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27 October SWJ Roundup

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Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghan Mosque, 40 Dead - VOA

Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens at Mosque in Afghanistan - WP

Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens of Worshipers in Afghanistan - NYT

Afghan Mosque Blast Kills Dozens - BBC

Suicide Attack Kills 41 at Afghan Mosque - AP

Taliban Claim Afghan Attack that Killed 2 US Troops - AP

ISAF Condemns Faryab Mosque Bombing - AFPS

British Ministers: Women's Rights Key to Stable Afghanistan - VOA



At Least 5 Killed, Over 30 Injured in Damascus Bomb Blast - VOA

Syrian Protesters Emerge Amid Clashes, Bombing During Cease-Fire - NYT

Bombing, Battles Mar Syria Truce - WP

Car Bomb Shatters Syrian Truce - BBC

Car Bombs, Violence Mar Syria's Shaky Truce - AP

Winter’s Approach Adds to Crisis as Refugee Population Swells - NYT

Saudi Cleric Calls for 'Urgent' Action to Stop Syria Bloodshed - Reuters

A Hard Line Against Syria - WP opinion

Syria's Ceasefire for Pessimists - Time opinion



CIA Operators Were Denied Request for Help During Benghazi Attack - Fox

US Administration Rejects New Claim About Libya Attack - AP

Kudlow and West: Why Didn't Washington Send Help? - NBC

Panetta: Critics ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacking - CBS

Egypt Seizes Libyan Weapons, Suspects as Terrorist Influence Spreads - McClatchy

Making Revolution Work - NYT editorial

Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus - WS opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US, Israel Hold Joint Military Exercises - VOA

Britain Says Opposed to Strike on Iran 'at This Moment' - Reuters

Iranian Dissidents Win Sakharov Prize - BBC

European Union Gives Rights Award to Convicted Iranians - NYT

Iran Currency Traders Face Pressures, Operate Underground - WP

Car Bomb Explosion, Gunmen Kill 4 People in Iraq - AP

A Circus Comes to Gaza, Minus Lions and Ladies - AP

Egypt Activists Try to Stop Holiday Sex Harassment - AP

Muslim Hajj Pilgrimage Enters Final Stage - VOA

Muslim Pilgrims Stone Devil in Symbolic Hajj Rite - AP

Time to Hit Iran's Revolutionary Guard - NYP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Report: US Expanding Anti-Terror Operations in Djibouti - VOA

US: Europe Should Label Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization - WP

Indicted Imam to Receive New Prosthetics in US Jail - Reuters

The Risks of Relying on Drones - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Big Army Goes SF - FP

Soldiers Test Their Skills Walking on Virtual Battlefields - KCS

Lockheed Sees "Great Progress" on F-35 Fighter - Reuters

Pentagon Failing to Develop Airships, Aerostats - UT

Experts Say Sequestration Would Target Civilian Jobs - S&S

DOD Funds Study of Omega 3 Benefit in Reducing Suicides - AFPS

Former Aviano Wing IG Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Assault - S&S


United States

Clinton Told Obama Won’t Leave Until Successor in Place - WP

In Veteran-Heavy States, Military Issues are Magnified - AP

Colleges Offer Veterans Classes to Ease Transition to Academic Life - AP

Stavridis: Arctic Presents Opportunities, Risks, Challenges - AFPS

Cast Defends Timing of bin Laden Raid Movie - AP

US Satellite Plans Falter, Imperiling Data on Storms - NYT

DC Area Braces for Collision of Hurricane and Nor’easter - WP

Forecasters Predict East Coast Landfall for Storm - NYT

When are Cyberattacks Acts of War? - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Arms Dealer Shipped 80,000 Guns - BBC

UK Man Illegally Sold Guns to Nigeria - BBC

BBC Faces Criticism over Pedophilia Allegations - VOA

Investigation Of BBC Host Examines Dropped Cases - NYT

Britain's 'Desert Rats' Celebrate El Alamein's 70th - Reuters



8 Killed in Clash at DR Congo's Virunga National Park - VOA

DR Congo Rebels Kill Park Rangers - BBC

Noted Women’s Rights Activist in Congo Eludes Group of Gunmen - NYT

Somalia's Al-Shabab Weakened - VOA

DR Congo Revises Land Policy - VOA

Challenges Face Journalists Covering Events in Sierra Leone - VOA



Mexico’s Drug Lords Ramp Up Their Arsenals with RPGs - Time

Venezuela Official Defends Candidates' Moves - AP

Cop Gives Up in Honduras Slay Case Behind Protests - AP

Panama to Drop Plans for Land Sales Amid Protests - AP

Cuban Anti-Castro Activist Dies - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China Blocks and Criticizes Investigation Into Premier - NYT

No Longer Immune, Former Top Chinese Politician Faces Inquiry - NYT

New Wave of Tibetan Self-Immolations Hits China - VOA

China: Bo Xilai Criminal Inquiry Starts - BBC

China Expels Bo From Legislature, Set for Trial - AP

Obtaining Financial Records in China - NYT

US Learning to Say 'Sorry' in Japan After High-Profile Incidents - S&S

Dozens Are Killed in Myanmar as Sectarian Violence Flares Again - NYT

Burma Revises Down Death Toll in Sectarian Violence - Reuters

UN Warning Over Burmese Violence - BBC

China’s Censors Strike Again - WP editorial

US Learns Hard Lessons of Asia Pivot - AT opinion



Russian Authorities Charge Opposition Leader Udaltsov - VOA

Leftist Leader Charged in Russia - BBC

Russian Dissenter Charged - WP

Italy's Berlusconi Guilty of Tax Fraud - VOA

Italy’s Berlusconi Sentenced in Tax Case - BBC

Italy’s Berlusconi Found Guilty of Tax Fraud - NYT

New Player Shakes Up Ukraine Before Sunday Vote - VOA

Boxer-Turned-Politician Shakes Up Ukrainian Elections - NYT

In Ukraine, Ruling Party Likely  to Wobble Way Toward Win - WP

Greek Opposition Rejects New Cuts but Won't Force Poll - Reuters

FBI Tip Leads French Police to Wanted US Mogul - AP

Legal Issues Cast Doubt on Return of Christians to Turkey's Southeast - VOA


South Asia

India’s Plague, Trash, Drowns Garden City - NYT

Indian Foreign Minister Resigns - BBC

Pakistani Activist, 15, Recovering at ‘Encouraging Speed’ - NYT

Shot Pakistani Girl's Father Happy for 'Miracle' - AP



Please consider making a donation to our annual fund-raising campaign.

Much appreciation again to those who have stepped up.

Our annual goal is $30,000 - so far we’ve raised $6,040 - and we have to subtract the PayPal fee.