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5 December SWJ Roundup

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Differing Priorities Could Sabotage Security Agreement - WP

An Insider Attack: Trust Cost 2 Lives - AP

Bomb Blast in South Kills 2 NATO Troops - AP

New ISAF Commander Expected to Take Charge Early Next Year - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Life and War in Afghanistan - WP photo gallery



Syrian Army Weakening as Rebels Advance - WP

Amid Violence, School Hit, UN Says Food Shortages Worsen - NYT

Fighting Surges Around Syrian Capital of Damascus - AP

Mortar Attack on School Outside Damascus 'Kills 29' - BBC

Deadly Mortar Fire Hits Syrian School - WP

NATO to Deploy Defensive Missiles to Turkey - VOA

NATO Backs Defense Plan for Turkey - NYT

NATO Sets Plan to Send Patriot Missiles to Turkey - S&S

NATO Approves Turkey’s Request for Patriot Missiles - AFPS

NATO Approves Turkey Patriot Deployment - BBC

NATO: Patriots Do Not Open Door to Syria No-Fly Zone - WP

UN Chief Warns Syria's Assad on Chemical Weapons - AP

As Syria Unravels, Russia Tries to Bolster Future Position - VOA

Tough Times Ahead for 'Free' Syria - AT opinion



Anti-Morsi Protests Continue in Egypt - VOA

Thousands of Egyptians Protest Plan for Charter - NYT

Clashes at Egypt anti-Morsi March - BBC

Egyptians Protest at Morsi’s Palace - WP

Egypt's Morsi Returns to Palace After Mass Rally - AP

Egypt's Mursi Back at Palace After Night of Protests - Reuters

Partnering With Egypt? - WP editorial

Mohammed Morsi's Big Mistake - FA opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Claims Capture of US Drone - VOA

US Navy Denies Iran’s Claim to Have Captured Drone - NYT

Iran Claims US Drone Capture; US Navy Denies Loss - AP

Iran TV Shows 'Captured US Drone' - BBC

Her Demand Met, Imprisoned Iranian Ends Hunger Strike - NYT

UN Fears for Iran Hunger Striker - BBC

Palestinian War Crimes Case Faces Long Road - AP

EU Considers Response to Israeli Settlement Building Plans - Reuters

US Joins EU in Pressuring Israel to Reverse Settlement Plans - VOA

Palestinians to UN: Stop 2 Big Israeli Settlements - AP

1 Dead, 11 Hurt in 2nd Day of Lebanon Sectarian Clashes - Reuters

Young Kuwaitis Challenge Old Guard - WP

Tunisia: Tunis Islamists 'Assault Unions' - BBC

Arab Spring to Take Years to Improve Women's Rights - Reuters

World Bank: Arab World Hit Hard by Climate Change - AP

Iron Empires, Iron Fists, Iron Domes - NYT opinion

The End of Israel's 40-Year Peace with the Arabs - TNR opinion



The End of the Drone Is Nigh - TT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Ex-Aide to Bin Laden, Vital Witness for US, Seeks Sentence - NYT



Manning Wants to Go to College, Maybe Run for Public Office - TWB


US Department of Defense

Senate Passes $631 Billion Defense Bill - AP

Panetta Thanks 'Miracle Workers' at Walter Reed in Bethesda - S&S

Military Trains a New Generation of Munitions Experts - NYT

New Judge Appointed in Fort Hood Shooting Case - AP

Leader Engagement Key to ‘Bridging Basics,’ Battaglia Says - AFPS

Officials Praise Nunn-Lugar Threat Reduction Program - AFPS

Defense Intelligence Office Marks 10 Years of Progress - AFPS


United States

White House: 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks Not Dead - VOA

Susan Rice and the Blame Game - WP opinion

The Rice Question - NYT opinion



Violence Increasing Against Displaced People in E. DR Congo - VOA

Mali Islamic Rebels Reject Terrorism, Agree to Work for National Unity - VOA

Mali Government, Islamists and Separatists Agree on Peace Talks - Reuters

African Leader Aims for Mali Mission in Early 2013 - AP

Mali in Direct Talks with Rebels - BBC

Nigeria's Islamist Extremists Grow More Dangerous - AP

Akufo-Addo Promises Ghana Strong Leadership - VOA

Ghana Police Outline Security Layout for Election - VOA



Brazil: Rio Arrests 63 Police in Corruption Crackdown - Reuters

Brazil: Dozens of Police Arrested in Rio - BBC

Man Chains Himself to US Embassy in Dominican Republic - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Dispute Flares Over Energy in South China Sea - NYT

US Seeks Clarification of New China Sea Laws - Reuters

China, India Expand Navies, Regional Interests - VOA

How Crash Cover-Up Altered China’s Succession - NYT

US Army's Exercise in China: 'Very Good, Positive Engagements' - HAS

China's Leaders Pledge to Reduce Pomp and Ceremony - AP

China Investigates Top Provincial Official for Corruption - Reuters

For Mongolia, China's Too Close for Comfort - AP

N. Korea Ignores Warnings, Prepares Rocket Launch - VOA

Clinton Urges Wider Pressure on North Korea - AP

US Ambassador Says N. Korea Missile Launch Threatens Peace - S&S

S. Korea Uncovers New Fake Documents at Nuclear Plants - Reuters

Burma Activist Disappears Says Rights Group - VOA

Death Toll From Philippine Typhoon Passes 270 - AP

Philippines Typhoon Toll Rises - BBC

How Cities Can Save China - NYT opinion



EU Finance Chiefs Fail to Reach Regulation Pact - VOA

UK Chancellor Rules Out Economic 'Miracle Cure' - BBC

Germany Close to Ban on Far-Right Party - AP

Survey: Greece Seen as Most Corrupt in EU - AP

Ukraine PM Resigns Amid Economic Crisis - VOA

UN War Crimes Court Upholds Bosnian Serb Convictions - VOA

Bosnian Serb Convictions Upheld - BBC

Officials: Serbia's NATO Ambassador Leaps to Death - AP


South Asia

China, India Expand Navies, Regional Interests - VOA

India Vows to Protect S. China Sea Interests - VOA

Indian Official Starts Pulling Up Corruption’s Roots in Mumbai - NYT

International Olympic Committee Suspends India - VOA

IOC suspends India from Olympics - BBC

Indian Lawmakers Debate Entry of Foreign Retailers - AP

Suicide Bombers Kill 3 Soldiers in Pakistan - AP