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19 November SWJ Roundup

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Freewheeling Herat Fearful of US Pullout - NYT

Afghan President: US Violating Detainee Pact - AP

Russia Eyes Rebirth in Classrooms of Former Foe Afghanistan - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

An Outgunned Hamas Tries to Tap Islamists’ Growing Clout - NYT

Israel Threatens to Expand Gaza Offensive - VOA

Israel Strikes Media Buildings in Gaza, Expanding Range of Targets - WP

US, Britain Warn of Risks of Israeli Ground War - AP

Israel Prepared for Ground War in Gaza - McClatchy

US, Britain Warn of Risks of Israeli Ground War - AP

Gaza Crisis: Death Toll Mounts From Israel Strikes - BBC

Palestinian Civilian Toll Climbs as Israel Attacks - AP

Brigades Firing on Israel Show Deadly New Discipline - NYT

Current Gaza Fighting Reflects New Battleground - AP

Hamas Links Truce to End of Gaza Border Blockade - AP

In Egypt, Little Appetite for War - WP

Egypt Foreign Minister to Visit Gaza on Tuesday - Reuters

Obama: Gaza Crisis Poses More Damage to Mideast Peace Efforts - VOA

Obama Begins Asian Trip With Mideast Fighting in Mind - NYT

Obama Warns Against 'Ramping Up' in Gaza Crisis - AP

US Lawmakers Rally Behind Israel - VOA

UN’s Ban Ki-moon Calls for Gaza Truce - BBC

Israeli Iron Dome Stops a Rocket With a Rocket - NYT

Israel Needs a Decisive Conclusion - JP opinion

Bombing Hamas Won't Stop Gaza Violence - Newsweek opinion



Syria Says Foreign Support for Rebels Aids Terrorism - NYT

Israel Returns Fire From Syria - VOA

Syria Rebels Say Seized Military Base Near Turkey Border - Reuters

Iran Hosts Syrian Peace Conference - WP

Arm Syria's Rebels, with Care - NYP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Bahrain Seeks Charges for Shiite Protest Calls - AP


Libya US Consulate Attack

Lawmakers Spar Over Benghazi Attack - WP

Lawmakers Target Rice's Remarks on Libya Attack - LAT

Congress to Investigate Benghazi 'Talking Points' - AP

Scapegoating Susan Rice Does US No Good - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Increasing Number of Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Suffer Spinal Pain - MJS

Virginia-Class Attack Submarine to be Named, But What to Call It? - DP

US Soldier to Hear Charges for 2009 Iraq Shootings - Reuters

Analyst: David Petraeus Is No General Patton - NPR opinion

A Scandal We Can’t Love - WP opinion

Honey, I Shrunk the Pentagon - NYT opinion

Time to End Military Tribunals? - NYT opinion


United States

In Unusual CIA Case, FBI Detoured From Usual Path - AP

Petraeus Biographer Regrets Damage Done by Affair - AP

The Truth About Federal Pay - WP opinion



UN Security Council Debates the Spread of Piracy - AP



DR Congo Rebels Advance to Goma Outskirts - VOA

Congo Rebels Advancing on Major City - NYT

DR Congo Rebels Advance on Goma - BBC

Rebels in Congo Reach Door of Goma - AP

Congo Rebels Set 24-Hour Deadline for Talks With Government - Reuters

Congo Rebel Group Demands Demilitarization - AP

Kenya: Nairobi Blast Kills Seven - VOA

Minibus 'Hit by Grenade' in Kenya's Capital Nairobi - BBC

Riot in Kenya After Bus Bombing Kills 7 in Capital - AP

Sierra Leone Vote Counting Proceeds - VOA

Sierra Leone Holds Third General Elections - BBC

Report: Ivorian Military Illegally Arrested 100s - AP



Mexico's AG Dismisses Explanation for US Shooting - AP

Colombia, FARC Rebels Seek to End Long Conflict - Reuters

Colombian Peace Negotiators Join FARC Delegates in Cuba - BBC

Top Negotiators at Colombia Talks Met Before - AP

Brazil Challenges US Farms’ Reign - WP

Top Honduran Parties Chose Presidential Candidates - AP


Asia / Pacific

Obama Begins Asian Trip With Mideast Fighting in Mind - NYT

Obama Reaffirms Close Links with Thailand, Previews Burma Visit - VOA

Obama, Clinton Meet King of Thailand - WP

Obama Gets Taste of Thailand at Buddhist Temple - AP

As Obama Visits, Burma Commits to Reforms - NYT

Obama: First US President in Burma - LAT

Obama Begins Landmark Burma Visit - BBC

Obama to Praise Burma’s Transition - WP

Obama: Burma Visit About Sustaining Momentum - AP

Obama to Meet With Cambodia's Longtime 'Strongman' - AP

ASEAN Approves Controversial Human Rights Declaration - VOA

China's Xi Warns Party of Corruption Scourge - AP

SE Asia to Ask China to Start Talks Over Islands - AP

China: Tibetan Woman Dies in Self-Immolation Protest - VOA

Thousands of Chinese Protest, Smash Police Cars - AP



Russia Vows Tough Response to US Human Rights Legislation - LAT

Vote for French Opposition Leader Raises Tensions - NYT

French Vote Marred by Fraud Claim - BBC

US Asks New Georgian Government to Stop Arrests of Rivals - NYT

Targeting Russia’s Human Rights Offenders - WP opinion


South Asia

A Sea of Supporters Mourn Indian Politician - NYT

In India’s Fight Against Corruption, News Networks Pay a Price - WP

Killing of a Top Magnate, Reportedly by His Brother, Stuns India - NYT

Female Bomber Attacks Major Pakistani Politician - AP