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15 September SWJ Roundup

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Middle East / North Africa (US Mission Attacks / Related / 2nd / 3rd Order Effects)

US Reassesses Alignments in New Arab World - WP

US State Department in Full-Blown Crisis Mode - FP

Anti-US Protests Rage Over Anti-Muslim Film - VOA

Anti-American Protests Flare Beyond the Mideast - NYT

Muslim Fury at US Spreads - WP

Violence Erupts at Protests of Anti-Muslim Film - AP

Anti-American Fury Sweeps Middle East Over Film - Reuters

Concern Over an Absence of Authority - NYT

Anti-Islam Film Protests Escalate - BBC

Egypt, Yemen Work to Contain Anti-US Protests - WP

Anti-Islam Film Protests End Peacefully in Pakistan, Afghanistan - VOA

Protests in Sudan Near US Embassy - VOA

Sudan: 2 Protesters Killed Outside US Embassy - AP

Three Killed as Sudanese Storm US, German Embassies - Reuters

Tunisia's Ruling Party Condemns US Embassy Attack - AP

Al Qaeda in Yemen Urges Muslims to Kill US Diplomats Over Film - Reuters

Egypt's Christians Anxious, Anticipate Troubles - AP

Diplomats’ Bodies Return to US, Libyan Guards Recount Deadly Riot - NYT

As Dead Are Mourned, Guards Recount Deadly Libya Riot - NYT

FBI Can’t Reach Crime Scene in Libya Due to Volatility - WP

DOD Sends Marine Team to U.S. Embassy in Yemen - AFPS

US Official Says Marine Rapid Response Team Sent to Yemen - AP

US Sending Marines to Sudan to Bolster Embassy Security - Reuters

Libya Arrests 4, Says Consulate Attack May Be Inside Job - AP

Anti-Islam Film Linked to 'Islamophobic Industry' - VOA

Man Allegedly Behind Anti-Islam Film Slams Protesters - VOA

Google Has No Plans to Rethink Video Status - NYT

Explaining the Muslim World’s Injured Pride - WP opinion

Now is Not the Time to Cut Assistance to Egypt and Libya - FPI opinion

In Libya and US, Fools Affecting Policy - WP opinion

Uniting Against Extremists - WP opinion

What Ambassador Stevens Would Have Wanted - WP opinion



US Marines Killed in Afghan Attack on Camp Bastion - BBC

Afghan Insurgents Attack Base Where Prince Harry Serves - NYT

Taliban Claim Attack on Base in South Afghanistan - AP

Marine Brigade Gets Presidential Unit Citation for Afghan Efforts - S&S

Afghan Battle Survivors Dispute Official Account of MOH Feats - McClatchy

Brits Likely to Accelerate Afghan withdrawal - S&S

Afghanistan Votes in Spy Chief, Easing Row With Karzai - Reuters



UN Envoy to Meet With Assad Saturday - VOA

International Peace Envoy to Meet With Syrian Leader - NYT

New UN-Arab League Syria Envoy in Damascus Talks - BBC

Syria Envoy Warns Conflict a Threat to World Peace - AP

Peace Envoy Brahimi Says Syria Crisis Is Global Threat - Reuters

Syria No-Fly Zone Proposal Lacks Support - VOA

Syrian Refugees Present Problems for Turkey - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Pope Benedict on 3-Day Tour of Lebanon - VOA

Pope Benedict Takes Message of Tolerance to Lebanon - NYT

Pope Benedict Visits Lebanon - WP

Pope Appeals for Peace in Lebanon Visit - AP

Pope Urges End to Fundamentalism - BBC

Pope Calls for Religious Freedom in Middle East - AP

UK Will Support Iraq, Vows Hague - BBC

Israel-Iran: No Rush to War - NYT editorial

What Does Israel Want From the US? - WP opinion

Why the Election Won’t Change US Policy - WP opinion

Saudi Arabia Near the Edge - WP opinion



Dempsey Arrives in Romania for NATO Talks - AFPS


US Department of Defense

F-22 Analysis Continues, Air Force General Tells Congress - AFPS

Soldier Crime Wave Seen Fueled by Army Ignoring Distress - Bloomberg

Tough Talk by Marine Commandant Complicates Sexual-Assault Cases - McClatchy

DOD Overseas Voting Assistance ‘Never Better,’ Official Says - AFPS

Ospreys in Okinawa - NYT editorial


United States

White House to Unveil Budget-Cutting Plan - VOA

Fed Responds to a Grim Unemployment Reality - NYT

Laundering Inquiry Is Said to Take Aim at US Banks - NYT

Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy, Poll Finds - NYT

Obama to Attend Ceremony for Americans Killed in Libya - VOA

Arab Protests Puts US Foreign Policy at the Fore - AP

Romney Questions Obama's Truthfulness in Upcoming Debates - VOA

Romney Firm on Egypt as Polls Dip - BBC

House Passes New Stolen Valor Act - AP

Obama’s Failed Security Record - WP opinion



ECOWAS Seeks UN Mandate to Deploy Troops to Mali - VOA

Kenyan Police Thwart 'Imminent' Terrorist Attack - VOA

South African Striking Miners Reject Wage Offer - VOA

South Africa Vows Miner Clampdown - BBC

South Africa Warns Against Violence as Protests Fester - NYT

South African Police Fire Gas, Force People Into Shacks - AP

South Africa Police in Torture Death Probe - BBC

Ethiopians Will Soon Learn New PM's Identity - VOA

New Gambia Opposition in Senegal - BBC

Gambia's President Says Suspending Executions, for Now - Reuters



16 Bodies Found Across State in Northeast Mexico - AP

Mexico's 'Queen of the Pacific' Denies Drugs Charges - BBC

Venezuela's Capriles Goes on Offensive After Graft Accusations - Reuters

Spokesman: US Citizen Puracal Leaves Nicaragua - AP

Critics Say Argentina Leader Wants Another Term - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Panetta Embarking on Asia Trip with Stops in Japan, China - S&S

A Leader in China Reappears in Public - NYT

China's Presumed Next Leader Reappears in Public - AP

Maoists Feel Like Dissidents in China - WP

China Sets Trial Date for Figure in Scandal - NYT

Japan: Chinese Patrol Ships Leave Disputed Waters - VOA

China Ships Sail in Waters Near Disputed Islands - BBC

Anti-Japan Protests in China Swell, Turn Violent - AP

Japan Opposition Pushes for Hard Line With China - AP

Japan to Restart Nuclear Reactors, Phase Them Out by 2030s - S&S



Russian Duma Expels Anti-Putin MP - BBC

Russian Lawmaker Who Defied Putin Is Expelled by Colleagues - NYT

Russian Opposition Prepares for Anti-Putin Rally - AP

Greece’s Prime Minister on Austerity - WP opinion


South Asia

India's Diesel Price Hike Met with Backlash - VOA

India Opens Up to Foreign Retail - BBC

India Opens Door to Foreign Retailers - WP

India Backs Foreign Investment in Retailing - NYT

MD Man Held by al-Qaeda in Pakistan Pleads in New Video - WP

Pakistani Factory Owners Get Bail in Deadly Blaze - VOA

Bail for Karachi Factory Owners - BBC