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16 December SWJ Roundup

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Why Are Large Shipments of Gold Leaving the Country? - NYT

Manas Transit Center Facilitates Success in Afghanistan - AFPS



Syrian Rebels Say Americans, Britons Helped Train Them in Jordan - McClatchy

UK PM: 'Nothing is Off the Table' to Resolve Syrian Conflict - TT

Syrian Islamist Rebels Take Aleppo Infantry Base - AP

Syrian Jets Bomb Palestinian Camp in Damascus - Reuters

Palestinian Faction Leader Jibril Leaves Damascus - Reuters

Bread Shortage Is the First Big Test of a Transitional Council in Aleppo - NYT

Assad's Wobbly, Time to Push - CT editorial

Syria's Displaced Millions Struggle for Survival - GN editorial



Egyptians Support Draft Constitution - WP

Egypt Islamists Expect Approval of Constitution - NYT

Egyptians Narrowly Back Constitution, Say Rival Camps - Reuters

Egypt Rights Groups Say Vote Marred by Violations - AP

Egypt Opposition Party Building Attacked by Rivals - Reuters

Egypt: The Next India or the Next Pakistan? - NYT opinion


Middle East

Iran Warns Turkey Over NATO's Missile System - AP

Ayatollah Khomeini's Pro-Democracy Granddaughter: I Fear Arrest - TT

Car Bomb Kills 2 in Disputed Northern Iraq Region - AP

Diplomat: Palestinians to Oppose Israeli Settlements - WT

Israeli Foreign Minister Officially Resigns - AP

Israel Soldiers Accused of Assaulting Journalists - TT

UN Refugee Chief Visits Lebanon - VOA

Kuwait Emir Warns Critics as Protest-Hit Parliament Opens - Reuters

Kuwait Security Forces Block Parliament Protests - AP

Republican Guard Members Sentenced in Yemen - Reuters

Only Bad Habits Prevent Iran Nuke Deal - TWT opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense-Chief Candidate Has Conservatives Wary - WSJ

SpyPhone: Pentagon Spooks Want New Tools for Mobile ‘Exploitation - DR

Pentagon Warns: ‘Pervasive’ Industrial Spying Targets US Space Tech - DR

7 Secret Ways America’s Stealth Armada Stays Off the Radar - DR

Dempsey Discusses North Korea, US Strategic Rebalance - AFPS

Military Families Worried by US Fiscal Cliff Cuts - AP

Technology Enabling US to Build Improved Missile Defense Systems - S&S

As War Winds Down, Boots Must Shine - S&S

Used to Helping, a Chaplain Finds the Tables Turned - NYT

Delta Airlines: ‘We Failed’ Double-Amputee Marine on Recent Flight - WP

Navy Says Working Uniforms are Extremely lammable - S&S


United States

School Shootings Shock Connecticut Town - VOA

New Details, But Few Answers - WP

Children Were All Shot Multiple Times With a Semiautomatic - NYT

US Massacre Victims Identified - BBC

Police: Mass Killing Shooter Forced His Way Into School - VOA

'Bright' Killer Battled School Authorities - TT

Justice Dept. Shelved Ideas to Improve Gun Background Checks - NYT

Wreaths Across America 2012 at Arlington National Cemetery - VOA

Kerry and Hagel, Probable Cabinet Nominees, Share Many Characteristics - WP

Hillary Clinton Faints, Gets Concussion - WP

Clinton Is Recovering From a Concussion - NYT

Clinton Sustains Concussion; Benghazi Testimony Postponed - Reuters

Push Obama Over the Fiscal Cliff - WT editorial

Drones Over America - WT editorial

For Secretaries of Defense and State, Democrats’ Short List Far Too Short - WP opinion

Hagel Would Make the Neocons Squirm - FP opinion

Do We Have the Courage to Stop This? - NYT opinion

The Gun Control Dilemma - WT opinion

A New Job Description for Treasury Secretary - NYT opinion

Americans Must Celebrate Religious Liberty - WT opinion



DR Congo: The World’s Worst War - NYT

S. African Miners' Deaths Test ANC's Popularity - VOA

Zuma Asks South Africa's ANC to Keep Him as Leader - AP

Zuma Says South Africa Is Not 'Falling Apart' - Reuters

S. Africa: Mandela Has Surgery to Remove Gall Stones - VOA

Nigeria Start-ups See Future 'Silicon Lagoon' - VOA

Nigeria Air Crash Kills Governor - BBC



Family, Friends of Former US Marine Detained in Mexico Call For Release - MH

Venezuelan Elections a Test for Chavez's Movement - AP

Absent Chavez Dominates Venezuelan State Elections - Reuters

Castro Visiting Venezuela’s Chavez After Surgery - AP

Brazil Expands Mines to Drive Future - NYT

UN Court Orders Argentine Ship Freed - BBC

UN Court Orders Release of Argentine Ship in Ghana - AP

P&O Cruises Stops Visiting Argentina in Falklands Face-off - TT

Jailed Spaniard May Leave Cuba - BBC

Mexico Is Still Bleeding - TNI opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan Votes in Key Parliamentary Polls - VOA

Japanese Vote in General Election - BBC

Japan's LDP Back in Power With Two-Thirds Majority With Ally - Reuters

Exit Polls: Conservative LDP Wins Japan Election - AP

Japan PM Noda Likely to Quit as Democratic Party Leader - Reuters

Japan: Crime, Osprey Add to Okinawan Anger Over US Bases - AP

Okinawa Marines Helping with Philippines Disaster Relief - S&S

China Steps Up Pressure on Japan in Island Dispute - NYT

EU Concerned About Tibetan Self-Immolations in China - VOA

Dempsey Discusses North Korea, US Strategic Rebalance - AFPS

Rocket Still Centerpiece as N. Koreans Mourn Kim - AP

Far-Left Candidate Quits South Korea Poll, Boosts Opposition - Reuters

Philippine Storm Toll Tops 1,000 - BBC

Death Toll From Philippine Typhoon Breaches 1,000 - AP

The Bullies of Beijing - TD opinion

US Must Not Allow North Korea to Obtain ICBMs - WT opinion



London Mayor Says UK Leaving EU 'Not End of the World' - TT

Russian Opposition Leaders Detained at Anti-Putin Rally - VOA

Russian Opposition Rally Arrests - BBC

Thousands of Russians Protest Against Putin - WP

Russia: Protesters in Moscow Stage New Demonstration - WP

Hungary's Jews Face Down New Extremism - Reuters

Italy Awaits Monti's Decision on Political Future - Reuters

French Leaders' Popularity Tumbles After Mittal Deal - Reuters         

The Man Who Could Save Italy - TE editorial

Is Scotland in Europe? The SNP Doesn’t Even Know - TT opinion


South Asia

Rockets Fired on Pakistan Airport - VOA

Taliban Attack Pakistan Airport - BBC

Militants’ Attack on Airport Leaves 7 Dead in Pakistan - NYT

Militants Attack Pakistani Air Base - WP

Gunbattle Follows Airport Attack in Pakistan - AP

Militants Battle Pakistani Police After Attacking Airport - Reuters