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26 September SWJ Roundup

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Training Afghan Allies, With Guard Firmly Up - NYT

Partnered Coalition Operations Continue Despite Insider Attacks - AFPS

Army Leaders Take Backseat Role as Afghan Advisers - AP

Afghan President Karzai Blasts anti-Islam Film - WT

Pakistani Papers Banned by Afghanistan in East - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Iran Reveals More About What It Calls Foreign Sabotage - NYT

New EU Iran Sanctions to Target Finance - Reuters

Iran Unveils Long-Range Drone - Reuters

Iran Unveils New Long-Range Drone - AP

Mullahs Yearning for Attack on Iran - FP opinion

Iran Uses ‘Innocence of Muslims’ to Distract From Nuclear Program - WT opinion



World Leaders Clash Over Syria - WT

UN Chief Demands Global Action to End War in Syria - AP

Qatar Emir Calls for Arab Intervention in Syria to Stop Bloodshed - WP

Syrian-Americans Offer Weapons Channel to Rebels - VOA

Syria Rights Group: Dozens 'Arbitrarily' Detained in Banias - VOA

Syrian Conflict Has Adverse Effects on Children, Aid Group Says- VOA

Bombing at Damascus School Used by Syrian Security Forces - AP

Two Explosions Near Damascus Army Building - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

US Envoy Praises Yemen on Militants Despite Embassy Attack - Reuters

Yemen Leader Says Would Talk to Disarmed al-Qaida - AP

Iconic Israeli Newspaper on the Verge of Collapse - AP

Clinton, Morsi Discuss US-Egypt Relations - VOA

Egypt's Mursi Calls for Cooperation Between Cultures - Reuters

Egypt: 3 Sentenced for 'Morality' Killing - AP

Egypt Refers Man Who Tore Bible to Trial - AP

As Libya Presses Militias to Disband, Fighters Attack Hotel in Tripoli - NYT

Death of Libyan Rebel Raises Calls for Vengeance - AP

Backlash to the Backlash - NYT opinion

The Sin of Sowing Hatred of Islam - NYT opinion

Obama's Dangerous Appeasement - JP opinion

What's Wrong With Blasphemy? - NYT opinion

Radical Islamists Pounce on Obama - NR opinion

Mideast Crisis Should Come as No Surprise - HE opinion

Yemen Needs US to Stay Engaged - CSM opinion


United Nations

UN Leader Opens General Assembly on Somber Note - NYT

Obama Calls for End to Global Extremism - VOA

Obama Tells UN New Democracies Need Free Speech - NYT

At UN, Obama Downplays Terrorism in Libya Attack - WT

Obama Summons World Leaders to Reject Violence, Extremism - AP

Obama at UN Calls for End to Intolerance, Warns Iran - Reuters

UN Chief Demands Global Action to End War in Syria - AP

Libya: Benghazi Attackers Struck Against UN Ideals, Obama Says - AFPS

UN to Consider Mali Request for International Force - VOA

NAACP Takes Bid to Ensure US Ex-Con Voting to UN - AP

WikiLeaks' Assange to Address UN on Asylum Bid - AP

Obama’s Free Speech Defense - WP editorial

President Obama at the UN - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Issues Rules on How to Discuss SEAL's Book - WT

Comptroller Outlines Continuing Resolution, Sequestration - AFPS

Silver Star Recipients Added to Valor Site - AFPS

Army to Buy Radio That Performed Poorly in Tests - Nextgov

DOD to Revise Sexual Assault Prevention Training - AFPS

Sex Assault Directive Calls for Review of Basic Training Procedures - S&S

National Guardsman Wins Case Over Job Lost to Army - WP

Strong US Navy Means Stronger National Security - WT opinion

Homosexuals in the Military Demand Special Privileges - WT opinion


United States

Republican Presidential Contender Critiques US Foreign Aid - VOA

More Airports Offer Streamlined Security Screening  - AFPS

VA Boss Says Number of Homeless Veterans Declining - AP

NFL Star at Center of Bitter Rift Among Veterans Advocates - BC

Bogus Defense of Obama’s Intelligence Briefing Record - WP opinion

A ‘Hit Man’ for Hillary Clinton - WP opinion

Do Drone Attacks Do More Harm Than Good? - NYT opinion

Obama Without Romney - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Appeals End for UK's Most Famous Extremist, Extradition to US Pending - AP

BBC Apologizes to Queen for Disclosure Concerning Extremist Hamza - WP

BBC Causes Uproar by Reporting Queen’s Opinion - NYT



Party Over for Somali Pirates? Attacks Way Down - AP

Agreement Eludes Sudan, South Sudan Presidents - VOA

Nigerian Military Claims Progress Against Boko Haram - VOA

Niger Arrests Five Suspected Boko Haram Militants - Reuters

UN to Consider Mali Request for International Force - VOA

AU Official Says Mali's Interim Leaders Can Manage Crisis - Reuters

Rights Group: Mali Islamists Using Child Soldiers - VOA

Ghana Has Peace Stake in Ivory Coast, Says Official - VOA

Man Denies Rwandan Genocide Charges - DPA



Activists Dispute Theory of Mexico Lawmaker Murder - AP

Venezuela Poll: Chavez Leading Rival by 10 Points - AP

Argentina's Leader Rejects IMF Criticism of Data - AP

Brazil: Inequality Down as Poor See Income Rise - AP

Brazil Court Orders YouTube to Remove Anti-Islam Film - Reuters

Guatemala President Says Legalize Drugs - AP

Cuba Airs Tape Questioning Dissident Hunger Strike - AP

UN: $2.79 Billion Pledged Toward Haiti Released - AP


Asia / Pacific

Asian Stocks Fall as Growth Pessimism Mounts - AP

Japan-China: Senkaku Dispute Reinforces Military Shifts - WP

China, Japan Stand Ground in Island Row, But Keep Talking - Reuters

Japan Wants Dialogue to Stabilize China Dispute - AP

Near Disputed Islands, Japan Confronts Boats From Taiwan - NYT

Japan-China Economic Ties Hurt as Relations Sour - Reuters

China's Top Officials Attend Launching of First Aircraft Carrier - VOA

China Launches Carrier, but Experts Doubt Its Worth - NYT

China’s First Aircraft Carrier - WP photos

China Slowdown Adds Urgency to Communist Soul Searching - Reuters

Labor Riot in China Seen Likely to Recur - WP

In India, Tibetan Exiles Confer About Self-Immolations - VOA

N. Korea’s Parliament Meets; Widely Expected Reforms Not Announced - WP

N. Korea’s Leaders Promise Improvements to Educational System - NYT

North Korea Halts Work on Launch Pad - VOA

Japan Opposition LDP Picks New Leader, Possible Next PM - Reuters

Japan Plans Restart of Controversial Reactor - VOA

Indonesia Seeks Rules of Road for South China Sea - AP

Vietnam Slammed for 'Harsh' Sentences Against Bloggers - VOA

Aung San Suu Kyi Addresses Burmese Community in Indiana - VOA

How to Avoid US-China Cold War - TD opinion



Spain: Protesters Take to Street in Madrid - NYT

Spaniards Rage Against Austerity Near Parliament - AP

Germany Ending Landmark Mission in Bosnia - DPA

Merkel: Eurozone Often Failed to Keep Economic Promises - VOA

Tougher Penalties Sought in Russia for Drunken Driving After Accident - NYT

Russian Lawmakers Call for Jail for 'Blasphemous Acts' - Reuters

Russia: Belarus Elections 'Free and Fair' - VOA

As Scandal Grows, Party of Berlusconi Cleans House - NYT

Georgia Says Scandal Response Shows It's Better Than Russia - Reuters

Court Finds 3 Swiss Guilty of Aiding Nuclear Ring - AP

In Turkey, Religious Schools Gain a Foothold - VOA

Bomb in Eastern Turkey Kills 7 - VOA


South Asia

Pakistani President Fires Back at Critics Over Terror Fight - WT

US Drone Kills Senior al-Qaida Figure, 5 Others in Pakistan - DPA

Qaeda Operatives Killed in Pakistan Drone Strike - NYT

Study: US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Have Killed Many Civilians - LAT

In Pakistan, Tolerance, Up in Flames - NYT opinion