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21 June SWJ Roundup

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High-profile Problems Haven't Slowed Pace of Afghan Transition - S&S

Afghan Transition Timeline Remains On Track, Official Says - AFPS

Afghanistan Expects $4 Billion in Aid Pledges at July Conference - Reuters

Summer Poses Toughest Test for Afghan Force - AP

Suicide Bomber Attacks NATO Convoy in Afghanistan - VOA

Suicide Bomber Strikes Coalition Convoy in Afghanistan - NYT

Suicide Bomber on Motorcycle Targets NATO, Afghan Forces - CNN

Deadly Attacks in Afghanistan - WP

3 US Soldiers, 18 Afghans Killed in Suicide Attack  - AP

Afghan Suicide Attacker Kills 21 - BBC

Afghan Refugees Forced to Return Home - WP

Pre-trial Hearing Opens for GI Who Killed Afghan Civilian - S&S

US Soldier Brings ‘Special Compassion’ to Work with Afghan Women - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistani President Chooses Party Stalwart as New Premier - NYT

President 'Nominates Shahabuddin for PM' - BBC

Political Crisis in Pakistan Looming? - CNN

Officials: Al-Qaida Leader Detained in Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan Arrests Frenchman Suspected of Qaeda Links - NYT

Pakistan Arrests French Man With Reported 9/11 Links - AP

Political Crisis a Blow to Pakistan's Government - VOA



Activist Fears Syria Will Become 'New Somalia' - VOA

Refugees in Jordan Return to Syria to Fight Against Assad - NYT

Syria 'Truce' to Evacuate Homs - BBC

Red Cross to Pluck Wounded From Syria's Homs - Reuters

Syrian Air Force One of Middle East's Largest - VOA

Syrian Christians Feel Vulnerable as Country Burns - AP

Syria Expels Jesuit Priest Who Spoke for Change - NYT



US Urged to Confront Iran on Nuclear Work - NYT

Faltering Iran Talks Stoke Fears of New, Dangerous Phase - WP

Iran Officials Assert Defiance of West in Aftermath of Nuclear Talks - NYT

Israel: 'All Options' Open After Iran Talks Fail - Reuters

Clinton: China Moving on Cutting Iran Oil Imports - Reuters

Why Iran Covets Brazil - WS opinion

In Iran, They Want Fun, Fun, Fun - NYT opinion



Egypt Delays Declaring Winner of Presidential Election - NYT

Egypt Election Results to be Delayed - WP

Egyptian Election Result Delayed - BBC

Vote Result Delay Frays Egyptian Nerves - Reuters

Egypt's Mubarak on Life Support - VOA

Why Egypt Won't Change if Mubarak Dies - CNN

Traders Charge Egypt Big Premiums for Fuel Shipments - Reuters

Google Translate Misfires on Egypt's Future President - VOA

Rumors of a 2nd Egypt Revolt Are Greatly Exaggerated - TNR opinion


Middle East

Israelis, Palestinians Closely Watch Egypt Turmoil - VOA

Israeli Strike Kills Suspect in Ambush From Egypt - AP

Hamas Military Wing Accepts a Cease-Fire - NYT

Palestinian Village Faces Demolition by Israel - AP

Palestinians Die in Gaza Strikes - BBC

Palestinian Court Secures Conviction, Raises Questions of Bias - WP

Iraq: Breakfast, Bombing, Then Lunch: A Return to Grim Rhythms - NYT

Aging of Saudi Royalty Brings Question of Succession to Fore - NYT

Kuwait Court Rules 2012 Elections Unconstitutional - AP

Kuwait Election Declared Illegal - BBC

Bahrain Court Delays Verdict for 11-Year-Old Protester - AP

Turkey Hits Kurdish Sites in Iraq - BBC

Yemen: 31 Killed in Fighting in South - AP

Red Cross Staff Member Killed in Yemen Airstrike - AP

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak - WP interview

How America Can Help Its Friends Make Nice - NYT opinion



Britain and Ecuador at Standoff Over Assange’s Bid for Asylum - NYT

Wikileaks Founder Assange Faces Arrest, Police Say - BBC

WikiLeaks Founder Could be Jailed - WP

Assange Faces Arrest if Leaves Ecuador’s UK Embassy - AP

No Easy Way Out for Assange Holed Up in Embassy - Reuters

Why Assange Needs Ecuador and Ecuador Needs Assange - CNN

Asylum For Assange? - WP editorial


US Department of Defense

Congress Won’t Let Panetta Close Bases - WT

Navy Places $42 Billion Bet on Carriers in China's Sights - Bloomberg

Dempsey Looks to Future in Time of Budget Constraints - AFPS

Officials Announce Findings of Military Education Reviews - AFPS

DOD Needs More People with More Languages - AFPS


United States

US Economy Growth Forecast Cut - BBC

House Panel’s Vote Steps Up Partisan Fight on Gun Inquiry - NYT

House Panel Votes AG Holder in Contempt of Congress - Reuters

Contempt Charge for US Attorney General - BBC

Obama Claims Privilege in Gunrunning Probe - WT

Obama Invokes Privilege in Bid to Halt AG Holder Contempt Vote - NYT

White House Asserts Executive Privilege in ‘Fast and Furious’ Case - Reuters

Obama Raises Legal Eyebrows with Executive Privilege Claim - WT

Retirement May Unleash PTSD Symptoms in Vietnam Veterans - S&S

Documentary Looks at Post-service Challenges of Female Troops - S&S

Holder’s Contempt and Obama’s Privilege - WT editorial

A Pointless Partisan Fight - NYT editorial

GOP Blowing Gunsmoke on Holder - WP opinion

Obama Leak 'Scandal' Wildly Overblown - CNN opinion

Drones vs. Diplomacy - WP opinion


United Nations

UN Environmental Summit Opens in Rio - VOA

Big UN Environmental Summit Opens in Rio - AP



Frustration Mounts in Nigeria After 3 Days of Deadly Violence - VOA

Religious Violence Increases Despite Curfews in Nigeria - NYT

Reprisals, Church Attacks in North Nigeria Kill 98 - AP

US to Slap 'Terrorist' Label on Nigerian Militants - Reuters

Controversial UN Congo Report Delayed, Not Blocked - Reuters

Congo Rebellion Threatens Ties with Rwanda - VOA

Rwanda's General Nyamwasa in SA 'Murder Plot' Evidence - BBC

Key Somaliland Talks Set to Start - BBC

Zimbabwe: President Speeds Past, Casualties in His Wake - NYT

Senegal's ex-Interior Minister Detained - BBC



US Congressman Riles Mexican Politics - AP

Poll: Most Mexicans Support Army Anti-Drug Battle - AP

El Salvador Gang Truce 'Working' - BBC

Man Sentenced for Killing Colombian Priests - AP

Bolivia: Brazilian Drones vs. Drug Labs - AP

Argentina Deploys Security Forces Against Truckers - AP

Argentina Deploys Military Police in Fuel Strike - Reuters

Chile: Ex-Leader's Father Likely Died of Torture - AP

Brazilian Tribe in Damages Plea - BBC

SOUTHCOM Exercise Program Promotes Stability, Security - AFPS


Asia Pacific / Central / South

China Tests Troubled Waters With $1b Rig for S. China Sea - Reuters

China’s Rare Earth Pool 'Declining' - BBC

Anti-China Protest Leads to 2 Tibetan Immolations - VOA

Two Tibetans Set Themselves on Fire in West China - AP

Chinese Artist Is Barred From His Own Hearing - NYT

Restrictions on Dissident Artist Ai Being Lifted - AP

Nuclear Operator in Japan Exonerates Itself in Report - NYT

Indonesian Court to Rule on Bali Bombing Suspect - AP

90,000 Displaced in Burma Unrest - BBC

Access to Burma Entices Gulf Investors - NYT

UN Condemns Kazakh Expulsion of Uzbek Detainees - AP

Drones to Take on Nepal Poachers - BBC



Greece Forms New Government - VOA

Samaras Takes Over as Greek PM - WP

Samaras Takes Office as Greece’s PM, Facing Major Challenges - NYT

New Greece Leader Offers 'Hope' - BBC

New Greek Government to Seek Bailout Relief - VOA

German Left Party Tries to Stop Fiscal Pact Ratification - Reuters

France: Hostages at Toulouse Bank Freed, Suspect Detained - VOA

Suspected Explosives Found at Swedish Nuclear Plant - Reuters

Ordered to Prison, Former Romanian PM Shoots and Wounds Himself - NYT

Romanian Ex-PM Attempts Suicide as Jailers Arrive - Reuters

Norway: Insane or Not? Decision Time in Breivik Trial - AP