives US Delegation Rare Look at Internet Use - VOA

Google Exec Visits North Korean Students Using Web - AP

Vietnam Puts 14 Dissidents on Trial for Subversion - VOA

Vietnam Subversion Trial Starts - BBC

US Says Drone Found in Philippines Came from Guam Drill - AP



Eurozone Unemployment Soars to New High - VOA

Eurozone Unemployment at New High - BBC

French Budget Minister Faces Tax Evasion Allegations - WP

France Jails Terror Fundraisers - BBC

France Convicts 9 for Link to Uzbek Terror Group  - AP

Kurdish Rebels 'Killed in Turkey' - BBC


South Asia

India: Pakistani Troops Kill 2 Indian Soldiers in Kashmir - VOA

Indian Soldier 'Beheaded by Pakistan Troops’, Kashmir Dispute Escalates - TT

Two Soldiers Die in Clashes In Kashmir, India Says - NYT

India Says Pakistani Troops Entered its Territory in Kashmir - WP

Indian Troops Shot Dead in Kashmir - BBC

India Accuses Pakistani Troops of Killing Two Soldiers - LAT

India: Delhi Trio Deny Gang Rape Charges - BBC

Indian Politician Owaisi Held Over 'Hate Speeches' - BBC