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3 November SWJ Roundup

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Apparent Insider Attack Kills 4 Afghan Police - VOA

4 Afghan Police Killed in Insider Attack - AP

Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan District Police Chief - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Activists: Syrian Rebels Control Strategic Northern Town - VOA

UN Says Execution Video From Syria Shows Apparent War Crime - NYT

Syria Rebels Face War Crime Claim - BBC

Syria Rebels Said to Kill Captured Troops - AP

Dissident Pushes to Unite Fragmented Opposition - Reuters

Syria Army Quit Base on Strategic Aleppo Road - Reuters

Russia Warns West Over Syria Moves - AP

A Look at Atrocities in Syria's Civil War - AP

Syria’s Misery - NYT editorial


Libya US Consulate Attack

Petraeus’s Quieter Style at CIA Leaves Void on Libya Furor - NYT

Timeline Released on US Consulate Attack in Libya - VOA

US Officials Counter Reports on Benghazi Attacks - AP

Little Describes Pentagon’s Benghazi Decision Process - AFPS

US Investigators to Get Access to Benghazi Suspect - Reuters

General: CIA Responded Quickly To Benghazi Attack - NPR audio

Breakdown in Benghazi - WP editorial



Iranian Hard-Liners Reject Any Talks With US - WP

Iran President Backs Down in Political Clashes - AP

Iranians Mark Anniversary of 1979 US Embassy Seizure - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Jitters Complicate British-Gulf Ties - Reuters

Turkish Leader Says He Plans a Trip to Gaza Soon - NYT

Abbas Affirms Palestinian '1967' State Hopes - BBC
Hamas PM Blasts Palestinian Leader Over TV Remarks - AP

Poll Shows Israel Opposition Party Wiped Out - AP

Israel Closes Doors to Illegal Migrants - WP

Insurgents Shoot Dead 3 Soldiers in Iraq - Reuters

Bahrain Twitter User Imprisoned - BBC

Israeli Official Sees 'Shocking' Dictatorship in Egypt - Reuters

Islamists Protest in Cairo, Call for Islamic Law - Reuters

Egypt Terror Threat Level Raised by UK Foreign Office - BBC

A Sign of Libya’s Deepening Divide - WP

Libya Gunmen End Occupation of Parliament Building - BBC


US Department of Defense

Sequestration-Sized Cuts Doable, And Not So Bad, Think-Tank Says - S&S

Here’s How Army Engineers Are ‘Unwatering’ NYC’s Tunnels - DR

Military Airlifts, Aid Flow to New York, New Jersey - AFPS

Military to Deliver Fuel to Storm-Ravaged Region - NYT

Sailors, Marines Join USS Wasp for Sandy Relief - AFPS

FEMA Employs Air Guard Base for Storm Relief - AFPS

Former Aviano IG Found Guilty in Sexual Assault Case - S&S


United States

East Coast Slogs Along; Food, Gas in Short Supply - VOA

Disruption From Storm May Be Felt at the Polls - NYT

US Secret Service Agent 'Kills Himself' Amid Inquiry - BBC

US Jury Awards Troops $85 Million Over Iraq Chemical Exposure - Reuters

'Vet Hunters' Seek and Help Former Military Members Having Tough Time - S&S

The World is Safer - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Irish Arrest Over N. Ireland Prison Officer Murder - BBC

Prominent Irish Nationalist Arrested Over N. Ireland Shooting - Reuters

3 IRA Suspects Arrested Over Prison Guard Killing - AP

Alexander Litvinenko Inquest 'May Look at MI6 Role' - BBC

Inquest Must See if UK Shares Spy-Death Blame - Reuters

British DJ Reacts to BBC Cancellation With On-Air Rant - AP



Hunger Strike Intensifies at Australian Immigration Camp - VOA



'Dozens Executed' in Nigeria City - BBC

Nigerian Army Kills 30 in Militant Bastion - Reuters

Uganda Threatens to Pull Troops From Somalia - VOA

Uganda to Pull Out Troops From Somalia Over Congo Charges - Reuters

Uganda 'To Pull Out of Somalia' - BBC

Sudan Oil State Rebels Say Repulsed Government Advance - Reuters

US Renews Sanctions, Sudan Criticizes Decision - Reuters

Kidnapped Aid Workers Released in Niger, One Killed - Reuters

Guinea's Electoral Commission Faces Challenges - VOA

Zimbabwe's White Minister: Racist Insults Persist - AP

Platinum Giant Cedes Majority Stake in Zimbabwe - VOA

Zuma Says South Africa Needs Traditional Courts - BBC

Tanzanian Police Clash With Protesters Over Arrested Cleric - Reuters



Mexico: Acapulco Mayor Plans to Fire 500 Police Officers - AP

Mexico Negotiating With Vigilantes Holding Town - AP

Cuba Denounces US Diplomats - AP

Haiti Sees Small Rise in Cholera Cases After Sandy - AP


Asia / Pacific

UN Rights Official Faults China on Tibetan Suppression - NYT

In Communist China, Women Lag Far Behind in Political Positions - WP

US Airman Suspected of Punching Japanese Boy - NYT

Japan: US Navy Joins Island Disaster Drill - JT

US Serviceman Suspected of Assaulting Japanese Boy - VOA

North Korea Says Proud of Its Human Rights Record - Reuters

World Bank Approves First Burma Aid in 25 Years - VOA

Burma Passes Foreign Capital Bill - BBC

Outrage in Okinawa - NYT editorial

Is Life in North Korea Really Not That Bad? - WP opinion



Russia’s Medvedev Says Pussy Riot Should be Freed - VOA

Ukraine: Fistfights, Tear Gas, Sobs as Kiev Tallies Vote - AP

Ukraine Opposition Complains of Stolen Seats - Reuters

Georgia's New Government to Cut President's Funding - Reuters

Albania Ex-Dissident Dies After Self-Immolation Protest - BBC

Greece: Labor Protests Restart With Subway Strike - AP

German Film Looks at Ties Between Rommel and Hitler - BBC

Cyprus Still at Odds With Lenders - Reuters


South Asia

Gunmen Kill 18 in Bus Attack in Southwest Pakistan  - AP

Petrol Station Attack 'Kills 18' in Pakistan - BBC

Sri Lanka's Rights Record Questioned - VOA