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15 November SWJ Roundup

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Afghan, US Officials Discuss Post-2014 Security Pact - VOA

Afghan Survey: Security Forces Need Foreign Troop Support - VOA

Germany to Cut Troops in Afghanistan in 2013 - AP

New Poll Finds Most Afghans Feel Optimistic About Future - AP

Pakistan Frees Afghan Taliban Captives - WP

Pakistan Agrees to Free Several Afghan Taliban Prisoners - NYT

Pakistan Agrees Afghan Taliban Releases in Islamabad Talks - BBC

Pakistan Agrees to Free Taliban for Peace Process - AP

Police Test Afghanistan's Fragile Ethnic Balance - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Israel / Palestinians

IAF Strike Kills Hamas Military Chief Jabari - JP

Hamas Military Chief Jabari Killed by Israeli Strike - Haaretz

Top Hamas Commander Killed in Israeli Strike - VOA

Military Chief of Hamas Slain in Wide Israeli Attack on Gaza - NYT

Israel Kills Hamas Military Chief - BBC

Israeli Airstrike in the Gaza Kills Hamas Military Commander - WP

Hamas Military Chief Killed in Gaza Air Strike - TT

Israel Assassinates Hamas Military Chief in Gaza - AP

Israel Launches Gaza Offensive, Kills Hamas Commander - Reuters

Israel Takes Out Top Terrorist, Linked to Iran - WS

US Condemns Hamas, Voices Support for Israel - AP

Palestinians Urge UN Security Council Action Over Israel Strikes - Reuters

Arab League to Discuss Gaza Attack on Saturday - Reuters

Russia Calls for End to Attacks, Violence in Gaza - Reuters

Key Hamas Figure's Slaying Puts Egypt on the Spot - LAT

How Will Egypt Respond to Israeli Strikes On Gaza? - WP

Egypt Recalls Ambassador to Israel After Gaza Strike - FOX

Israel's Ambassador Leaves Egypt - Reuters

Egypt Recalls Envoy to Israel After Gaza Strike - AP

Hamas Military Chief Topped Israel’s Wanted List - AP

Slain Hamas Boss, Scourge of Israel, Was Dead Man Walking - Reuters

Barak: Strikes Mark Beginning of IDF Operations - JP

Israel Considers 'Toppling' Abbas - BBC

For Israel, Costs and Benefits of Striking Gaza - CSM

Israelis Brace for Attacks After Hamas Leader Killed - USAT

Iron Dome Intercepts 13 Gaza Rockets; 6 Land Near Beersheba - JP

Israel Heightens Warnings Over Palestinians’ UN Bid - NYT

Israel: Palestinian UN Bid Could Threaten Accords - AP

On Israel and Hamas - FPRI analysis

Another Israel-Gaza War? - NYT editorial

Hamas Leader Had It Coming - NP opinion



US Stops Short of Recognizing Syrian Opposition Coalition - VOA

US Announces $30 Million Additional Syria Aid - AP

More Airstrikes, Syria Calls French Recognition of Rebels ‘Immoral’ - NYT

Syrian Rebels Take Villages Near Israel-Held Area - AP

Russia's Lavrov in Saudi Seeking Progress on Syria - Reuters

UN Diplomats Suspect N. Korea-Syria Arms Connection - VOA

S. Korea Seizes Suspect Missile Cargo for Syria - AP

Syrian Rebel Leader an Anti-Semite - FP opinion

Four Key Tests for Syria's Rebels - DS opinion

The Men Are Vanishing Here - NYT opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

Obama Lashes Out at McCain, Graham Over Libya Attack - WP

Obama Rebukes Republicans Over Benghazi, Backs Rice - Reuters

US: Al-Qaida Link to Consulate Attackers in Libya - AP

Feinstein: Petraeus to Testify on Benghazi Attacks - AP

Petraeus to Testify Before Closed House Hearing on Benghazi - Reuters

Obama Defends Rice Over Libya Consulate Attack Statements - AP

Petraeus Should Testify About Benghazi Attacks - BG editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Obama Says Make Diplomatic Push on Iran Nuclear Program - Reuters

Russia Urges Resumption of Nuclear Talks with Iran - AP

Multiple Bombings Hit Iraq - VOA

At Least 20 Killed in Attacks Throughout Iraq - NYT

Jordan Hit by Protests, Work Stoppages - WP

Jordan: 1 Gunman Killed in Police Station Attacks - AP

EU 'Approves $6.4bn Egypt Aid' - BBC

EU: New Aid to Egypt Partly Tied to IMF Loan - AP

Libya: Post-Gaddafi Tripoli: Bee Gees, Burgers, Militia Gun Battles - WP

A Clash Over a Piece of Moroccan Tranquility - NYT


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Terrorist Attack on Power Grid Could Cause Broad Hardship - NYT

FBI Updates 'Most Wanted Terrorists' List - AP

American Added to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List - Reuters

Dealing with Men Like Abu Qatada - ED opinion

After Petraeus, Time to Debate Drones - USN&W opinion

How Can Targeted Killings Be Justified? - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Warns Against Early Conclusions in Allen Case - VOA

Panetta Praises General Linked to Petraeus Scandal - NYT

Gen. Allen in Fight for His Career - WP

Petraeus Unlikely to Face Court-Martial - WP

Do Scandals Undermine Integrity of Officer Corps?  - S&S

US General: Military Scandals 'Undermine Trust' - AP

Air Force Changes Policy to Address Sexual Assault, Misconduct - S&S

Did Navy Secretary Overstep Role in Military Murder Case? - McClatchy

Army Reserve Chief Looks to Leaders to Solve Sequestration - AFPS


Central Intelligence Agency

Obama: National Security Not Hurt by CIA Scandal - WP

'No Sign' of Petraeus Info Leak - BBC

Obama: No Evidence of Security Breach in Scandal - AP

Veteran FBI Agent Helped Start Petraeus E-Mail Inquiry - NYT


United States

Obama Discusses Budget, Foreign Policy, Petraeus - VOA

Obama Is Pressed on Petraeus and Holds Line on Taxes - NYT

US Ponders Foreign Policy Changes - S&S

Obama: Wealthy Must Pay More Tax - BBC

Obama Signs Secret Directive to Help Thwart Cyberattacks - WP

Woman at Center of Petraeus Scandal is S. Korea Honorary Consul - VOA



US-Australia Alliance Bolsters Regional Security, Prosperity - AFPS

‘Business as Usual’ Encompasses Much for US, Australia - AFPS

US and Australia to Roll Out Space Radar - BBC

US to Locate Key Space Systems in Australia - AFPS


United Kingdom

Crises Overshadow BBC's 90th Anniversary - VOA


International Criminal Court

ICC Official: Don't Impose Short-Sighted Fund Cuts - AP



UN Report Finds Africa Education Goals Stagnating - VOA

DR Congo Rebel Leader Sanctioned - BBC

UN: Congo Rebel Groups Kill 264 People Since April - AP

Mali: Ansar Dine Denies Reputed Offer to Drop Sharia - VOA

Mali Militants Say They Will Not Give Up Shariah - AP

US Concerned About Arrest of Citizen in South Sudan - Reuters

UN: Staffer Killed in Disputed Abyei Area of Sudan - AP

Kenya Army to Aid Ambushed Police - BBC

Deadly Vineyard Riots in South Africa - BBC

Opposition, Ruling Party Predict Victory in Sierra Leone’s Election - VOA



Mexico's New President Wants Federal Police Change - AP

Mexican Lawmakers Approve Overhaul of Labor Law - NYT

US Widens Asset Freeze of Guatemalan Drug Cartel - Reuters

Venezuela Deports Alleged Drug Lord to Colombia - AP

US Deplores Murder of Honduran Teen by Military - AP

Argentina Asks UN to Free Ship Held in Ghana - BBC

Argentina's Congress Passes Controversial Legal Regulation - Reuters

Allende Granddaughter Accepts Vote Defeat in Chile - AP


Asia / Pacific

China Presents New Leadership Slate - NYT

Xi Heads New Chinese Leadership - BBC

Xi Jinping Takes Helm of China Amid Reform Calls - AP

Chinese Communist Party Unveils New Leadership - Reuters

Corruption in Military Poses a Test for China - NYT

Risking Rule, Japan’s Premier Agrees to December Vote - NYT

Japan, N. Korea Open Bilateral Talks on Abductions - AP

UN Diplomats Suspect N. Korea-Syria Arms Connection - VOA

Obama Visit Brings Hope of Renewal for University in Burma - NYT

Burma Says 450 Prisoners to Be Freed in Amnesty - AP

To Impress Asia, Leave the Drama Home - NYT opinion

China’s Great Shame - NYT opinion



In Europe, Angry Workers Protest Austerity - VOA

European Workers in Austerity Protests - BBC

Protests and Labor Unrest Sweep Across Europe - WP

Workers in Europe Synchronize Anti-Austerity Strikes - NYT

Austerity Protests Stall Several European Nations - AP

Anti-Austerity Marches Turn Violent Across S. Europe - Reuters

EU 2013 Budget Talks in Crisis - BBC

Germany, Poland Seek Compromise Over EU Budget - Reuters

EU Rehn: Spain Has Taken Action on 2012, 2013 Deficits - Reuters

Portugal PM Sticks to Deficit Goal Despite Data - Reuters

US House to Weigh Russian Rights Bill - WP

Russia Expands Treason Law, Critics Fear Crackdown - AP

Italy’s Monti Under Pressure to Stay On - WP

UN Renews Bosnia Force in Face of Serb Opposition - AP

Deputy Premier Resigns in Croatia - BBC


South Asia

UN Admits it Failed Sri Lankans - BBC

Report: Sri Lankan War a Grave Failure for UN - AP

UN Failed Gravely in Sri Lanka: Internal Review Panel - Reuters

India Needs a Neocon Foreign Policy - WSJ opinion