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26 November SWJ Roundup

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US Shaping Scope of Force in Afghanistan After 2014 - NYT

The Quiet Pain of Insider Shootings in Afghanistan - LAT

For Private Security Guards in Kabul, Hazardous Duty - NYT

Casualties Down But IED Attacks Continue with Cheap Materials - S&S

Army Continues to Roll Out Equipment to Fight IEDs in Afghanistan - USAT


Israel / Palestinians / Hezbollah

UK calls for US Lead on Mid-East - BBC

Gaza Cease-Fire Holds Amid Signs of Normalcy - VOA

Gaza Cease-fire Raises Hopes for Reconstruction - AP

Gaza Cleric Calls Violation of Israel Truce Sinful - AP

Israel Successfully Tests Missile Defense System - AP

Hezbollah Says it Would Hit Tel Aviv from Lebanon in Future War - VOA

Israel Accuses Palestinian of Spying for Hezbollah - AP

Lessons from Gaza - WP opinion

Who Won in Gaza? - JP opinion

Support Palestinian Statehood - NYT opinion

The Limits of Iron Dome - TD opinion



Anti-Morsi Protest in Egypt Turns Deadly, Stocks Tumble - VOA

Pressure Grows on Egyptian Leader After Judicial Decree - NYT

Morsi’s Power Grab Unites Those Who Once Battled Over Mubarak - WP

Egypt's Mursi to Meet Top Judges - BBC

Egypt's Mursi to Meet Judges Over Power Grab - Reuters

Egypt's Political Foes Dig in Their Heels - AP

One Killed, 60 Hurt in an Attack on Egypt's Brotherhood Office - Reuters

Is Morsi a Lincoln or Another Mubarak? - TA opinion



Syrian Rebels Claim Capture of Helicopter Base Near Damascus - VOA     

Syrian Rebels Said to Seize Military Airport Near Capital - NYT

Syrian Rebels Take Airbase in Slow Progress Toward Damascus - Reuters

Rebels 'Aeize Air Base Near Damascus' - BBC

Syrian Rebels Capture Air Base Near Damascus - AP

Syrian Rebels Advance, But Ability to Govern Questioned - WP

Air Raid Kills 10 Children Near Damascus - Reuters

Russia's Medvedev Criticizes France for Backing Syrian Rebels - Reuters

Palestinians in Syria Pick Sides - WP

Stray Bullets From Syria Hit Israeli Border Patrol Vehicle - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

UK calls for US Lead on Mid-East - BBC

Syrians Arrested in Lebanon with Explosives - BBC

Iran Says Jailed Blogger Died 'of Shock' - BBC

Divided Kuwait Limps Toward Boycott-Hit Elections - AP

Palestinians: Arafat to be Exhumed on Tuesday - BBC


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Obama's Pick for New CIA Director Could Shape Drone Program - WP

Obama Team Rushed to Secure Drone Strike Rules Pre-election - NYT

Close Guantánamo Prison - NYT editorial


Modern Warfare

Human Rights Watch Campaigns Against 'Killer Robots' - VOA


US Department of Defense

Drawdown Creates Bleak Future for Some Marines - DN

Civilians Overseas Could Feel Effects of Revised Tour Extension Policy - S&S

New US Presidential Helicopter Program Kicks Off - DN

10 Foreign-born Soldiers Become US Citizens - KDH


United States

US Lawmakers Shun Partisanship on Debt Talks - VOA

In ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks, Still a Wide Gulf on Taxes - WP

Hillary Clinton: The Secretary of a Thousand Things - WP

Next CIA Boss Will Face Tough Decisions - WP

Courts Divided on Allowable Searches of Cellphones - NYT

9 More Iraq, Afghan War Veterans Joining Congress - AP

GOP Opposition to Diplomat Rice Begins to Crack - AP

From Man Who Insulted Muhammad, No Regret - NYT

The Problem with Susan Rice - RCP opinion


United Kingdom

UK 'Could Face Austerity to 2018' - BBC

UK calls for US Lead on Mid-East - BBC

First UK Pilots Begin Training to Fly F-35 - NFDN



Australia Sorry for Military Abuse - BBC

Australia Apologizes for Abuse in Military Going Back to 1950s - Reuters


United Nations

Web Access Battles Brew Before UN Conference - AP

UN to Launch New Round of Talks on Global Warming - AP



DR Congo Slips Into Chaos Again as Rebels Gain - NYT

DR Congo: Regional Ultimatum to M23 Rebels Expires Monday - VOA

DR Congo Says No Talks With Rebels Unless They Quit Goma - Reuters

DR Congo and M23 Rebels Negotiate in Uganda - AP

Suicide Bombers Attack Nigerian Military Church - VOA

Bombs Hit Nigeria Army Barracks Church - BBC

Church Bombing Kills at Least 11 at Nigerian Post - AP

President Returns to Mauritania - BBC



Mexican Mass Graves Discovered - BBC

19 Bodies Found in Northern Mexico - AP

Eight Dead, Human Remains Found in Northern Mexico - Reuters

Colombia: FARC Rebels Heard of Truce 'Too Late' - BBC

Colombia: FARC Optimistic About Peace Talks - BBC

New Corruption Scandal in Brazil - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China's Role in Southeast Asia Questioned - AP

As Regional Tensions Rise, China Lands Jet on First Carrier - NYT

China Lands Jet on Aircraft Carrier for First Time - VOA

China Lands Jet on First Carrier - BBC

China Lands First Jet on its Aircraft Carrier - AP

China Praises Engineer in Aircraft Carrier Program - AP

China's Princelings Come of Age in New Leadership - Reuters

Record Numbers of Chinese Want to Be Bureaucrats - VOA

China Ping An Attacks Story on Wen Family Fortune - AP

Diplomat Says Philippines Must Stand Ground in China Dispute - AP

Thousands Rally Against Thai Government - VOA

Japan Opposition LDP Remains Election Favorite - Reuters

Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan’s Displaced - NYT

UN Envoy: Japan Should Do More for Nuke Victims - AP



Spurred by the Debt Crisis, Euro Zone Is Shaping Up - Reuters

Euro Zone, IMF to Seek Greece Deal, Debt Write-Off Main Problem - Reuters

Nationalists Win Parliamentary Election in Spain's Catalonia - VOA

Divisive Election in Spain’s Catalonia Gives Win to Separatist Parties - NYT

Poll Win for Spain’s Catalan Nationalists - BBC

Catalan Election Weakens Bid for Independence From Spain - Reuters

Spain's Catalonia Punishes Pro-Referendum Leader - AP

Spain Dismisses ETA Talks Offer - BBC

France: Sarkozy's Party Battles to Save Itself - AP

French Opposition Mediation Fails - BBC

Italy Votes in Center-Left Primary Amid Recession - AP

Bersani to Face Renzi in Runoff Vote for Italy Left Leader - Reuters

Austria: European Lawmaker Strasser on Trial for Corruption - Reuters

Serbia Democrats Elect Belgrade Mayor as New Party Leader - Reuters

Turkey: Resurgent Kurdish Resistance Poses Security Threat - WP

Eight Policemen Wounded in Russian Prison Protest - Reuters

Macedonia: Minority Marks Albanian Independence - AP


South Asia

Bomb Blast Targets Pakistan Shi'ite Procession - VOA

Bomb Hits Pakistani Shiite Procession, Kills 5 - AP

Bangladesh Factory Fire Kills At Least 110 - VOA

Second Bangladesh Clothes Factory Fire in Dhaka - BBC

New Fire at Bangladesh Garment Factory, Day After Deadly Blaze - Reuters

Fatal Bangladesh Fire Highlights Dangers Facing Garment Workers - NYT

Bangladeshis Protest After Fire That Killed 112 - AP