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23 October SWJ Roundup

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Carter Meets With Afghan Officials in Kabul - AFPS

Pending Afghanistan Withdrawal Creating Logistical Challenges - NT

Britain to Double Number of Drones in Afghanistan - Reuters

Russians Seek Fate of Missing Soldiers in ’80s War - NYT

Afghan Police Say Man Killed Wife for Wanting Job - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Lebanon and Jordan Move Quickly to Contain Syria-Related Violence - NYT

UN 'Planning' Syria Peacekeeping - BBC

UN Planning a Peacekeeping Force for Syria - AP

Syria Opposition Chief Doubts Truce Can Take Hold - AP

In Jordan, Militant Islamists See Syria as Destination for Jihad - WP

Syrian Regime and Rebels Constantly Adapt Arsenals - AP

Damascus Vigilantes Vow to Defend Turf - NYT

Jordanian Soldier Killed as Syrian Conflict Spreads - VOA

Jordanian Soldier Killed at Syrian Border - BBC

Broadcasters Say Syria, Iran Jamming News Info - AP

How to Vet Potential Allies in Syria - WI opinion



Lebanon and Jordan Move Quickly to Contain Syria-Related Violence - NYT

Lebanese Army Urges Calm After Night of Clashes - VOA

Army Responds to Gun Battles Between Sunni and Shiite Militias - WP

Lebanese Army Tries to Force Gunmen From Streets - AP

Syria Exposes Lebanon's Thin Veneer of Stability - AP

Lebanon Army Urges Political Calm - BBC



Beirut Simmering After Weekend Clashes - CNN

More Fallout From the Benghazi Killings - CSM

The Truth Behind the Benghazi Attack - Newsweek opinion

Why Benghazi Is Even Bigger Than You Think - DR opinion

Our Indefatigable CIA and All the Excuses Fit to Print - NT opinion

The Real Reason Behind Benghazigate - WT opinion



Iran’s Political Infighting Erupts in Full View - NYT

Broadcasters Say Syria, Iran Jamming News Info - AP

Baha'is Most Persecuted Religion in Iran - Reuters

Iran Hangs Ten Drug Smugglers - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Jimmy Carter Says Mideast Peace is 'Vanishing' - AP

In Israel, Carter Derides Netanyahu and Obama - NYT

In Jordan, Militant Islamists See Syria as Destination for Jihad - WP

Iraq Resumes Oil Shipments After Port Shutdown - Reuters

Iraq's Kurds Pledge to Raise Oil Exports in 2013 - AP

Iraq: 8 Killed in Separate Attacks in Baghdad - AP

Qatari Visit Hands Hamas Major Victory - AP

Blow to Fatah in West Bank Polls - BBC

Palestinians Say Israeli Airstrike Kills 3 Gazans - AP

Kuwait Opposition Condemns 'Excessive Force' - Reuters

Time Is Tight to Get Consensus on Egypt Constitution - Reuters

Jewish Group Condemns Egypt's President - AP

Egypt Prosecutor to Probe Election Challenges - AP

Explosion at Yemeni Military Depot Kills Six Soldiers - BBC

Egypt TV Host Gets Jail Term for Insulting President - Reuters

Spain Loses Title as Moroccans' Land of Opportunity - CSM

Tunisia Marks Turbulent, Tense Year Since Vote - AP

Tunisians March Against Rising Political Violence - AP

Working With the Muslim Brotherhood - NYT opinion

Civil Unrest in Saudi Arabia - WP photo essay


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Canadian Terrorism Suspect’s Extradition to US OK’d - WT

Motions to Resume for Suspect in USS Cole Attack - AFPS

Trial Begins for 3 British Islamists Accused of Bomb Plot - VOA

3 British Men Go On Trial Over Alleged Terror Plot - AP

'Al-Qaeda Militant' Denies Death - BBC

Gitmo Guards Don’t Blink in War on Terror - WT

Terrorism’s Global Decline, Explained in Charts - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Army Gives PR Push to anti-IED System Panned by Troops - WT

Army Expected to Assert Cyber Mission - DT

Army Tech on Display at AUSA 2012 - DT

Army Opens Manpack and Rifleman Radio Competitions - DT

Odierno Shares Views on Military’s Relationship With Media - AFPS

Army Struggles to Define, Deter Hazing - S&S

Army Will Soon Decide if Gen. Ward Must Pay Back Travel Funds - S&S

Reservist Sues School, Says Fired Because of Military Service - S&S

US Marines Did No Ill, Dropped Lots of Cash, Australians Say - HAS

SOF-Conventional Force Integration Critical To Army’s Future - EW opinion

Spec Ops Doctrine Release Was a ‘Departure’ - DN opinion


United States

Obama and Romney Bristle From Start Over Foreign Policy - NYT

Candidates Clash Over Foreign Policy - WP

Obama Aggressive in Foreign Policy Debate With Romney - Reuters

Campaign Moods Shift as Contest Tightens - NYT

In a Warming Arctic, US Faces New Security Concerns - LAT

Ex-CIA Man Likely to Plead Guilty in Leak Vase - AP

Guilty Plea Expected in CIA Leaks Case - WP

The Third Debate - WP editorial

The Final Debate - NYT editorial

Obama Loses Edge on Foreign Policy - WP opinion

It’s Ridiculous to Debate ‘Foreign Policy’ - WP opinion

How Foreign Policy Hits Close to Home - CNN opinion



More Islamist Fighters Deploy in Northern Mali - VOA

France to Send Drones to Mali Region - AP

Germany Could Assist in Mali Training Mission - Reuters

DR Congo: M23 Rebels Claim in Indirect Talks with Kinshasa - VOA

Uganda May Stop Mediating in Congo Over UN Accusations - Reuters

Nigerian Soldiers 'Killed by Boko Haram' in Potiskum - BBC

Bissau Accuses Portugal of Backing Coup Attempt - VOA

Guinea-Bissau: Portugal Behind Failed Coup Bid - Reuters

Malawi Media Ask Police Not to Arrest Journalists - VOA

Benin Leader 'Poison Plot' Foiled - BBC

Four Killed as Muslim Protesters Attack Ethiopia Prison - Reuters

Somali Pirate Attacks Drop to Lowest Level in 3 Years - VOA

Sharp Fall in Somali Pirate Attacks - BBC

South Africa Prison Blast 'Kills Two' - BBC

The Importance of Mali - WP opinion



Mexico: Capo's Relative's Body Dug Up to Prove ID - AP

Mexico Seeks WTO Panel in Trade Dispute With Argentina - Reuters

Mexico's 'Eternal' Labor Leaders Survive Reform - AP

Mexico City to Review Azerbaijan Statue - AP

Venezuelan Officials Close Prison, Seize Guns - AP

Seized Argentine Tall Ship's Crew to Start Leaving Ghana - Reuters

Archaic Defamation Laws Threaten Caribbean Media - CSM

Peru Doctors 'to Suspend Strike' - BBC

Clintons Preside Over Opening of $300m Industrial Park in Haiti - CSM

Clintons Land in Haiti to Showcase Industrial Park - AP

Clintons Open Haiti Industry Park - BBC

Romney: Latin America ‘a Huge IOpportunity’ - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

China’s Doldrums Put Pressure on U.S. Exporters - NYT

Chinese Villagers Clash With Police - WP

Tibetan Self-immolates at Labrang Monastery in NW China - VOA

Tibetan Man in His 50s Sets Himself on Fire in China Protest - AP

Defying Police, N. Korean Defectors Launch Balloons - VOA

Leaflets Sent by Balloon to N. Korea Despite Ban, Activists Say - NYT

South Korean Activists Defy Police, Send Leaflets to North - AP

S. Korean Shop Owners Charged with Illegal Sales of US Military Equip. - S&S

Japanese Justice Minister Quits After Past Ties to Mobsters Surface - NYT

Japan Justice Minister Resigns, Blow to PM Noda - Reuters

Burmese Investment Boom Fuels Worries Over Land Grabs - VOA

Burma: Three Killed in Rakhine Clashes - BBC

Burma: Fresh Clashes Between Muslims, Buddhists - AP

Land Battles Surface in Burma as Reforms Unfold - AP

Cambodiana at Chinese-Owned Factories Protest Disrespect to Late King - NYT

Japan, China, S. Korea Island Disputes Threaten Global Economy - CSM opinion



UK Foreign Sectary: EU 'Sucks Up Decision-Making - Reuters

Russian Lawmakers Point to Human Rights Abuses in US - NYT

Russia's Opposition Elects Leaders Online - VOA

Russia Arrests Second Opposition Activist - VOA

Russia Grabs Opposition Figure from Ukraine Streets - CSM

Russians Seek Fate of Missing Soldiers in ’80s Afghanistan War - NYT

French Muslims Demand Group Ban After Mosque Attack - Reuters

Serbia Talks Spark Kosovo Clashes - BBC

Bosnia Parliament Dismisses Ministers, Crisis Deepens - Reuters

CPJ: Turkey is Leading Jailer of Journalists - VOA

Unease About Germany's Unchecked Gold Reserves - AP

'Attack Thwarted' on Finnish PM - BBC

Italy Orders Jail For 7 Who Didn’t Warn Of Deadly Earthquake - NYT


South Asia

‘Honest’ Indian Bureaucrat Demoted - WP

Pakistani Army Strategy in Question after Attacks - AP