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25 October SWJ Roundup

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Taliban Leader Says Insider Attacks Will Increase - AP

Two British Deaths in Afghanistan - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Bleary-Eyed Troops Fight a Building at a Time in Syria - NYT

UN Envoy Expects Syrian Government to Observe Holiday Truce - VOA

Envoy Announces Tentative Cease-Fire in Syria, But Doubts Remain - NYT

Assad 'Agrees to Eid Ceasefire' - BBC

Islamic Militant Group in Syria Rejects Truce - AP

Fighting Erupts Near Damascus Ahead of Truce Deadline - Reuters

Russia: Syrian Rebels Have US-Made Anti-Aircraft Weapons - VOA

Russia Says Syrian Rebels Have US-Made Missiles - AP

US Says Not Supplying Stinger Missiles to Syrian Rebels - Reuters

Foreign Fighters Worry, and Boost, Syrian Rebels - AP

UN War Crime Investigators Seek Access to Syria - Reuters

Iraqi Shiites Brace for Violence Amid Syria Fears - AP

Syria Spreads Its War - WP editorial



Lebanon Fights for Calm as Syria War Rages - VOA

Clinton: Syria May Exploit Instability in Lebanon - Reuters



E-mails Show State Named Militant Group on Night of Consulate Attack - WP

White House Told of Terrorist Attack on Libya Consulate Within Hours - AP

E-Mails Offer Glimpse at What US Knew in First Hours After Attack - NYT

Clinton Says Facebook Post About Attack Not Hard 'Evidence' - Reuters

Egypt: Suspect in Libya Consulate Attack Killed - AP

Benghazi Consulate Attack Suspect Dies in Cairo - BBC

Tunisia: Reported Libya Consulate Attack Suspect Arrested - AP

Tunisian Man Investigated by US for Role in Benghazi Attack - Reuters

Libya Forces 'Capture Bani Walid' - BBC

Libyan Forces Now Control Restive Town, Officials Say - NYT

Where Were the Marines? - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Largest US-Israel Military Drill Under Way - AP

Israel-Gaza Violence Escalates, 4 Palestinians Killed - VOA

Israel Says 79 Rockets Fired at It From Gaza - Reuters

Four Palestinian Militants Killed in Israeli Airstrikes - NYT

Deal 'Calms Israel-Gaza Fighting' - BBC

Lull in Fighting Between Israel, Gaza Militants - AP

Egypt Brokers Informal Israel/Gaza Truce - Reuters

Jerusalem's Secular Israeli Minority Showing Life - AP

Too Early to Tell Whether Iraq Effort Created Ally, General Says - AFPS

Iraq: Attacks Kill 12, Including Schoolboy  - AP

Iran Reports Arresting 50 on Money Trading Violations - NYT

Making Space for Arab Entrepreneurs - NYT

Tunisia Jails Salafist Leader in US Embassy Attack for 1 Year - Reuters

Hajj: The Pilgrimage to Mecca - WP photo gallery

How Blaming the West Hides a War on Women - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

CIA Veteran Transforms US Anti-Terror Policy - WP

Shifting Mood May End Blank Check for US Security Efforts - NYT

Panetta: US Cannot Let al-Qaida Hide in North Africa - AP

Countering al-Qaida in Mali Requires Regional Cooperation - AFPS

US: New Sentence Imposed in Bomb Plot From 1999 - NYT

US: Convicted Terrorist Sentenced in Millennium Plot - AP

US: Terrorism Suspect Threatens to Boycott His Trial - NYT


US Department of Defense

Carter: Army to Apply Lessons Learned to New Challenges - AFPS

Future Army Forces Must Be Regionally Aligned, Odierno Says - AFPS

Air Force Plans New Hypersonic Flight After Failure - AP

'Chesty' Puller Now Stands Guard at Marine Corps Museum - FLS


United States

Shifting Mood May End Blank Check for US Security Efforts - NYT

CIA Veteran Transforms US Anti-Terror Policy - WP

State Dept. Weighs Size of Marine Embassy Force - MCT

Brazen Gangsters Show How Cybercrime Pays - WT

Getting Off the Road to Sequestration? - WP opinion

Spies and Co. - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Parliament Questions Former BBC Chief’s Role - NYT

Savile Inquiry Widens to Hospitals and Others at BBC - NYT



Military Factory Bombed in Sudan’s Capital - AP

Sudan Blames Israel for Blast at Arms Factory - VOA

Sudan Accuses Israel Over Blast - BBC

African Union Reinstates Mali Ahead of Military Action - Reuters

AU Says Mali War Plan to Be Ready Within Weeks - Reuters

Mali Suspension From AU Lifted - BBC

Countering al-Qaida in Mali Requires Regional Cooperation - AFPS

France Gives Burkina Faso Planes to Tackle Mali Islamist Threat - Reuters

Multinational Force Makes Somalia a Safer Place - WT

Gold Now Top Conflict Mineral in Congo - AP

Nigeria’s Ruling Party Praises, Challenges Elections - VOA

Inside Central African Republic’s Silent Health Crisis - VOA

Equatorial Guinea Urged to Probe Lawyer's Disappearance - VOA

Somaliland Reporter Assassinated - BBC

Restoring Hope to Somalia - WP opinion



Argentine Seized Ship Crew Return Home - BBC

Argentine Ship's Crew Arrives Home From Africa - AP

Arrest of Brazil Financier Puts Focus on Small Banks - NYT

Hurricane Sandy Makes Landfall in Southern Cuba - AP

Could Drug Decriminalization Save Brazil’s Slums? - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Defense Leaders: North Korea Remains Threat to Peace - AFPS

N. Korea’s Leader Still a Mystery After Nearly a Year - Reuters

Panetta: US, South Korea Strengthen Alliance - AFPS

Panetta: US, S. Korea Alliance Strong Against North’s Provocations - S&S

Japan Confirms Talks with China on Island Dispute - VOA

Orient Shield Promotes US-Japan Readiness, Interoperability - AFPS

Japan: Tokyo Governor to Form New Party - BBC

Navy Reviews Liberty Policy for Personnel in Japan - S&S

China Names New Military Chief of Staff, Officers - AP

Chinese Flock to Government Jobs - WP

Chinese Police Offer Cash for Tips on Immolators - AP

Bo Xilai’s Family Complains of Chinese Gov’t Obstacles To Defense - WP

China Ends Nuke Plant Ban Set After Japan Disaster - AP

Sectarian Violence Spreads in Burma - VOA

The China Collision - WP editorial



Russian Opposition Figure Says Abductors Threatened Children - NYT

Russia Demands Expulsion of Reporters, Envoys Over UN Leaks - Reuters

Greece 'To Get Bailout Extension' - BBC

Greece Says It Has Been Given More Time on Austerity - Reuters

Greek Doctors Offer Message to Poor: You Are Not Alone - NYT

Italy’s Berlusconi Says No Plans to Stand - BBC

Hungary's Far-Right Party Gains as It Targets Roma - Reuters


South Asia

Indian States Compete for Investment - WP

India Risks Backlash Hurrying Through Overdue Welfare Reform - Reuters

Pakistani Death Squads Spur Desperate Voyage to Australia - Reuters

Attack on Schoolgirl Fuels Conspiracy Theories in Pakistan - WP

How Blaming the West Hides a War on Women - WP opinion


Please consider making a donation to our annual fund-raising campaign.

Much appreciation again to those who have stepped up.

Our annual goal is $30,000 - so far we’ve raised $5,890.



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