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9 December SWJ Roundup

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Karzai Hints at Conditional Immunity for US Personnel - VOA

US Troops Can Have Immunity in Exchange for Sovereignty - DPA

Wounded Afghan Intel Chief Treated at US Base - VOA

Karzai: Spy Chief Bomber Came from Pakistan - VOA

Karzai Implicates Pakistan in Bombing That Hurt Spy Chief - NYT

Karzai Says Suicide Attack on Aide Planned in Pakistan - WP

Afghan Spy Chief Bomber Came from Pakistan - AP

For Afghan Officials, Prospect of Death in the Job Description - NYT

Rural Afghan Town Feels Caught Between US and Taliban - WP

US-Led Coalition: US Doctor Rescued From Taliban - AP

Abducted US Doctor Rescued in Eastern Afghanistan - BBC

For Servicemembers Wounded in Afghanistan, a 'Proper Exit' - S&S

Life and War in Afghanistan - WP photo gallery

One Afghanistan Raid, Two Stories - WP opinion



Syrian Rebels Set Sights on Damascus Airport - VOA

Syria Rebels Aim to Seize Damascus Airport - BBC

Syrian Rebels Get New Leadership in Bid to Unite - AP

Syrian Rebels Elect New Military Commander - Reuters

French Military Advisers Meet Rebels Inside Syria - AP

Syrian Rebels Tied to Al Qaeda Play Key Role in War - NYT

UK Alert on Syrian Chemical Arms - BBC

Lavrov: Russia, US, Brahimi Hold New Syria Talks - AP

UN Chief Renews Plea for Syrian Refugee Aid - VOA

Arming Syrian Rebels in U.S. Interest - LAT opinion

If You Thought Benghazi Was Bad, Watch Syria - Time opinion

What Will Obama Do About Syria's WMD? - Slate opinion



Egyptian President Annuls Emergency Decree - VOA

Egypt's President Annuls Decree - BBC

In Egypt, Most of Power-Grabbing Decree Annulled - WP

Backing Off Added Powers, Egypt’s Leader Presses Vote - NYT

Egypt's Military Returns to the Political Fray - AP

Egyptian Military Warns of 'Disastrous Consequences' - AP

UN Rights Official Slams Credibility of Egypt’s New Constitution - VOA

Egypt Opposition Figure Says Mursi Deepening Crisis - Reuters

Egypt Panel Recommends Referendum Be Held on Time - AP

Why Egyptians are Angry at Morsi, in Charts - WP

Dangerous Battle to Unseat Egypt's Morsi - TG editorial

Our Man in Cairo - WP opinion

Egypt's Predictable Unraveling - NR opinion



Hamas Marks 25th Anniversary with Mass Rally in Gaza - VOA

Leader Celebrates Founding of Hamas With Defiant Speech - NYT

Hamas's Meshaal Rallies Gazans - BBC

Hamas Leader Says Group Will Never Recognize Israel - WP

Hamas Vows Never to Recognize Israel - DPA


Middle East / North Africa

US Officials Say No 'Pivot' Away from Mideast - AP

Some in Israel See Iron Dome as Shield From Reality - WP

Israel's Olmert Says Country Facing Unprecedented Isolation - Reuters

Widening War in Syria Poses Fresh Test to Divided Lebanon - WP

Yemen: 8 Soldiers Killed in Ambush - AP

Iran Police Confiscate Over 11 Tons of Narcotics - AP

UAE Authorities 'Detain Blogger' - BBC

Thousands Protest Tunisian Union Amid Tensions - AP

2 Arrested on Tunisia-Algeria Border - AP

Obama Lacks Resolve to Tackle Iran - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Dempsey: Senior Commanders Need More Ethics Training - S&S

Leader Misconduct by Leads to Review of Perks and Ethics Training - WP

Navy Sub With New Design Nears Completion at Conn. Base - AP

Billion-Dollar Flop: Air Force Stumbles on Software Plan - NYT

WikiLeaks: Manning Hearing Set to End Next Week - WP

Post-9/11 Wars Have Taken Toll on US Military - NP opinion

The Military’s Epidemic of Suicide - WP opinion


United States

Senate Set for Fight Over Allowing Broad Intercepts of E-mail, Calls - WP

A Case for Targeted Killings - WP opinion

Bin Laden, Torture and Hollywood - NYT

Feeling Typecast, Madam Secretary? - WP opinion

No to a New Law Against Leaks - WP opinion


United Kingdom

4 IRA Suspects Arrested over Northern Ireland Bomb - AP

Clinton Condemns Violence in Northern Ireland - VOA

Clinton: Northern Ireland Peace Requires Vigilance - AP

Belfast Flag Protests: Loyalists Clash With Police After Rally - BBC


United Nations

UN Climate Conference Extends Kyoto Protocol - VOA

UN Summit Strikes Climate Deal - BBC

Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, Unclear, Actions - NYT

UN Conference Adopts Extension of Kyoto Accord - AP



US Sanctions Mali Islamist Group, Leaders - VOA

Mali May be Next Front vs. Terrorism - WP

Insecurity in Puntland Underscores Somali Militants' Staying-Power - VOA

Kenya: Blast Hits Nairobi's Somali Area - BBC

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Threatens Seizure of Foreign Mining Firms - VOA

Zimbabwe Seizes Ian Smith's Farm - BBC

Rumblings for Change in Sudan’s Governing Party - NYT

Extended Voting in Ghana Winds Down - VOA

Ghana Voting Enters Second Day - BBC

Ghana Awaits New President in Test of Democracy - Reuters

South Africa's Nelson Mandela Hospitalized - VOA

South Africa: Mandela in Hospital 'For Tests' - BBC



Land Routes Blocked, Smuggling Rises Sharply on California Coast - NYT

At Least 13 Die in Clashes in Northern Mexico - AP

Turks and Caicos ex-PM Michael Misick Held in Brazil - BBC

Venezuela’s Chávez Says Cancer Back, Names Successor - NYT

Venezuela’s Chavez Says Cancer Has Returned - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Says He Needs Cancer Surgery - BBC

Honduran Leader to Use Voters Against Alleged Plot - AP

Cuba’s Free-Market Farm Experiment Yields Meager Crop - NYT

Haiti’s Silenced Victims - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

North Korea Reconsidering Launch Date for Rocket - VOA

North Korea 'May Delay Rocket Launch' - BBC

North Korea Says May Delay Rocket Flight - WP

North Korea Cites Rocket Problems - NYT

North Korea Says it May Change Rocket Launch Window - AP

Chinese Air Force Holds Large-Scale Drills - AP

Chinese Nobel Writer Takes on Critics - VOA

China Police Detain 2 Tibetans for Inciting Immolations - Reuters

Chinese Police Accuse Monk of Inciting Immolations - AP

Vietnam Breaks Up Anti-China Protest - AP

Fringe Politician Moves to Japan’s National Stage - NYT

UN: Refugee Camps in Western Burma 'Shocking' - VOA

Burma Sorry for Attack on Monks - BBC

Indonesian Minister Resigns Amid Corruption Charges - VOA

Storm that Killed 600 Threatens Philippines Again - AP

North Korea: There They Go Again - JT editorial



Russia Retaliates in US Bill Row - BBC

Russia Announces Barriers on Imports of US Meat - NYT

Italy’s PM to Quit After Losing Party Support - NYT

Italy PM Monti Plans to Resign - BBC

French Island of Corsica Hit by Attacks - AP

France: Corsica Hit by Renewed Attacks - BBC

Romania to Elect New Parliament - BBC

Romanian Gov't Expected to Win Bitter Elections - AP

Europe's Extremist Threat Is Criminal - G&M opinion


South Asia

Al-Qaida Leader Killed in Pakistan Drone Strike - VOA

US Drones Kill 3 Suspected Militants in Pakistan - AP

Sri Lanka MPs Find Chief Justice 'Guilty' - BBC

Chief Justice in Sri Lanka Found Unfit - AP

Bangladesh Police Fire Tear Gas at Election Protest - Reuters