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24 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Allen Predicts Period of Hope, Challenge in Afghanistan’s Future - AFPS

Summer ‘Highly Successful’ for ISAF and Afghan Forces, Allen Says - AFPS

Allen Blames Some Insider Attacks on Stress of Ramadan Fasting - S&S

General: Ramadan a Factor in Afghan Insider Attacks - AP

Allen: Closer Ties With Partners May Reduce Insider Attack Threat - AFPS

Attacks on Afghan Troops by Colleagues Are Rising, Allies Say - NYT



Pakistan Summons US Diplomat Over Drone Strikes - VOA

Thousands of Afghan Refugees in Limbo in Pakistan - AP



Britain and France Join the US in Warning Syria About Military Action - NYT

France Backs Syria No-Fly Zone as Fighting Grows - AP

Syrian Capital Under Siege - VOA

Gruesome Killings Mark Escalation of Violence in Syrian Capital - WP

Heavy Clashes in Key Syria Cities - BBC

Syria Violence Bleeding Across Borders - CNN

Syrian Rebels Share Common Goal - VOA

Russia: We Have Syrian Guarantees on Chemical Arms - AP

With War, Syrians in Constant Flight - AP

US Journalist Unaccounted for in Syria - WP

Whereabouts of Journalist Austin Tice Unknown in Syria - McClatchy

Son of Late Chechen Warlord Reported Killed in Syria - Reuters

The US Shouldn’t Bomb Syria - WP opinion

Al-Qaeda Is Winning the War for Syria - NR opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Renewed Clashes in Lebanese City - BBC

Iran Hosts Non-Aligned Summit Despite Sanctions - VOA

Iran Expands Nuclear Capacity Underground - Reuters

UN Nuke Agency Forms Special Iran Team - AP

Iran Opposition Leader Mousavi Hospitalized, Aide Says - Reuters

Bahrain Overturns Activist’s Twitter Case - AP

Clinton Urges Egypt, Israel to Talk on Sinai - Reuters

Egyptian President’s Move Ends Detention of Critic - NYT

Libya Tribal Clash Leaves 12 Dead - BBC

Libya: 12 Killed, Dozens Injured in Clashes - AP

Libya: ‘Trial Date Set’ for Gaddafi Son - BBC

The Sagest Advice for Facing Iran - WP opinion

Leave Regime Change to Iranians - FA opinion

Has Support for Israel Hurt US Credibility? - NYT opinion

Will Egypt's New President be a Reformer? - CNN opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Concerned About New Bin Laden Raid Book - VOA

Pentagon Says it Knows Who Wrote bin Laden Raid Book - WP

Navy SEAL Who Wrote bin Laden Raid Book Identified - AP

Experts Doubt Budget Cuts Would Hurt Military Training - S&S

Navy Council to Focus on Problems with Littoral Combat Ships - S&S

Judge Postpones 9/11 Hearings as Guantanamo Prepares for Storm - AFPS

Impasse Over Suspect’s Beard Spurs Debate in Fort Hood Shooting Case - NYT

Soldier Accused in Chen Case Demoted, Forfeits Part of Pay - FO

2 NCOs Found Not Guilty in Kosovo Hazing Case - S&S

Going Beyond ‘Air-Sea’ Battle - WP opinion


United States

Immigration Agents File Suit Against Napolitano Over 'Amnesty' Program - Fox

Immigration Agents Sue to Stop Obama’s Non-deportation Policy - WT

Deportation Statistics Said to be Inflated - WT

GPS Technology Finding its Way Into Court - WP

US Testing DOD Surveillance Balloons on Mexico Border - AP

Ryan Crocker, Former Ambassador, Charged with Hit-and-Run DUI - WP

Ex-Afghanistan Envoy Crocker Arrested in DUI - AP

Judge Orders Release of Marine Vet Detained Over Facebook Postings - RTD

OPSEC Spokesman Rips ‘Communist-in-Chief Hussein Mao-bama’ - FP

Obama-Romney Debate Can't Avoid 'Nation-Building' - CSM editorial


United Kingdom

Ecuador's President Correa Sees No End to Assange Standoff - CSM

Ecuador's Correa See No End to Assange Impasse With UK - Reuters

Ecuador: UK 'Could End Assange Row' - BBC

'Slump' in Armed Forces Morale - BBC

How to Arrest Assange Without Violating International Law - CSM opinion



Australia Buys US Growler Air Warfare Technology - AP

US Air Force B-52, KC-135 to Train in Australia - AP

Australia Increases Refugee Quota in Broad Immigration Reform - NYT

Australia to Boost Refugee Intake - BBC



Africa Shows Increasing Economic Growth, Says Ex-Belgium PM - VOA

A French Shift on Africa Strips a Dictator’s Son of His Treasures - NYT

Zambia Denies Agreement with Sudan to Train Militia - VOA

Mali's Ansar Dine Defends Punishments, Strict Sharia - VOA

Kenya to Disarm Tribes to Prevent Deadly Clashes - AP

Hailemariam Tapped as Ethiopia’s New Leader - VOA

South African Panel Named to Investigate Mine Shooting - NYT

South Africa: Zuma Reveals Mine Probe Details - BBC

Thousands Mourn South Africa Mine Shooting Victims - VOA

Fuel Scarcity Leaves Nigerian Capital Reeling - VOA

Red Cross Fears Sierra Leone Cholera Crisis, Appeals for Funds - Reuters



Mexico's Unemployed Youth Driving Factor in Organized Crime - CSM

Feared Mexican Zetas Leader Z-40 Now Top Target - AP

Mexico Row Over Sect Schooling - BBC

Colombia Replaces Finance Minister in Surprise Move - Reuters

Haiti’s Unnatural Disaster - NYT editorial


Asia Pacific / Central

Deeper Asian Splits Possible After South China Sea Spat - Reuters

US Might Add Missile Defense Radar on Southern Japan Island - Bloomberg

Japan: Islanders See Osprey as Deterrence to Chinese Expansionism - S&S

Dempsey, Japanese Counterpart Bolster Partnership Across Domains - AFPS

South Korea Returns Letter on Islets From Japanese Leader - NYT

China Is Tough Against Tokyo but Reins in Activism - AP

Korean Activist, Ex-Supporter of North, Plots His Next Move - NYT

China: Gu Kailai Ruling Leaves Unanswered Questions - VOA

China Forces Ethnic Kachin Refugees Back to a Conflict Zone in Burma - NYT

Free Press Eludes Burma Despite End of Censorship - VOA

Vietnam: Tycoon's Arrest Triggers Bank Run - BBC

Protesters in Tajik Town Demand Military Pullout - AP

Why China Resents Japan, and Us - NYT opinion

The Powder Keg in the Pacific - FP opinion



Greece Urged to Stick to Reforms by Germany and France - BBC

Dutch Socialists Sense Victory is Near - WP

Public Confidence in France's Hollande Slips - Reuters

German Police Raid Homes in Neo-Nazi Crackdown - AP

Norway Judges to Rule on Mass Killer Breivik - BBC

Moldova: Suspect Held in Merkel Motorcade Attack - AP

16 Kurdish Rebels Killed in Clash with Turkish Forces - VOA

Turkish Troops Kill 21 PKK Militants in Clashes - Reuters

Turkey Checks Possible Iran Link to Deadly Bombing - CSM


South Asia

Indian PM Asked to Resign Over Corruption Charge - VOA

India Threatens Action Against Twitter - VOA

India Faces Twitter Backlash Over Internet Clampdown - Reuters

Flooding Kills Dozens in Pakistan, India - CNN

Is India Showing Signs of Cracking Up? - Time opinion