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9 October SWJ Roundup

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Report: Afghanistan 'Far From Ready' for 2014 Transition - VOA

Red Cross Official Expresses Concern About Afghanistan - LAT

Kandahar Outpost, US Soldiers Built Trust with Afghan Counterparts - S&S

Discontent Over Renaming of Kabul College Turns Into Violence - NYT

Afghan Addicts Help Run Daring New Restaurant in Kabul - Reuters

US Troops Confused About Afghanistan Strategy - WND opinion



Romney: The US Must Help Syrian Rebels Oust Assad - AP

'Saudi Weapons' Found in Syria - BBC

Syria Rebukes Turkey as Artillery Fight Continues - NYT

Syrian Cross-Border Salvos Send Message to Turkey - AP

Syria's Internally Displaced On the Rise - VOA

Westerners With Roots in Syria Trickle In to Help Rebels - NYT

Suicide Bombers Hit Syria Security Complex - Reuters



Think Tank: Path to Iran Nuke Warhead 2-4 Months - AP

With ‘Sabotage’ Charge, Iran Takes Hostile Tone - WP

Strict New Procedures for Iran Currency Trading After Protest - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Romney Criticizes Obama Middle East Policy - VOA

Romney Says ‘Hope is Not a Strategy’ in Middle East - WP

Romney Urges Mid-East Course Change - BBC

Israel Launches Airstrikes After Attacks From Gaza - NYT

Israel Launches Strikes on Gaza after Rocket Fire - BBC

Report: Turkish Jets Strike PKK Bases in Iraq - AP

Seeking Justice for Libya Attack Brings Dilemma - WP

State Dept Extended US Security Team in Libya - AP

Egypt Mulls Arming Sinai Bedouin Security Force - AP

Egypt Pardons 'Revolutionaries' - BBC

Egypt President Decrees Pardon for Protesters - AP



Supporters of WikiLeaks' Assange Ordered to Pay His Bail - LAT


US Department of Defense

Former 173rd Commander Johnson Retires at Reduced Rank - S&S

Military Readiness Requires Budget - WT opinion


United States

Romney Criticizes Obama as New Poll Shows He’s Surged - WP

Romney Casts Obama's Foreign Policy as Weak, Dangerous - Reuters

US Diplomatic Security Unit Under Scrutiny After Libya Attack - Reuters

Panetta: Western Hemisphere Nations Face Threats in Common - AFPS

NY Court Considers: Is Gang Member a Terrorist? - AP

Fact Check: A One-Sided Story on Trade, Defense - AP

US Needs Frank Talk about Cyberweapons - WP editorial

Homeless Veterans: Whose Responsibility? - NYT editorial

Romney’s Peace Through Strength - WT editorial

Romney Channels Obama on Foreign Policy - WP opinion

Romney's Powerful Foreign Policy Alternative - Fox opinion

Romney's Vague Speech Offered Little Substance - Politico opinion

Biden’s bin Laden Hypocrisy - WP opinion



Global Financial Leaders Ponder Jobs, Growth and Politics - VOA

Global Recovery 'Getting Weaker' - BBC

UN: One in Eight of World Population Going Hungry - Reuters



Africa Can Easily Grow Wheat to Ease Hunger, Price Shocks - Reuters

South Kordofan: 'Rebel Shells Kill Five' in Sudan Town - BBC

Strikes Spread in South Africa - VOA

South African Crime Falls as Security Firms Flourish - VOA

Nigeria Won't Appeal Award of Oil-Rich Bakassi to Cameroon - Reuters

Nigeria Army 'Opens Fire on Civilians' in Maiduguri - BBC

Nigerian Soldiers Open Fire After Blast, 35 Killed - Reuters

Nigeria Uniport Student Lynching Arrests - BBC

Libya's Bani Walid Is Shelled in Standoff Over Rebel's Death - Reuters

Amnesty Reports Unlawful Detentions in Rwanda - VOA

Al-Shabab Bans Islamic Aid Organization - VOA

Somalia's al-Shabab Militants Ban Islamic Relief Aid - BBC

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo’s Allies Reached Out to Islamists - AP



Panetta: Use Police Not Military for Enforcement in Latin America - AP

In Uruguay, Panetta Meets With Regional Counterparts - AFPS

Mexican Navy Says It May Have Killed Wanted Drug Lord - NYT

Mexico Navy: Zetas Cartel Leader Apparently Killed - AP

Mexico Says Marines May Have Killed Top Zetas Drug Lord - Reuters

Mexico Navy Arrests Suspect in 2010 Zetas Killings - BBC       

Mexico Gang Leader Held in Massacre of Migrants - NYT

Mexico: Cartel Suspect Blamed for Jailbreaks, Massacre - AP

Chavez Hails Venezuela Poll Win - BBC

Chavez Calls for Unity After Victory in Venezuela - NYT

After Win, Chavez Talks With Rival in Venezuela - AP

Losing Venezuelan Candidate May Still Pose Threat to Chavez - WP

Colombia Militia Boss 'Martin Llanos' Confesses Murders - BBC

Honduras: Threats to Kill 2 Cabinet Ministers - AP

American Imprisoned in Cuba May Have Cancer - WP

Haiti PM Announces Sin Tax to Pay for Education - AP

Dominican Republic, Haiti in 10-Year Cholera Fight - AP

Moral Victory for Venezuela's Opposition - FP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Asia Stocks Up Despite Global Growth Warnings - AP

Chinese Telecom Firms Huawei and ZTE Pose Security Threat - WP

Artist Ai Weiwei Shares Hopes, Concerns for China - VOA

Benefits Outweigh Risks in Philippines Peace Deal - AP

Philippines and US Start Joint Exercises - NYT

US, Philippine Troops Hold Joint Training for Maritime Security - DPA

Decade After Bali, Indonesian Terror Aims at Gov't - AP

Isolated North Korea Says Its Rockets Can Hit US Mainland - Reuters

N. Korea Says S. Korea and US Are Within Missile Range - AP

Families of S. Korean Sailors Held by Pirates Ask Seoul for Help - NYT


Central Asia

Kazakh Opposition Leader Jailed - BBC

US Says Kazakh Verdict Silences Opposition - Reuters



Banking Union Proving Thorny Issue for EU - AP

New Eurozone Rescue Fund Launched - BBC

Eurogroup Chief: Lenders, Greece Should Agree Soon - AP

Spain to Miss Deficit Targets in 2012, 2013 - Reuters

Radicalism Prompts Warnings in France - NYT

Georgian Leader Emerges as an Enigma - NYT

Ukraine Media Feel the Squeeze Ahead of Election - Reuters


South Asia

Pakistani Medical School to Offer Sex-ed - WP

Concern That Maldives Police Used Excessive Force - AP

Age-Old Fixes for India’s Water - NYT opinion