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15 July SWJ Roundup

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David Ignatius - WP Columnist


Suicide Bomber Kills 23 in Northern Afghanistan - VOA

Wedding Bomb Kills Top Afghan MP - BBC

Prominent Lawmaker Among Bombing Victims at Wedding - NYT

Prominent Afghan Lawmaker Assassinated at Daughter's Wedding - WP

Senior Afghan Lawmaker Among Dead after Wedding Bombing - DPA

Well-Known Afghan Commander Among Dead in Blast - AP

Karzai Orders Probe into Wedding Blast - VOA

ISAF Condemns ‘Despicable’ Suicide-bomber Attack - AFPS

Afghan Minister Survives Assassination Attempt - Reuters

US Pledges $151M to Help Stem Thriving Drug Production - S&S

Afghans Seeking Aid in Farah Province Guided Toward Self-sufficiency - S&S

From Bad to Worse in Afghanistan - CT opinion

Is Afghanistan Really a US Ally? - WPR opinion



UN Says Deadly Attack Targeted Syrian Opposition - VOA

Syria: Tremseh Killings Targeted Rebels, UN Says - BBC

UN Team Investigates Reported Syria Massacre - AP

UN Observers Say Attack Targeted Army Defectors, Activists - Reuters

New Details of Syria Battle Challenge Reports of Massacre - NYT

Syria Unrest: UN to Resume Tremseh Killings Probe - BBC

Red Cross Ruling Raises Questions of Syrian War Crimes - Reuters

Opposition: Syrian Regime Launches Attacks from the Sky - CNN

France Will Continue Pressuring Assad to Leave Syria - VOA

Syrian Diplomat: Why I Defected from Assad Regime - DT

In Fleeing Pilot, Hints of Trouble for Assad - NYT

Pilot’s Escape from Syria Illustrates Difficulty of Defecting - WP

End the Charade in Syria - WP editorial

Kofi Annan Is Naive or Worse - DS editorial

How to Save Syria - WP opinion

How Long Can al-Assad Hang On? - CNN opinion

Syria's Detached and Deluded Elite? - CNN opinion

Syria a 'Cockpit' for Proxy Wars - DM opinion

Pressure Valve Blows for Syrian Defections - CNN opinion



Clinton Reaffirms Support for Egyptian Transition - VOA

Clinton Meets Egypt Leader Morsi - BBC

Clinton Meets Egypt's New President - CNN

Clinton Meets New Egyptian Leader: ‘Things Change at Warp Speed’ - WP

US Faces Quandary as Clinton Meets Egypt’s Leader - Reuters

US Role in Post-Mubarak Egypt Still Unclear - AP

Clinton Urges Full Civilian Rule in Egypt - BBC

Clinton to Egypt's Morsi: Find Way Out of Crisis - AP

Clinton Backs Egypt Army Return to Security Role - Reuters

The Egyptian Mess - LAT opinion

A Moment of Rebirth and Reason in Egypt - DS opinion



USS Ponce Gets a Makeover and Moves to the Persian Gulf - NYT

UN's Iran Atom Probe 'Hostage' to Big Power Diplomacy - Reuters

Iran Issues New Oil Blockade Warning - Reuters

Iran Says It Will Make Oil Embargo Ineffective - AP

Misreading Iran at Our Peril - WT opinion

The Sources of Iranian Conduct - TAI opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Where Obama Failed on Forging Mideast Peace - WP

Protests Hit Bahrain After Opposition Restrictions - AP

Saudi Arabia Condemns Russian Comments on Human Rights - Reuters

Saudi Religious Police Detained - BBC

Kidnapped Red Cross Worker Freed in Yemen - AP

Israeli Protester Sets Himself on Fire at Rally - AP

Libya Recount in Some Districts Week After Vote - AP

Does the US Matter Any More in Egypt and Israel? - CNN opinion

Sinai Chaos Threatens Israel-Egypt Stability - CNN opinion

When Israel Rules the West Bank - JP opinion

Reading the Arab Spring Elections - NYP opinion

What Do Arabs Think of Their Democracies? - FP opinion

The Islamist Generation - NR opinion

The Arab World's Nation-Building Problem - Contentions opinion

Libya Debut Bucks Regional Trend - TN opinion


US Department of Defense

Study Calls for Better Assessment of Government PTSD Programs - NYT

Report Calls for Annual PTSD Screening for Returning Troops - AP

Captains Courageous: Suicide - Time

Opera Fallujah Shows US Veteran's Inner Battle - VOA

Two Very Troubled Fighter Jets - NYT editorial


United States

Senator Calls for Release of FBI's Fort Hood Report - S&S

Ex-HSD Intelligence Official Sentenced to 20 Months - AP

Most-Wanted US Fugitive Caught in Cancun, Mexico - AP

Lawmakers Ready Bill for US Olympic Uniforms to Be Made in USA - VOA

The Moral Case for Drones - NYT opinion

What If There Is No Al-Qaeda? Preparing For Future Terrorism - FPRI opinion


United Kingdom

Amid Reports of Ineptitude, Concerns Over Security at Olympics - NY

London Olympics Security Firm Can’t Fill Jobs - VOA

Olympic Security Flub Could Cost $77 Million - CNN

Olympics’ Security: Pressure Mounting on G4S Chief - BBC

Security Boss Sorry for Bungled Olympics Contract - AP

London's 'Tube' Plays Crucial Olympics Role - VOA

Scottish Independence: Govt Consultation Attracts 26,000 Views - BBC

'ETA' Fugitive Ordonez Held in Edinburgh - BBC

Scottish Police Arrest ETA Suspect in Edinburgh - AP



African Union Seeks Way Forward on Mali Crisis - VOA

Mali Poses Regional Threat, AU Says - VOA

Islamists in Mali Detain Protesters - AP

Sudan, S. Sudan Leaders Meet to Avoid War - VOA

Presidents of the Two Sudans Meet - BBC

Leaders of Sudans Meet in Boost to Oil, Border Talks - Reuters

Anti-Graft Activist Kidnapped for 2 Days in South Sudan - Reuters

Gubernatorial Elections Tense in Key Nigerian State - VOA

Nigeria Oil Spill Threatens Health, Environment - VOA

Angolan Police Arrest 12 at Anti-Government Rally - Reuters

Al-Qaeda Tightens Its Grip on Africa - DT opinion



A Priest Stands Up for the Migrants Who Run Mexico’s Gantlet - NYT

Mexico Finds Warehouse of Vote-Buying Goods - AP

Mexico Gang in Youth Camp Rampage - BBC

Gunmen Attack Church Camp-Out in Mexico, Rape 7 - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Re-election Team Expands Social Media Reach - Reuters

A Ceasefire in El Salvador - FP

El Salvador's Gang Truce Cuts Murder Rate - Reuters

Mexico's New President - CNN opinion

Helping Haiti Build Back Better - WT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Recalls Ambassador to China Amid Rising Tensions - NYT

Japan's China Ambassador Returns for Consultations - AP

Stalled Chinese Warship Taken Off Disputed Shoal - AP

China Rescues Navy Frigate Stranded Near Philippines - BBC

China Frigate Heads Home, Averts New Philippines Row - Reuters

More than 250,000 Ordered to Evacuate in Southern Japan - S&S

Thousands Flee Japanese Floods - BBC

Clinton, Thein Sein Encourage New US Investment in Burma - VOA

Japan's Man-made Nuclear Disaster - JT editorial

China's New Aircraft Carrier a Power Boost - AT opinion

Ethnic Cleansing in Burma - NYT opinion

While Tibetans Burn - WP opinion



Italian Court Postpones Ruling in Long-running CIA Rendition Case - WP

Russia Hesitantly Welcomes Volunteers in Flood Zone - NYT

Russian Forces Say Kill 8 Militants in Caucasus - Reuters

Turkish Police Clash with Kurdish Protesters - VOA

Report: Explosion Injures 10 Policemen in Turkey - AP

Cyprus Court Orders Terrorism Suspect into Custody - AP

For Illegal Immigrants, Greek Border Offers a Back Door to Europe - NYT

Poles Honor Reagan, John Paul II With New Statue - AP

Romania's Basescu Urges Voters to Defeat 'Coup' - Reuters


South Asia

Sri Lanka is Becoming a Dictatorship - WP

Indian Village Bans Non-arranged Marriages - DT

Pakistani Police Arrest Man for Burying Baby Alive - AP

Our High-Maintenance Relationship with Pakistan - WP opinion