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18 November SWJ Roundup

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More Taliban Prisoners May Be Released - NYT

Fraud Trial Begins in Multimillion-Dollar Afghan Bank Scandal - NYT


Israel / Palestinians

Israel, Hamas Exchange Fierce Attacks - VOA

Israel Targets Government Sites in Wider Gaza Bombing - NYT

Israel Keeps Pounding Gaza by Air - WP

Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets Over TA; 3 Injured in South - JP

Rocket Fired at Tel Aviv, More Strikes in Gaza - AP

Current Gaza Fighting Reflects New Battleground - AP

Fresh Fire Exchanged as Violence Continues - BBC

Israel Bombards Gaza Strip, Shoots Down Rocket - AP

Israel Threatens 'Expanded' Gaza Operation - TT

Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Widen Gaza Offensive - Reuters

On the Border, Israeli Reservists Weigh a Ground Assault - CSM

In Gaza, Palestinians Torn Between Pressing On and Ending Fight - LAT

Israel, Gaza Fighting Rages On as Egypt Seeks Truce - Reuters

Arab Ministers Back Egypt Truce Efforts for Gaza - Reuters

Arms With a Long Reach Help Hamas - NYT

Israel Shoots Down Two Hamas Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv - Reuters

Iran Denies Supplying Fajr-5 Rockets to Gaza Militants - Reuters

Conflict Tests Israeli Defense System - WP

Israel Conflict: What is Iron Dome? - WP

A Look at Israel's 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense - AP

Gazans Watch With Pride as Hamas Strikes Israel - AP

The Gaza Image and Propaganda War Grinds On - CSM

Amid Gaza Conflict, Dissent Plagues Palestinians - VOA

Anonymous Hacks Israeli Web Sites - WP

Israel Must Ensure Peace Remains with Egypt, Jordan - Haaretz editorial

All Eyes on Egypt - TI editorial

Violence Will Destroy Palestinian Unity - TN editorial

Israel and Gaza Violence: How Did it Start? - WP opinion

Hamas: Nothing But Godless Killers - TOI opinion



NATO Chief Worried About Syrian Conflict Spreading - AAN

Report: Germany to Deploy Missiles on Turkey-Syria Border - DPA

Syrian Rebels 'Capture Airport’ Near Iraq Border - BBC

Syrian Civil War Spillover Draws Israeli Fire - AP

Israel Fires at Syria After Shooting Aimed at Its Troops - Reuters

France to Let Syria Council Establish Ambassador - NYT

New Syrian Ambassador to France is Named - AP


Middle East / North Africa

A Test for Obama’s ‘Light Footprint’ - NYT

Iran Delays Planned Start-up of Arak Nuclear Reactor - Reuters

Jordan's Crisis: Is an Uneasy Peace Emerging? - CSM

Palestinian Officials: Arafat Grave Being Dug Up - AP

Many Internally Displaced Yemenis Returning Home - VOA

2nd Tunisian Man Held in Embassy Attack Dies - AP

Egypt Bus Crash Kills 50 Children - BBC

48 Kindergartners Die in Egypt Crash - AP

Egypt's New Coptic Pope Enthroned - AP

Job One For Obama: Stop Iran - WP opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

Lawmakers Keeping Pressure on Justice Dept. Over Petraeus Timeline - WP


US Department of Defense

Greenert: Navy at Its Best When Forward-Deployed - AFPS

Navy Takes Steps to Address Issues Affecting Sailors - AFPS

Petraeus Scandal Gives a Peek Into Four-Star Perks - WP

Generals Know Better: A Look at the Military's Charm Schools - FP opinion


United States

Rice: Diplomat on the Rise, Suddenly in Turbulence - NYT

Petraeus Investigation Shows FBI’s Long Reach Into Digital Lives - WP

A Phony Hero for a Phony War - NYT opinion

Petraeus Had An Affair. So? - WP opinion



Congo Rebels Sieze New Town In Renewed Fighting - VOA

UN Helicopters Strike Rebel Posts in Congo - NYT

UN: Well-Equipped Rebels Advance in Eastern Congo - Reuters

UN Launches Aerial Attack on Rebels in East Congo - AP

UN Condemns DR Congo Rebel Attack  - BBC

UN Demands a Halt to Congo Violence - AP

Burkina Faso: Mali Rebels Ready for Dialogue - VOA

Sierra Leone Votes Peacefully - VOA



Mexico ex-Mayor Beaten to Death - BBC

Brazil: Sao Paulo ex-Mayor Guilty of Stealing Public Funds - BBC

Cuba Migration Change Eases Return for Defectors - AP

Already Desperate, Haitian Farmers Are Left Hopeless After Storm - NYT


Asia / Pacific

Obama’s Road to Burma Is Paved With New Asia Intentions - NYT

Obama, on Asia Trip, First Pays Visit to Thailand - AP

Personal, Strategic Motivations for Obama in Asia - AP

Can Xi Jinping Bring About the Change China Needs? - TT

Family Ties and Hobnobbing Trump Merit at China Helm - NYT

‘Little Hu’ Eyed for the Next Wave of Chinese Leaders - WP

Angry Chinese Protesters Overturn Police Vans - AP

Burma's President Pledges to Address Religious Violence - TT

Asian Leaders Want Burma to End Sectarian Violence - Reuters

2 Killed in Train Ambush in Thailand’s South - AP

To Asia, With Caveats - WP editorial



US House Passes Bill Normalizing Trade Relations With Russia - VOA

Russia Vows Tough Response to US Human Rights Legislation - Reuters

Russians Look Askance at Anticorruption Drive - NYT

Privatizing Greece, Slowly but Not Surely - NYT

Greeks March to Commemorate Student Uprising - AP

Hunger Strike in Turkish Jails Ends After Kurd Militant's Call - Reuters

Former Veterans Pay Respect to Victims in Bosnia - AP

Europe’s New Fascists - NYT opinion


South Asia

Bal K. Thackeray, Right-Wing Indian Party Leader, Dies at 86 - NYT

India: Hindu Nationalist Thackeray Dies - BBC

Big Funeral for India's Hindu Extremist Leader - AP

Pakistan Struggles in Race to Develop Armed Drones - AP

Pakistani Lawyer Challenges Powerful Army - BBC