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6 December SWJ Roundup

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US to Cut Back Civilian Force in Afghanistan - WP

NATO Claims Progress in Afghanistan - VOA

Fearing Post-2014 Environment, Afghans Buy Up Weapons - S&S

NATO's Rasmussen Warns Afghanistan Over Corruption - DPA

Afghanistan's Displaced Dread the Coming Winter - LAT

Censorship of YouTube Is Shrugged Off as Less Than Sacrilegious - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

India, Pakistan's Afghan Endgame - WAJ opinion



US, Allies Look to Expedite Transition Planning Amid Rebel Gains - WP

Clinton Expresses Support for New Syrian Opposition Coalition - NYT

Syrian Army Weakening as Rebels Gain - WP

Rebel Assault Shows Assad's Infrastructure as Target - McClatchy

US Aware of Assad Asylum Offers - AP

International Concern Mounts Over Syria's Chemical Weapons - VOA

Syria Loads Chemical Weapons into Bombs; Military Awaits Order - NBC

Clinton Warns Syria on Chemical Weapons - VOA

Clinton Says 'Desperate' Assad Could Use Chemical Arms - Reuters

US Very Concerned About Syria’s Sarin Gas - VOA

Germans OK Patriot Missiles to Defend Turkey - Reuters

US Might Name Rebel Nusra Front a Terrorist Group - McClatchy

Recognizing the Opposition in Syria - NYT opinion

Syria's Chemical Weapons Nightmare - TD opinion



Protesters Clash in Cairo, More Presidential Advisers Quit - VOA

In Egypt, Morsi Supporters and Foes Clash - NYT

Egypt Clashes in Constitution Row - BBC

Protests Turn Violent as Political Crisis Intensifies - WP

Egyptian Army Deploys Tanks at Presidential Palace - AP

Tanks Outside Egypt Presidential Palace, Streets Calmer - Reuters

Egypt Makes its Case in Washington - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Advances Plans to Build in E-1 - WP

Deadly Earthquake in Eastern Iran - BBC

Iran Lawyer 'Ends Hunger Strike' - BBC

Gunmen Kill 5 Policemen South of Iraqi Capital - AP

US Clears Commercial Flights to Iraq, 1st Time Since 1996 - Bloomberg

Kuwait Prime Minister Reappointed - BBC

Weapons Sent to Libyan Rebels Fell Into Islamist Hands - NYT

Tunisia Union Calls Protest Strike Against Islamic Government - Reuters

US Economy Hurt by Mideast Foreign Policy - FT opinion

‘Forgotten in Iraq’ - NYT opinion

'Peace Partner' But an Illusion for Israel - JP opinion

Inside the Mind of Iran's Supreme Leader - CSM opinion



US Secretary Clinton Praises NATO, Bids Farewell - VOA

Serbia NATO Envoy 'Kills Himself' - BBC

Serbia Envoy Said to Jump To His Death - NYT

An ‘Economic NATO’ - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense Department Prepares Plans for Sequestration - AFPS

Polygraphers Question Accuracy of Tests on Detainees Overseas - McClatchy

Cyber Pro Discusses Mobile Network Security Challenges - AFPS

Realignment of Marines Stalls as Okinawans’ Outrage Grows - S&S


United States

Federal Plan Calls for Overhauling Secrecy Policies - NYT

White House to Ask for $50 Billion in Hurricane Relief Aid - NYT

Obama 'to Seek $50bn Sandy Aid' - BBC

The Day Refuseniks Shone - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Austerity Stays as UK Economy Struggles - BBC

Second Night of Northern Irish Riots Ahead of Clinton Visit - Reuters

New Abu Qatada Appeal to Go Ahead - BBC



Mali, ECOWAS, AU Urge UN to Send Force to Mali - VOA

African Union Appeals for UN Funding for Mali Force - Reuters

Ivorian President Urges Swift Military Action in Mali - VOA

Dory: Northern Mali a Terrorist Safe Haven - AFPS

Congo Army Arrests Several for Alleged Rapes - VOA

Explosion Rocks Kenyan Capital - BBC

Militants in New Somalia Attacks - BBC

Ghana Poll Races Tight Despite Boom - WP

South Africa Education Gets Poor Grades - VOA



Guardsmen Continue US-Mexico Border Security Duties - AFPS

Colombia FARC Peace Talks Resume - BBC

Guatemalan Police Arrest Software Guru McAfee - AP

No Deal with Havana - WP editorial


Asia / Pacific

China’s Xi to Party Officials: Simplify - WP

New Chinese Leader Meets Military Nuclear Officers - NYT

China Targets Top Sichuan Official in Anti-graft Drive - VOA

China’s Anticorruption Commission Investigates Senior Official - NYT

China Investigates Top Official - BBC

Detained China Nobel Wife Speaks - AP

China Defends Imprisonment of Nobel Winner - VOA

US: Situation 'Dangerous' Ahead of N. Korea Launch - AP

S. Korea Faces Rolling Blackouts as Winter Approaches - S&S

US, South Korea Participate in Nuke Deterrence Exercise - AFPS

North Korea Spy Jailed in South - BBC

Japan Papers Predict Opposition Winning Majority - AP

Japan Scientists Took Utility Money - AP

Philippines Struggles to Reach Typhoon’s Victims - NYT

About 350 Die in Philippine Typhoon, 400 Missing - AP

Former Thai PM Abhisit Charged Over Crackdown Deaths - Reuters

Burma Camp for Rohingyas 'Dire' - BBC

Asian Cities’ Air Quality Getting Worse, Experts Warn - NYT

Japan's Voters Ready to Make Right Turn - RCW opinion



Russia Gets Low Marks in Corruption Index - VOA

US Senate to Vote on Russia Trade and Rights Bill - AP

Russian Journalist Killed in Caucasus - AP

Turkey Committed to Stamping Out Corruption, Despite Criticism - VOA

For Greece, Oligarchs Remain Obstacle to Growth - NYT

Berlusconi Gives Strong Hint He Will Stand in Italian Election - Reuters


South Asia

Top Indian, Chinese Officials Discuss Border Dispute - VOA

India’s Lower House Votes to Support Foreign Investment - NYT

India Government Wins Key Retail Vote - VOA

Bomb Attack Kills 3 at Base In Pakistan - NYT

US Drone Kills 3 Suspected Militants in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Soldiers Die as Suicide Bombers Attack Waziristan Camp - BBC

Documents Indicate Walmart Blocked Safety Push in Bangladesh - NYT