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5 July SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Afghan Local Police Group Surrenders to Taliban-led Insurgents - WP

NATO: Man in Afghan Army Uniform Wounds 5 Troops - VOA

5 US Troops Wounded in Latest ‘Green on Blue’ Attack - S&S

Man in Afghan Uniform Wounds 5 US Troops - AP

Northern Routes Out of Afghanistan Vital in US Withdrawal - WP

NATO Afghan Supply Convoys Resume - VOA

Deadly Blasts at Afghan Oil and Gas Depot - NYT



Plan to End Syrian Crisis Hits Standstill - AP

For Russia’s Putin, Principle vs. Practicality on Syria - NYT

UK’s Hague: No Point Russia Siding With Assad - Reuters

Assad Accuses Turkey of Contributing to Bloodshed in Syria - VOA

Turkey Locates Syria Shoot-down Pilots' Bodies - VOA

Downed Turkish Plane and Dead Pilots Found - NYT

Jihadists Claim Syria Attacks - AP

Tracking Down Torture in Syria - CNN

A Syrian Failure? WP editorial



Iran Nuclear Talks Are to Continue as Their Tone Heats Up - NYT

As Oil Embargo Tightens, Iran Puts Surplus on Idled Ships - NYT

Wary of Sanctions, Kenya Cancels Iran Oil Deal - Reuters

Kenya Cancels Iran Oil Imports - BBC

Iran Says Can Destroy US Bases 'Minutes After Attack' - Reuters

US 'Reviewing' UN Agency Over IT Supplies to Iran - Reuters

Iran State TV Accuses BBC of Hacking Website - BBC

Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls Egypt's Mursi - Reuters

Iran Nuke Talks a Wild-Goose Chase - NYP opinion

Breakdown in Iran Nuke Talks Appears Likely - WP opinion

US Must Remember There Are Two Irans - Forbes opinion

Why Iran Doesn't Want the Bomb - AT opinion

Iran's Nuclear-Submarine Folly - TNI opinion

Iranian Weapons on America’s Doorstep - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iraqis Face Long Future of Fear as Attacks Mount - AP

Series of Deadly Attacks Hit Iraq - CNN

Kuwait Picks Outgoing PM to Form New Cabinet - Reuters

Palestinians: Arafat's Body May be Exhumed for Tests - VOA

Palestinians May Exhume Arafat After Report of Poisoning - NYT

Palestinians: Arafat’s Body May be Exhumed to Look for Poison - WP

Palestinians: Arafat's Things Test High for Radioactivity - CNN

Palestinians: New Tests Revive Debate Over Arafat Death - AP

Arab Envoys Rebuked for Denying Prize Money to Algerian Writer - NYT

Fate of Detainees Is Early Test for Egyptian Leader - Reuters

Student Murder Stokes Fears of Egypt's Islamists - AP

Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls Egypt's Mursi - Reuters

First Egyptian Woman to Medal at Olympics? - VOA

Tunisia Media Commission Resigns - BBC

Algeria, France Tussle Over Archives 50 Years After Split - Reuters

Where Are the Middle East's Revolutions Heading? - DS editorial

Are Islamists Taking Over West Bank? - TOI opinion

Should the US Cut Off Egypt's Military? - TA opinion


US Department of Defense

Navy Plans $40 Million Fiber-optic Link to Guantanamo Base - McClatchy

Military Liaisons Keep Communications Open Between Allies - TAC

Head of Missile Defense Agency Cited for Poor Leadership - FP

Army's Mild-Mannered Drill Sergeants Combat Old Stereotypes - AP

Soldiers Seeking Routine Medical Care Now Get PTSD Screening as Well - S&S

'Born on the Fourth of July' Account Disputed by Comrades' - McClatchy

The Enemy Within - WP editorial

Realignment Savings Brings Plenty of Overspending - WP opinion


United States

Obama Greets New US Citizens on Independence Day - VOA

Obama Salutes New Service-member US Citizens - AP

Didn’t Send Your Kid to War? Maybe You Can Send $$ - AP

In S. Pacific, Search On (Again) for Amelia Earhart's Plane - LAT

Government Fiddles While the West Burns - WT editorial

Finish the 9/11 Museum - NYT editorial

Counterterrorism Campaign in the Digital Age - CNN opinion

Space, the Missing Frontier - NYT opinion

Why Are Americans So Confused on Foreign Policy? - FP opinion

Obama and Napolitano Scorch Arizona - WT opinion

Holder’s Contempt for House Now Affirmed - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Army Restructuring Plans Due - BBC

Ex-Barclays CEO Defends Bank Over Scandal - CNN

Warning Over Immigration Backlog - BBC

Judges Rule Against Private Investigator in Hacking Scandal - NYT


New Zealand

Politicians, Media Riled Up Over Pearl Harbor Berthing Denial - HAS

US Port Snub Grates But Matters Little - NZH editorial

Petty Ban a Black Mark for America - NZH opinion



South Sudan’s First Year of Independence Mired in Conflict - VOA

Sudan Opposition Calls for Strikes, Protests - Reuters

Kenya Muslims 'to Guard Churches' - BBC

New Food Crisis Looms in Somalia - Reuters

Advancing Mali Radical Islamists Lay Waste to Religious Heritage - Reuters

Mali: Timbuktu Rejects Islamists' Reason for Destroying Shrines - VOA

Body Strips Mali Leader of Head of State Status - AP

Malawi Parliamentary Defections Come Under Fire - VOA

Central Africa Region Named World Heritage Site - VOA

Doughnuts Defeating Poverty - NYT opinion



Mexico Orders Partial Vote Recount of Presidential Ballots - VOA

Partial Recount in Mexico Polls - BBC

Partial Recount Ordered in Mexico - AP

Mexico Election Tainted by Claims of Vote Buying - WP

Factbox: Key Political Risks to Watch in Mexico - Reuters

Colombian Rebels Kill Five Oil Workers in South - Reuters

Paraguay Ups Diplomatic Pressure on Venezuela - AP

Brazil Indigenous Group in Clash - BBC

1 Dead, Peru Protest Leader Arrested - AP

Indians Seize Mining Engineers in Bolivia - AP

Dominican Republic Students Accuse Police of Shooting 3 - AP

Cuba's Raul Castro in China Visit - BBC

Jamaica Police Detain 3 in Security Guard Killings - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Nuclear Crisis 'Man-Made' - BBC

Japan Regains Nuclear Power as First Reactor Resumes Operations - Reuters

Japan Reactor on Grid in 1st Post-Tsunami Restart - AP

China Upset Over Naval Exercise RIMPAC Snub - WT

Amnesty Slams China for Uighur Crackdown Three Years After Riots - Reuters

Bolder Protests Against Pollution Win Project’s Defeat in China - NYT

Burma's VP Resigns in Reshuffle - VOA

Indonesian Leader Offers Australia Olive Branch - JP

US Vets Seek Repair of Abandoned WWII Philippine Cemetery - AP

US Spy Planes Would Boost Philippines Defense - PDI opinion



Spanish Bank Fraud Investigation Targets Ex-IMF Chief - VOA

Spain’s Banking Crisis Moves Into the Courtroom - NYT

Socialists in France Announce New Taxes - NYT

Ukraine’s Parliament Disputes Russian-Language Law - VOA

In Ukraine, Official Quits to Protest Bill on Russian - NYT


South Asia

India, Pakistan Hold Talks on Mumbai Attacks - VOA

India: Pakistan Needs to Arrest Mumbai Attackers - AP

Challenges Loom in US-Pakistan Ties - AP

Crises Stir Nostalgia for Military Rule in Pakistan - WP

Pakistani Mob Burns 'Blasphemer' - BBC