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25 September SWJ Roundup

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On Outskirts of Kabul, 'Warlordistan' May be Glimpse of Afghan Future - S&S

Afghan-NATO Forces Foil Insider Attack - WT

Allen: Surge Bought Time for Afghan Forces to Grow, Mature - AFPS

Taliban Release Video on Afghan Base Attackers - AP

Top Afghan Official Wins Case Challenging Corruption Accusation - NYT

Marines Charged in Desecration Incident Face Trial - AFPS

Marines Charge NCOs Accused of Urinating on Taliban Corpses - S&S

US Marines Charged in Urine Video - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Obama’s Policy on Iran Produces Mixed Results - WP

Obama: US Will Stop Iran from Developing Nukes - WT

Iran's Arsenal Poses Threat to US Military, Citizens - USAT

Iran Says Israel is Bullying the United States - WP

Ahmadinejad's Comments Inflame Israeli Ambassador - CSM

Iran Nuclear Tensions Key Topic at UN Assembly - VOA

Iran Test-fires Missiles Designed to Hit Warships - AP

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: We Are Ready to Defend Ourselves - McClatchy

Iran Threatens Attack on US Bases in Event of War with Israel - CSM

Defiant Ahmadinejad Says Israel Will Be 'Eliminated' - Reuters

Iranian Leader Jokes About Death Threat on Salman Rushdie - WP

Iran Denies State Oil Company Linked to Revolutionary Guard - Reuters

Google and Gmail Censored in Iran - BBC

Time for World to Stand Up to Iran's Demagoguery - JP editorial

Netanyahu’s Iran Blunders - NYT opinion



UN Envoy: No Plan Yet for Saving Syria - VOA

UN Envoy: Syria Crisis is Worsening - WP

Syria Child Trauma 'Appalling' - BBC

Syrian War’s Spillover Poses New Peril for Fragile Iraq - NYT

Syrian Refugees Clash With Jordanian Police - AP

Bomb Hits School Used by Syrian Security Forces - AP

Israel: Syrian Mortars Accidentally Land in Golan - AP


Middle East / North Africa

In Arab Spring, a Harsh Diplomacy Lesson for Obama - NYT

Syria and Iran to Overshadow UN General Assembly - BBC

Clinton: Extremists Threaten New Democracies in North Africa, Mideast - VOA

Muslim-led Nations Seek Ban on Insult - WT

Abbas to Make Scaled-Down Palestinian Bid at UN - WP

Before Palestinians Act at UN, Israeli Officials Urge Other Steps - NYT

Donors Urge Israel to Help Alleviate Palestinian Fiscal Crisis - VOA

Palestinians: Hamas Head Mashaal Says He Will Resign - AP

Barak Floats West Bank Withdrawal - BBC

Former Israeli PM Spared Jail Time  - VOA

Former Israeli Premier Gets Suspended Sentence - NYT

Iran Ayatollah is Poster Boy for Influence in Iraq - AP

Officials: Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Kill 9 - AP

Kuwait Court Upholds Election Law - BBC

Kuwait Court Rejects Challenge Over Election Law - AP

US, Egypt Seek Better Ties After Embassy Protests - AP

Clinton Reassures Egypt's Mursi on US Assistance - Reuters

Libya Army Removes Militia Chiefs - BBC

Libyan Government Puts Army in Charge of Benghazi Militias - Reuters

Libya Militia Leader: Missiles Stolen - WP

Clinton Offers More US Help as Libya Battles Militias - Reuters

Arab Monetary Fund in $127 Million Loan to Morocco - Reuters

In the Middle East, a Pro-American Turn - WP editorial

Morsi Ready to Return Egypt to Power Politics - TN editorial

Israel Needs to Trade Militarism for Compromise - LAT opinion

Secret Report Could've Changed Iraq War? - FP opinion

Barack Blew it in Benghazi - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

Navy Official: Sequestration Cuts Would Mean ‘Difficult Choices’ - S&S

New Ruling on Katrina Favors Army Corps of Engineers - NYT

Surveys Ensure Better-fitting Gear for Soldiers, Marines - AFPS

Panetta Discusses Efforts to Tackle Suicide - AFPS

Military Leaders Battle Junk Food - USAT


United States

Obama Heads to UN, Skipping Meetings with Foreign Leaders - McClatchy

Obama to Address UN on Foreign Policy - USAT

Republican Team Attacks Obama on Foreign Policy - NYT

US Hearings Again Sought for 3 Detainees - NYT

Clinton Urges Tolerance Amid anti-US Protests - AP

Mr. Obama, Stop Praising Islam - WT editorial

US Drone Strikes; Dead Men Share No Secrets - NYT opinion

Radical Islam Inflicts Acts of War on US - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Abu Hamza Concerns Raised by Queen - BBC

UK to Extradite Radical Muslim Cleric to US - AP



Presidents of Sudan, South Sudan Continue Negotiations - VOA

Nigeria in Boko Haram Crackdown - BBC

Thousands Protest Video in Volatile Nigerian City - VOA

Mali Crisis Persists Six Months After Coup - VOA

Mali to Host anti-Islamist Force - BBC

Mali Asks UN for 'Immediate' Action on Force to Recapture North - Reuters

Mali Islamists Becoming More Repressive - AP

Kenya’s Lobby Groups Worry About Upcoming Elections - VOA

Kenya Soldier Kills Six Somalis - BBC

Rwandan Genocide Trial Opens in Norway - AP



Mexico Arrests 35 Police in Drugs Raids - BBC

Mexican Report Describes Out of Control, Self-Governed Prisons - CSM

Report Shows Most Mexican Prisons Controlled by Inmates - Reuters

Mexico Labor Bill Would Loosen Hiring, Union Grip - AP

Venezuelan Challenger Edges Closer to Chavez, But Close Enough? - CSM

Venezuela's Capriles Edges Toward Chavez as Vote Nears - Reuters

Colombian Peace Deal Would Not End All Violence - Reuters

Americas Court Tells Peru to Scrap Rule That Could Help Fujimori - Reuters

Uruguay Charges Over Haiti Abuse - BBC

IMF: Argentina Facing 'Red Card' - BBC

Victim of Guatemalan Civil War Massacre Wins Asylum in US - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Pentagon Official Explains Asia-Pacific Focus - AFPS

Army General: Pacific Refocus Means More Exercises - AP

China's First Aircraft Carrier Goes Into Service - BBC

China Says First Aircraft Carrier Entering Service - AP

China Carrier a Show of Force as Japan Tension Festers - Reuters

China Seeks Drones to Monitor Territorial Claims - AP

Chinese, Japanese Officials Meet Amid Dispute - AP

China Warns at Japan Island Talks - BBC

China Tells Japan It Will Not Tolerate Violations of Sovereignty - Reuters

Ex-Police Chief Gets 15 Years in China - VOA

China: Bo Xilai’s Fate Still Unknown - WP

Apple Supplier Halts Production After Violence in Chinese Factory - VOA

Riot at Foxconn Factory Underscores Rift in China - NYT

Tibetan Exiles Meet to Discuss Self-Immolations - AP

Japan Fires Water Cannon to Turn Away Taiwan Boats - NYT

Okinawa Governor's Plea to Stop Osprey Deployment Denied - S&S

North Korea Parliament Holds Second Session This Year - AP

North Korea Parliament in Rare Session - BBC

North Korea Parliament Holds Rare Meeting, No Word on Reforms - Reuters

Images Show North Korea Launch Pad Halt - AP

North Korea May Allow Farmers to Keep More Produce - VOA

Philippines Confirms 58th Victim in 2009 Massacre - AP

Why China is Willing to Risk War With Japan - WSJ editorial

U.S.'s Dangerous and Incoherent China Policy - FT opinion



In post-Soviet Georgia, Democracy Faces Critical Test in Week Ahead - WP

Spanish Congress Braces for Rally - BBC

Police Seal Off Spain Parliament Ahead of Protest - AP

International Observers Criticize Belarus Vote - VOA

Belarus Elects Loyal Parliament - BBC

Belarus Election: President’s Supporters Win Every Seat in Parliament - NYT

Should the US Be a Political Player in Russia? - NYT opinion

In Russia, For the Love of Country - NYT opinion

Turkey's Military Trial Reopens Old Wounds - Time opinion


South Asia

US Drones 'Traumatize Pakistanis' - BBC

Pakistan a Dismal Place to be a Kid - WP

Girl’s Blasphemy Case in Pakistan Sent to Juvenile Court - NYT

Indian Soldier, Rebel Killed in Kashmir Fighting - AP

India Is Part of Upside-Down World - FT opinion

Ban Pakistani Minister from Britain - TT opinion