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15 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Suicide Attackers, Motorcycle Bomb Kill More Than 45 in Afghanistan - VOA

Bombings in S. and N. Afghanistan Kill at Least 40 Civilians - WP

Afghan Attacks Kill Dozens in Deadliest Day for Civilians This Year - NYT

Bombs Kill at Least 46 in Deadly Afghanistan Day - AP

Attacks Kill Scores in Afghanistan - CNN

Dozens Killed in Afghan Blasts - BBC

Grenades at East Afghan Mosque Wound 9 People - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistan to Launch Long-Awaited Offensive Against Militants in N. Waziristan - VOA

Help SEAL Team 6, Go Straight to Jail in Pakistan - WT opinion



Jordan Squeezed by Syria’s Civil War - WP

Panetta: Syria No-fly Zone Not On Front Burner - AP

US Envoy Says Obstacles to Syria Buffer Zone - Reuters

Iran’s Help to Prop up Syria’s Assad Concerns US - WT

Ex-Syrian PM: Assad Government 'Enemy of God' - VOA

Former Syrian PM: Regime Collapsing - WP

Blast Reported Near UN Staff Hotel in Damascus - NYT

Bomb Blast Near UN Hotel in Damascus Wounds 3 - Reuters

Central Damascus Rocked by Blast - BBC

Syrian Rebels Seek New Leverage with Abductions - AP

Syrian Opposition Has Many Faces - VOA

Syrians Try to Balance Desires of Life With Demands of Growing War - NYT

How to Sneak In, and Out, of a War zone - CNN

UN Says Stream of Syrian Refugees Growing - VOA

China Seeking to Coax Compromise in Syria - Reuters

China Blames West for UN Discord on Syrian War - AP

Spineless on Syria - WS opinion

What Syria’s Rebels Need - NYT opinion

Syria's Fate Hangs in Battle for Aleppo - TNI opinion



Egypt Decorates Dismissed Generals - WP

Egypt's President Awards Medals to Sacked Generals - AP

Egypt's New Top General Has US Ties - WSJ

14 Get Death Row in Egypt for Sinai Police Attacks - AP

Egypt's Most Extreme Hardliners in Sinai Revival - AP



Israel Defense Minister: War With Iran Could Be Month-Long Affair - Reuters

Iran Defense Minister Dismisses Israel Threats - AP

Iran Welcomes Foreign Earthquake Aid - VOA

US Vows to Speed Aid to Iran Earthquake Victims - NYT

Bank to Pay $340m for Iran Deals - BBC

British Bank in $340m Settlement for Iran Money Laundering - NYT

Ignoring Iran -WP editorial

Iran Admits Giving WMDs to Terrorists - WT opinion


Middle East

Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey to Visit Iraq this Month - WT

Israel Appoints New Minister Amid Iran Tensions - VOA

Israel Names New Home Front Minister - NYT

Israel: Ex-security Chief Joins Cabinet for Civil Defense - AP

Israel's Long-range UAV is Ready for Action - Globes

Enlisting From Afar for the Love of Israel - NYT

North American Jews Move to Israel Despite Risks of Attack - AP

Clashes in Yemen Highlight Tension - WP

Yemen Elite Forces Attack Defense Ministry - CNN

5 Killed in Attack on Yemen Defense Ministry - AP

Yemen Separatist Leader Detained in Aden - Reuters

Iran, Syria Sanctions Hindering Opposition - WP opinion



Breaking the Rules by Breaking the Fast - WP


United Nations

Russia's Veto Diplomacy - NYT opinion



NATO Expansion Makes America Less Safe - Forbes opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Lowers Estimate of Lives Saved by MRAPs - USAT

Defense Has Vital Role in Catastrophe Planning, Official Says - AFPS

Judge Refuses to Further Delay Fort Hood Trial - AP

Two Skydivers Land on Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base - FTU


United States

Looming Spending Cuts Hit More Than Defense - AP

Officials at National Reconnaissance Office Face Criminal Allegations - McClatchy

Hypersonic Jet aims to Hit Mach 6 - BBC

US Starts Deportation Reprieve for Young Illegal Immigrants - VOA

New Round of Wildfires Rage in Western United States - VOA

Trapwire: It’s Not the Surveillance; It’s the Sleaze - DR opinion

Helping Veterans with Transition and Jobs - WT opinion



UN Chief Concerned About Somali Transition Delays - VOA

US, UN Concerned Over Corrupt Somali Transition - AP

UN Warns Civilians About Anticipated Attack on Somali Port - VOA

Somali Journalist Group Condemns Reporter Killings - VOA

Boko Haram Claims Talks With Nigerian Government - VOA

Mali Army Says Regional Intervention Only Welcome in North - NYT

US, Botswana Forces Build Capability, Partnership - AFPS

2 Confirmed Dead in Ugandan Helicopter Crash - VOA

Crashes Underline Uganda’s Spotty Record With Helicopters - NYT

Grandmas Grow Gold in Swaziland - NYT

China’s Foreign Aid to Africa - WT opinion



Mexico Violence: Monterrey Bar Stormed by Gunmen - BBC

Attack on Bar in Northern Mexico Leaves 9 Dead - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Says US Given Access to 'Mercenary' Suspect - Reuters

Chavista Militants May Be Wild Card After Venezuela Vote - Reuters

Colombian Lawmaker Accused in Betrayal Plot Freed - AP

UN Envoy Tells Honduras to Better Protect Its Journalists - Reuters

Brazil Prepares New Stimulus Plan - BBC

Former Argentine President Tried - BBC

Protesting Chilean Students Take Over Schools - AP

Ecuador's Correa: No Decision Yet on WikiLeak’s Assange - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Romney Taunts China on Space, Olympics - VOA

China Moves Cautiously in Face of Worsening Slump - AP

'Sea Grab' Sparks Tensions in South China Sea - S&S

China: Beijing Denies Creating Rifts Over S. China Sea - VOA

China Activists Held After Landing on Isles Disputed With Japan - Reuters

S. Korean Leader Says North Should Consider 'Transformation' - Reuters

Japan and N. Korea to Hold First Government Talks in Four Years - AP

Japan Marks 67th Anniversary of WWII's End - AP

Bitter History Tangles Japan's Asia Ties on War Anniversary - Reuters

Japanese Team in North Carolina to Check Osprey Safety - S&S

Former Thai Leader's US Visit Renews Calls for Justice - VOA

Burma Names Naval Chief as New Vice President - AP

Burma's President to Open Schools for Rohingya Muslims - VOA

UN Chief Says East Timor Ready to Protect Itself - AP

US Urges Fair Trial for Kazakh Opposition Leader - AP



European Economy Shrinks - VOA

In Downward-spiraling Europe, Rate of ‘Economic Suicides’ Explodes - WP

Germany Fears Business Slowdown - WP

French Leader Promises Order After Youths Riot in Northern City - NYT

Riot Engulfs Troubled French District in North - AP

Heavy Police Presence Ensures Quiet Night in French Riot City - Reuters

Poland Peels Back Layers on CIA Prison for Suspected Terrorists - McClatchy

Swedish Teddy Bear Team Rejects Belarus KGB Summons - AP

Kurdish Rebels Release Kidnapped Legislator - AP

Ukraine Judge Again Delays Tymoshenko Trial - VOA

Turkey Losing Interest in EU Membership - DS opinion


South Asia

USPACOM Works to Advance US-India Strategic Partnership - AFPS

Indian PM Urges Steps to Boost Economy - AP

India PM Says Economic Growth Issue of National Security - Reuters

India Announces Plans for a Mars Mission in 2013 - AP