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24 October SWJ Roundup

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Commander: Afghan Forces Gaining Capability, Respect - AFPS

Taliban Kill 10 Afghan Security Personnel - VOA

Taliban Commander in Afghan North Captured - Reuters

4 Children Killed in Afghanistan Firefight - NYT

Karzai Says NATO Killed Four Children in Afghan East - Reuters

A Reporter's Farewell to Afghanistan, with Sadness and Affection - LAT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Hopes Dim for Syrian Cease-Fire - VOA

Massacre at Syrian Bakery Dims Hopes for a Holiday Truce - NYT

Rebels Battle Assad's Forces for Gateway to North Syria - Reuters

Aleppans Stretched to Limit in War for Syrian City - AP

Syrian Warplanes Strike Rebel-Held Town in North - AP

Syrian Bombardments Create New Refugee Wave - Reuters

Russia Says Syrian Rebels Have Shoulder-Fired Missiles - Reuters

Syrian Anti-Aircraft Shell Hits Turkey - AP



Details Hint at Insider Role in Lebanese General’s Death - AP

US Calls for Lebanon Stability - BBC

Calm Returns to Lebanon as Troops Deploy - AP

The Curse of Lebanon - TG opinion


Middle East / North Africa

In Cyberattack on Saudi Firm, US Sees Iran Firing Back - NYT

Muslims Gather in Mecca for Hajj - VOA

Obama, Romney Support for Israel Reassures Jewish Voters - VOA

Among Americans in Israel, More Forceful Backing for Romney - NYT

Qatar's Leader Visits Gaza - VOA

Qatar’s Emir Visits Gaza, Pledging $400 Million to Hamas - NYT

Qatari Emir's Unity Call in Gaza - BBC

Israel Kills Three Hamas Militants After Qatari Emir Leaves Gaza - Reuters

Gaza Rockets Draw Israeli Strikes; 1 Gazan Killed - AP

Iraq: Nine Killed in Baghdad Attacks - BBC

Jordan's King Steers Nation Through Turbulence - AP

Jordan Monarch Urges Islamists to End Poll Boycott - Reuters

Court Delay on Egypt's Constitution Prolongs Uncertainty - VOA

No Ruling on Egypt’s Charter Constitution Panel - BBC

White House Told of Militant Claim Two Hours After Libya Attack - Reuters

Army Pushes Into Bani Walid as Libya Marks Anniversary - Reuters

Obama on Israel - WP opinion

Who Threw Israel Under the Bus? - NYT opinion

A Kurdish Wedge Between Iraq, Turkey - FA opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Develops New Blueprint for Hunting Terrorists - WP

Tribunal Judge Orders Cole Suspect to Appear in Court - AFPS

USS Cole Accused in Court Boycott - BBC

Architect of Attack on USS Cole Boycotts Court Session - MH

Pentagon Will Not Label Fort Hood Shootings as a Terrorist Attack - WT

Al Qaeda Goes Underground in Yemen Against US-Driven Crackdown - Reuters

Indian Ministry Advises Against Mumbai Gunman Plea - AP

India President Advised to Reject Mumbai Gunma’s Plea - BBC

Prosecutor: UK Bomb Plotters Discussed Attacks - AP

How 9/11 'Mastermind' Dyed his Beard at Guantanamo - MH

Major Airports to Remove Invasive X-ray, Body Scanners - NBC

Al Qaeda Is Making a Comeback - WSJ opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense Spending: Why it Matters - AP

Army, DOD Must Adjust to Budget, Force Structure Changes - AFPS

McHugh: Army Can Expect Fewer Resources, Same Mission - AFPS

Lawmakers: Stop Buying Foreign-Made Uniforms - AFT

Pentagon Seeks Brainstorm on Future After F-35, F-22 Jets - Bloomberg

Scientists Making Fishy Robots for Naval Research - AP

Is the Navy Weaker than in 1916? It's Not Just About Fleet Size - McClatchy

After $700,000 in Repairs, Navy Ship is Back in Action - VP

Army, Joint Staff Team Up for Training, Tech Experiment - AFPS

New Director Details Elements of DARPA’s Future Success - AFPS

Widows say Jury in Officer Slayings Trial was Tainted - TU


United States

Former CIA Officer Pleads Guilty in Leak Case - NYT

Guilty Plea in CIA Leaks Case - WP

Ex-CIA Man Pleads to Leaking Operative's Identity - AP

Veterans Say Late Pay from VA Cripples Their Finances - S&S

US-Russian Crew Blasts Off for Space Station - AP

Foreign Policy Debate’s Omissions Highlight Skewed Worldview - NYT analysis

A War-Weary Nation - WP opinion

Romney’s Peace Strategy - WP opinion


United Kingdom

BBC Investigating 9 Current, Former Staff on Sex Allegations - AP

BBC Trust Warns UK Govt Over Savile Investigation - AP

BBC Defends Its Independence Amid Abuse Inquiry - NYT

Patten Reaffirms BBC Independence - BBC

BBC Leader Admits ‘Horror’ as a Sexual Abuse Inquiry Opens - NYT

Former BBC Head Says He Had No Role in Squelching Program - NYT



The Whiff of Conflict Grows in Mali - NYT

Offensive to Retake North Mali Unlikely Till 2013 - AP

'Foreign Fighters' Arrive in Mali - BBC

DR Congo's M23 Rebels Under Pressure - VOA

Congolese Refugees Search for New Homes in Uganda - VOA

S. Africa, DR Congo Presidents Sidestep DRC Crisis - VOA

Second Darfur Rebel Group Joins Peace Talks With Sudan - Reuters

2 Killed in Clashes in Sudan's Kordofan Region - VOA

'Children Killed' in Sudan Attack - BBC

'Blasts' at Sudan Weapons Factory - BBC

Nigeria Stops Russia 'Arms' Boat - BBC

Stolen Nigeria Oil 'Goes to Balkans and Singapore' - BBC

Benin President 'Poison Plot': Three Charged - BBC

S. Africa’s Zuma, Tested by Mining Crisis, Faces Scandal Close to Home - NYT

8,000+ South Africa Striking Gold Miners Sacked - BBC

Locust Swarms Forming in West Africa - VOA



Mexico Drug Boss's Parent Dug Up - BBC

Argentina's Fernandez Condemns 'Seized Ship Blackmail' - BBC

Panama Scraps Land Sale After Clashes - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Commander Eyes Army Troop Rotations in Asia-Pacific - AFPS

US Korea Commander Details Conditions on Peninsula - AFPS

N. Korea Improves Cyber Warfare Capacity, US Says - Bloomberg

Economy Overshadows Debate on Sino-US Relations - VOA

China’s Military Prepares for Change - WP

China Reshuffles Military Chiefs Ahead of Congress - AP

China Appoints New Air Force Commander - VOA

China: 2nd Tibetan Self-Immolation Strikes Near Historic Monastery - VOA

Official Quits in Japan After Article on Mob Ties - NYT

Top Navy Officer in Japan Apologizes for Alleged Rape on Okinawa - S&S

US Navy Reviews Rules on Japan Bases - AP

Muslim-Buddhist Clashes Spread in Western Myanmar - AP

Next Cobra Gold Exercise Could Include Burma Military Observers - S&S

China’s New Leaders - BBC analysis and guide

'Getting Tough on China' a Terrible Idea - TA opinion



Europeans Seen Favoring a Democrat Win in US Election - VOA

Europe Remains Important to New Strategy, General Says - AFPS

Analysis: Political Winter Descends on Russia - VOA

Russia Strengthens Treason Laws - BBC

Russian Opposition Activist Charged with Plotting Riots - VOA

Spain's Recession Deepens - VOA

In Spain, Millions Forced Below Poverty Line - VOA

Italy Disaster Head Quits in Row - BBC


South Asia

Indian Ministry Advises Against Mumbai Gunman Plea - AP

India President Advised to Reject Qasab Mercy Plea - BBC

In Pakistan, Obama, Romney Debate Draws Little Notice - VOA