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29 November SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Probe Into Bank Scandal Plagued by Interference - WP

Afghan Politics Hampers Kabul Bank Collapse Investigation - AP

At the Mercy of Afghanistan's Warlords - BBC

An Ending: US Closes Forward Operating Base Tillman - WP

Special US Envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan Steps Down - VOA

Marc Grossman Resigning Afghan-Pakistan Post - WP

Pentagon Moving Quickly on Allen-Kelley Investigation - S&S

Afghan Women: Caught Between Modernity, Tradition - WP

Afghan Girl's Beheading: Two Arrested in Kunduz Province - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Weighs Bolder Effort to Intervene in Syria’s Conflict - NYT

Explosions in Damascus Kill At Least 34 - VOA

Two Car Bombs Kill 45 in Syrian Capital - WP

As Opposition Coalition Meets, More Violence Kills Dozens - NYT

Deadly Blasts Shake Damascus Suburb - BBC

Twin Car Bombs Near Damascus Kill 34 - AP

Rebels’ Arsenal Has Up to 40 Antiaircraft Missile Systems - WP

NATO Visits Turkey to Look at Possible Patriot Missile Sites - AP

Clashes Between Syrian Kurds, Rebels Worry Turkey - VOA

Clashes Between Arab Rebels, Kurds Complicate Opposition Effort - WP

Syrian War Clouds Turkish Plan to Clear Land Mines - AP

Syrian Govt Finds Rare Friends in Latin America - AP


Israel / Palestinians

UN Poised to Offer Palestinians ‘Non-Member Observer’ Status - WP

Palestinians Certain to Win Recognition as a State - AP

US, Israel Look to Limit Impact of UN Vote on Palestinian Authority - NYT

Palestinians Hope to Gain Leverage From UN Bid - AP

Palestinians Say UN Bid is Last-Ditch Peace Effort - AP

Support Mounting for Upgraded UN Status for Palestinians - VOA

Strong European Support for Palestinian Statehood Move - Reuters

Palestinian Vote: UK May Abstain - BBC

Germany to Abstain in UN Vote on Palestinian Status - Reuters

Hamas Chief Revives Talk of Reuniting With PLO - NYT

Despite Ceasefire, Israel-Gaza War Continues Online - DR

Israel Seizes 2 Gaza Boats Near New Offshore Limit - NYT

The Palestinians’ UN Bid - NYT editorial

After the UN Vote - WP editorial

Hamas Wins the Media War - WP opinion



Opponents Blame Muslim Brotherhood for Leader's 'Overreach' - VOA

Egypt Crisis Raises Fears of 'Second Revolution' - AP

Egypt Now Risking a Constitutional Crisis - WP

Panel Drafting Egypt’s Constitution Vows Quick Finish - NYT

Egyptian Courts Intensify Resistance to President - WP

Egypt Courts in anti-Mursi Strike - BBC

President Morsi Holds Forth on ‘Planet of the Apes’ - WP

US Embassy in Cairo Goes Rogue on Twitter - WP

How U.S. Can Shape 'New' Egypt - LAT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran: Uranium Enrichment to Be Speeded Up - AP

Iran: New Submarines and Warships, Says Self-Sufficiency in Defense - WP

US Overseeing Mysterious Construction Project in Israel - WP

Two Bombs Kill 28 People in Iraq Shi'ite Cities - Reuters

Car Bomb Kills 6 South of Iraqi Capital - AP

UK and Kuwait to Announce Security Partnership - BBC

‘The Conundrum that is Qatar’ - WP

Saudi Arabia Diplomat Shot Dead in Yemen - VOA

Saudi Arabia Diplomat Shot Dead in Yemen - WP

Gunmen in Yemen Kill Saudi Arabia Army Officer - AP

Yemen Offers Reward to Catch Killers of Saudi Diplomat - Reuters

Saudi Arabia King Health Fears Calmed After Back Operation - BBC

Saudi Arabia King Seen on TV Amid Health Questions - AP

Libya: Benghazi Violence Beyond Control of City’s Powerful Militias - NYT

Protesters Shut Down Western Libya's Main Oil Refinery - Reuters

Tunisians Wounded in Job Clashes - BBC

Algeria Hopes Voter Apathy Won't Spoil Local Elections - Reuters

UN Envoy: No Settlement in Sight for W. Sahara - AP


Libya US Consulate Attack Fallout

Fight Over Susan Rice Holds Political Risks for White House - WP

Senate Dems Rally for Rice Against GOP Opposition  - AP

Moderate Republican Senator Expresses Concerns About Rice - WP

Big Issues Are Lost in Focus on Libya Talking Points - NYT analysis

The Ridiculous Attack on Susan Rice - Slate opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Judicial Watch Obtains Records Detailing Assassination of US Terrorist - JW

Family of Yemeni Killed by US Drone Wonder Why Not Taken Alive - McClatchy

Terror Plotter Jose Padilla Wins Resentence Delay - AP

Russia: Red Square Bomb Plotter Gets 15 Years in Jail - AP

Investigators Said to Question How Detainee Died of Overdose - NYT



WikiLeaks Suspect Expected to Testify - WP


US Department of Defense

Winnefeld Discusses Defense Strategy, Budget Link - AFPS

Costliest Jet, Years in Making, Sees the Enemy: Budget Cuts - NYT

New Drone Loaded on Aircraft Carrier for Next Phase of Testing - LAT

Pentagon Leaders Testing New Decision-Making Process - DN

In Suicide Epidemic, Military Wrestles with Prosecuting Troops - McClatchy

Women Already Proven in Combat, Lawsuit Says - S&S

Battaglia Discusses Resilience Program at Air Force Event - AFPS

Tomodachi Registry Monitors Japan-posted Troops, Families - AFPS

Summit Will Look at Servicemembers' Misbehavior in Japan - S&S

The Commander in Chief - UPI opinion


United States

US Corporate Chiefs Seeking Deal on 'Fiscal Cliff'  - VOA

Senate Amendment Allows More Marines at US Consulates, Embassies - TH

Lawmakers Angry Over Elusive VA Spending Data - S&S

US Dominates List of ‘500 Most Influential Muslims’ - WP

The Double Standard in Sex Scandals - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Blair Urges Britain to Retain Place in European Union - NYT

BP Temporarily Banned From New US Contracts - BBC

Day of Reckoning for Cameron and British Press - Reuters

A Look at Scandals Involving UK Media - AP



DR Congo Government Accuses M23 of Scores of Murders - VOA

DR Congo M23 Rebels 'Will Leave Goma' - BBC

Congo Rebels, Facing Ultimatum, Begin Retreat From Seized Land - NYT

Congo Rebels Begin Slow Retreat From Masisi - AP

Congo Rebels Keep Hold on Towns They Pledged to Leave - Reuters

Uncertainty Takes Toll on Civilians in Eastern DR Congo - VOA

UN Threatens Sanctions Against DR Congo Rebels - AP

Battle in Eastern DR Congo - WP photo gallery

UN Chief Recommends 'Offensive Military Operation' in Mali - Reuters

Ethiopia Promises Support to Rebuild Somalia - VOA

Why Charcoal May Endanger Somalia's Hope for Peace - Time

Ivory Coast Has New Cabinet, Security Challenges Remain - VOA



Syrian Govt Finds Rare Friends in Latin America - AP

Colombia Pulls Out of World Court - BBC

Venezuela Judge on Trial Refuses to Enter Court - AP

Brazil's Congressional Cash-For-Votes Trial Ends - AP

Argentina 'Dirty War' Case Begins - BBC

Bolivian Prosecutor: American's Probe Still Open - AP

American Held in Cuba Takes Aim at Impasse - NYT


Asia / Pacific

US Declines to Label China Currency Manipulator - VOA

China: A Party’s Over, but Nostalgia Lingers - NYT

China: New Chongqing Scandal as Past Victims Await Redress - WP

Chinese Police Plan to Board Ships in Disputed Seas - Reuters

Young Tibetan Dies by Self-Immolation in China Protest  - VOA

Tibetan Protests Against Chinese Rule in New Phase - AP

Philippines Will Not Stamp New Chinese Passport - AP

How China's State Newspaper Got Fooled' by The Onion - WP

North Korea Joke Slips Over China's Great Firewall - AP

N. Korea Speculation Overshadows S. Korean Rocket - AP

Sources: North Korea Replaces Defense Minister - AP

Japan's New Restoration Party Seeks More Defense Spending - Reuters

US Suspends Embassy Account on Vietnam Website - AP

Burmese Copper Mine Protest Grows - VOA

Burma Cracks Down on Mine Protest; Dozens Hurt - AP

Japan’s Nuclear Mistake - NYT opinion

How China's State Newspaper Got Fooled' by The Onion - WP opinion



Russia Hopes Climate Change Maximizes Arctic Shipping - VOA

Russia’s Putin Set to Visit Turkey After Break in Travel - AP

Debt Deal Marks 'New Day' for Greece - VOA

Italy Bracing for Transportation Strike - AP

UN Court to Deliver Judgment in Kosovo Retrial - AP

Spat with Neighbors Sours Albanian Century Party - AP


South Asia

Special US Envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan Steps Down - VOA

Marc Grossman Resigning Afghan-Pakistan Post - WP

Pakistan's Courts Push to Limit Media Criticism - VOA

A Not-So-Firm Deadline on a New Government in Nepal - NYT

Police Arrest Bangladesh Factory Officials - VOA

Bangladesh Fire Protests Rage, Supervisors Arrested - Reuters

Disney, Wal-Mart, Sears Used Bangladesh Factory in Fire - AP