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29 October SWJ Roundup

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When Afghans Look to Pakistan Border They Don’t See Fixed Line - NYT

Psy-Ops: Tuning the Afghans Into Radio - BBC



Russia: US Coordinates Weapon Deliveries to Syria Rebels - DN

Air Strikes, Clashes in Syria After Truce Bid - VOA

Syria Air Force Bombs Cities, Truce 'Practically Over' - Reuters

Iraq Searches Syria-Bound Iranian Plane - AP

Syrian Jihadist Spillover Haunts Jordan - Reuters

Beijing Report Says Chinese Muslims Are in Syria - AP

Syria’s Fertile Ground - WP opinion

Arming Syria's Rebels Still a Bad Idea - Politico opinion

Any Syrian Future Is Better Than This - TN opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran: Drone Hit by Israel Not 'Latest' Technology - AP

Retaliatory Rockets Fired from Gaza After Israeli Air Strike - VOA

Violence Ends Israel-Gaza Truce - BBC

Polls Show New Israeli Bloc Will Retain Power - AP

Israel's Barak Hopes to Extend Political Career - AP

Former Israeli Bank Chairman Indicted - AP

US Military Chief in Israel to Oversee Joint Drill - AP

Palestinians Will Seek UN Recognition Next Month - AP

Hamas Has the Upper Hand in Gaza - Haaretz

European Lawmakers Call Off Iran Visit, Iranian Official Says - AP

Officials Say 3 Killed in Airstrike in North Yemen - AP

Drone Hits Suspected Al Qaeda Target in North Yemen - Reuters

Saudi King Urges UN Action Against Religious Insults - AFP

Libyans Disillusioned with Government Amid Chaos - AP

Tunisian Salafis Attack Alcohol Sellers in Capital - Reuters

Obama Lost the Middle East - NYP opinion

How Will Brotherhood Govern? Look to Sudan - USN&WR opinion


US Department of Defense

Lack of Strike Force Impeded Benghazi Response - WT

New Kind of Commander to Combat Hurricane Destruction - USN&WR

Panetta Appoints 'Dual' Commanders for Hurricane Relief - AFPS

Seabees Embrace New Roles While Navigating Budget Cutbacks - S&S

Marines Going Green During WTI Course - YS

Romney Right on US Navy - BH editorial


United States

Hackers Who Attack US in Line for Lucrative Payoffs - PTR

Sharp Warnings as Hurricane Churns In - NYT

Sandy Storms into Mid-Atlantic - WP

Eastern US Braces for Dangerous Superstorm - AP

Keeping Tabs on Surveillance - WP editorial

You Don’t Mess With the CIA - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Arrest of ’70s Rock Star Widens Sexual Abuse Case Tied to BBC - NYT

Reports: UK Rocker Arrested as Part of Savile Case - AP



Suicide Attack on Nigerian Church Raises Fears of Sectarian Violence - VOA

7 Killed, 100 Wounded in Nigeria Church Bombing - AP

Attack on Nigerian Church Kills 8 and Wounds Dozens - Reuters

Suicide Attack at Nigeria Church - BBC

Two Militant Suspects Killed in Police Raid on Kenyan Coast - Reuters

Rebels in Sudan's Darfur Say They Shelled State Capital - Reuters

Coup Attempt Leader Arrested in Guinea-Bissau - AP



Mexico’s Need to Engineer Jobs - WP

Deadly Peru Market Clashes Worsen - BBC

Panama Repeals Land Sale Plan After Protests - AP

Panama Scraps Colon Land Sale Law - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China Suspends Local Industrial Project After Protests - VOA

Protests Over Chemical Plant Force Chinese Officials to Back Down - NYT

China Halts Project Amid Protests - BBC

Report: China Premier's Family Denies Huge Wealth - AP

Activists Send North Korea Leaflets - BBC

UN Says 22,000 Displaced in Burma Fighting - VOA

UN Says 22,000 Displaced in Burma Unrest - AP

Muslim Survivors of Burma's Sectarian Violence Relive Ordeals - Reuters

4 Philippine Marines, 2 Militants Killed in Clash - AP

Ex-Philippine Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Plunder - AP

Australia: Gillard's Asia Strategy Is Pure Spin - TA opinion



Governments to Debate 50 Billion Euro Cut to EU Budget - Reuters

Ukraine Tests Young Democracy in Parliamentary Election - VOA

Governing Party Claims Victory in Ukraine Elections - NYT

Leader's Party Claims Ukraine Win - BBC

Ukraine Ruling Party Set for Election Win, Nationalist Surge Seen - Reuters

Exit Surveys: Strong Opposition Showing in Ukraine Vote - VOA

French Arrest 'Top ETA Leader' - BBC

Greece Considered More Risky to Invest Than Syria - AP

Greece Says EU/IMF Lenders Refuse to Concede on Reforms - Reuters

Greece Holds 'Bank Leak' Reporter - BBC

Spain: Catalans Want Referendum on Independence - Reuters

Region’s Struggles Seen in a Romanian Scandal - NYT

Opposition Parties Take Lead in Lithuanian Election - Reuters

Lithuanian Opposition Parties Vow to Form Government - AP

Cyprus Police Head Off Hit on Country's Top Lawyer - AP

The European Left and Its Trouble With Jews - NYT opinion


South Asia

India Reshuffles Cabinet, as Chance of Early Elections Grows - NYT

India's Cabinet Rejigged, but No Place for Rahul - AP

Indian State's Industrial Dream Mired in Delays, Protests - Reuters

Pakistani Brothers Reflect Country’s Contradictory Nature - WP

4 Killed in Shrine Bombing in Northwest Pakistan - AP

British Woman, Held in Pakistan on Drug Charges, Has Baby - Reuters



Please consider making a donation to our annual fund-raising campaign.

Much appreciation again to those who have stepped up.

Our annual goal is $30,000 - so far we’ve raised $6,040 - and we have to subtract the PayPal fee.